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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 171: Gakuo’s plan and the timely rescue

“It’s just that I want to see what kind of face the most excellent and youngest officer would make when controlled with my invention…”

After hearing what the sloppy youngster named Gakuo had to say, her eyes turned cold and she threw away her gun before standing up.

“Negotiations have broken down it seems…”

Hinagiku said while looking at the culture tank next to him.

“Oh? It seems this young officer would like to have a taste of my invention personally!”

Gakuo snickered.

“I haven’t used it to control Espers but did you know that my invention can control lv5 espers? Theoretically anyway…”

Hinagiku didn’t say anything in response. She stared at the culture tank and made up her mind to rush over there and knock the guy into next week and then think about how to heal her colleagues.

Maybe Gakuo saw through what she was thinking, he backpedaled and stood next to the control panel for the culture tank before continuing.

“After you have tasted my invention, I am going to use it to control all those espers!”

“I will start from Lv1, then lv2, lv3, lv4 until finally, those lv5 espers!”

Gakuo seemed to have imagined himself controlling everyone as he laughed out loud.

“At the very end, I will use my invention and control those assholes that trampled my pride! By then, everyone will know that I, Gakuo, is the most outstanding scientist in the whole of Academy City!”

Gakuo seemed to be raving at the end, he pressed something on the control panel and through some unknown methods, a massive amount of tiny wires came from the culture tank, they grew from the brain and penetrated the culture tank. They all came at Hinagiku!


Hinagiku was slightly startled. The wires were so quick that normal vision can’t capture their movements!

As a tier 7 super, she could see their movements so she quickly dodged to the side, the wires passed through where she was just standing.

Before she could utter a sigh of relief, the wires made a turn and came at her again. Her pupils shrunk, quickly gaining her calm she pulled a crystal blade that materialized out of some sakura petals that congealed out of nowhere.

Shirosakura, the armament that was upgraded into a Rare Armament!

Gakuo was stunned by the sudden appearance of Shirosakura, he asked.


“That can’t be right!”

Gakuo frowned as he examined the sword in her hands.

“I hadn’t heard that the young officer is an esper…”

Pondering on it for a bit, Gakuo shook his head and decided not to think about it.

“Well, just a slight deviation to the original plan. It could be better to advance the plan to test on espers.”

Hinagiku stared at the wires coming her way and she wielded her Shirosakura so deftly that her sword turned into arcs that made short work of the wires that came at her.

Hinagiku didn’t become happy or anything, that’s because new wires would keep coming after she had chopped the previous ones. She raised her hands once more in response. Suddenly, a few figures appeared beside her and charged Hinagiku who was about to swing her blade. She leaped away after giving up her attack on the wires, she jumped over the controlled officers and adjusted her posture before landing not far away.

Very soon, however, the officers came attacking again. She didn’t use Shirosakura against them, just her bare fists to dislocate the oncoming officer’s joint. Gnashing her teeth, she silently apologized before she dislocated the other officers’ joints. She promptly disarmed them and laid them down on the ground. This is unavoidable because knocking them unconscious would be a vain effort for they had no consciousness to speak of being controlled as they were.

When she was done dislocating their joints, she breathed a sigh of relief. But, she saw wires coming from all around her, the wires filled her field of vision in no time. Surprised by this, she chopped the wires with Shirosakura but just one wire managed to creep up behind her and reached towards the back of her head. At this point, Gakuo who was watching from afar had a victorious grin on his face.

Just before Hinagiku got assaulted, a small figure with pinkish pigtails appeared. She tapped the surprised Hinagiku’s body and the two disappeared the next instant!

Hinagiku felt disorientated for a bit before her vision recovered. A few familiar figures suddenly appeared in her surrounding!

“Yan! Mikoto! Ikaros! Astrea!”

Their familiar figures brought joy to her heart as she yelled in elation despite not knowing how and why they suddenly appeared.


Mikoto smiled pleasantly at the sight of Hinagiku. This is natural given the fact that Mikoto spent the most time with Hinagiku post summoning excluding Wu Yan. If one were to ask who is on the best terms with Hinagiku, that person would not be Wu Yan but Mikoto!


Hinagiku hugged Mikoto in exhilaration. She had been looking for her comrades since coming to Academy City, of course she would be happy when she finally found them.

“Who are you people!”

His plans wrecked by their sudden appearance, Gakuo adopted a very sinister attitude against Wu Yan & company.

They looked at the guy and Wu Yan had a very cold glint in his eyes. Although he appeared when Hinagiku was about to be attacked and that he didn’t know what transpired before that. What he only needs to know is that this guy attacked Hinagiku!

His figure warped and turned into something of a line before appearing in front of Gakuo. His unamused face froze. Lifting a single fist, Wu Yan gave Gakuo a good ol’ knuckle sandwich.  He grabbed Gakuo’s collar before he can fly away due to inertia and gave him another punch right in the stomach.

“Ah!” Wu Yan’s two punches beat the scream out of Gakuo. When he slightly recovered, his stomach hurt like hell and his nose felt funny.

Surviving two punches, he went limp in Wu Yan’s hands. When he let go of Gakuo, the guy went fetal and looked like a prawn…

Dusting his hands, he gave the guy another kick while he’s down on the ground.

“The two punches are your retribution for pushing Hinagiku around!”

Hinagiku and the other girls finally responded and ran over to his side. Hinagiku was the fastest one. She missed him the most out of anyone, that’s for sure. Her heart belonged to him, how could she not miss him. She might be a bit of a tsundere and therefore couldn’t quite express herself but seeing him after so long and how he beat the living daylight out of a prick gave her enough joy to make her unconsciously show her true feelings of happiness.

But of course, this fleeting glee of hers got concealed away when she finally arrived in front of him.

“Where did you go all this time?”

She put on a displeased expression. Her tone seemed to be chastising him for separating them.

He bitterly laughed.

“We were looking for you all this time alright?…”

“Hmph, looking all this time you say…”

Hinagiku looked at Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea.

“I am clearly the last one found…”

“If I were to say I found Ikaros and Astrea out of funny chances would you believe me?”

He wryly grinned.

“As if I will believe you!”

This girl and her antics…

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