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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 175: A very eventful morning! The enemy has appeared?

Wu Yan spent the whole morning in Hinagiku’s room. Her sweet moan is like the song to which their bodies danced in tune with, the blanket covering them kept moving about due to the activities going on under it. The blanket did nothing to silence Hinagiku’s voice.

In the living room, Ikaros and Astrea could hear them going about their business, like a big eater she is, Astrea kept her head buried in food but don’t let it fool you, her face is flushed at the moment…

Astrea is not very strong when compared to Ikaros who had better computation power, strength, and worse emotional affinity. To compensate for this, her empathy is really high.

Even if Ikaros doesn’t know what Wu Yan and Hinagiku are doing, Astrea knows. Ikaros might not have known in the past but…

Astrea felt surprised when she saw how her senpai looked at the moment, so surprised that her jaws dropped like she had seen a ghost, it was a very exaggerated expression.

Ikaros blushed. Her eyes were moist and her skin is flushed, she actually behaved like Astrea and tried to ignore what’s going on by burying her head in food…

If she didn’t share Wu Yan’s System detection features and could clearly check Ikaros’ status, she might have suspected the Ikaros she is seeing at the moment to be a fraud…

At one point, the noise in the room finally died down much to the relief of Ikaros and Astrea. Astrea knows why she sighed in relief but Ikaros apparently doesn’t as evidenced by the look of confusion on her face.

After quite some time, he exited her room with proper attire and posture. If not for that look of reinvigoration, one might not even have suspected him as the culprit of the turbulence inside the room.


Ikaros and Astrea called out in a light voice while still visibly blushing. He felt awkward upon hearing their voice. Faking a cough, he sat down at their sides and greeted them like nothing transpired. Seriously, how thick is this guy’s face?

The way she looked at him with a slight tinge of pink on her cheeks made him feel like giving her a mighty nibble or two on her face. The person herself didn’t seem to be aware of her effects on her surrounding. Finally, she managed to muster up the courage to speak her mind much to the intellectual satisfaction of Wu Yan and Astrea’s curiosity.

“Master… If master wants to do happy stuff, Ikaros… Ikaros… can do it…”

“Pfft! Cough cough…”

Wu Yan and Astrea shot out the food they were chewing like projectiles, they then quickly cupped their mouths while violently coughing.


Ikaros hesitated for a bit before she arrived at her wit’s end, unsure of how to proceed from there. He lifted his hand to signal his that he is fine before he wiped his mouth. With an expression that was mixed with surprise and strong interest, he asked her.

“Ikaros, where did you learn that sentence from?”

Ikaros lowered her head and clenched her mini skirt while fidgeting a bit.

“No… Nobody taught me, it’s what I wanted to say…”

“Your own thoughts?”

Wu Yan and Astrea exchanged looks of surprise.

Ikaros nodded before she gazed at Wu Yan with her green eyes with a gaze she had never used before.

“I thought that because you looked really happy, so…”

Wu Yan fell silent. He reached out and rubbed her head while continuing in a soft manner.

“Look here, Ikaros, if you’re not completely willing about those kinds of stuff you…”

“No, it’s not that!”

Before Wu Yan can finish, Ikaros cut him short, her action really stunned him and seeing him so stunned Ikaros also looked in another direction.

“When I see master looking so happy, I feel happy as well…”

Stupefied by Ikaros, he suddenly laughed while inwardly calling himself a fool. How can he still think of this Ikaros as the same one in the original work where her raison d’etre is being a multi-purpose robot for her master’s entertainment…”

He rubbed her head and stared into her pithy emerald eyes.

“Ikaros, you should know that it brings me great joy to see you being happy as well…”


Ikaros expectedly looked at him but her pure eyes made him feel a bit awkward so he decided to put an end to this.

“Let’s talk about this again some other time alright?”

Ikaros vigorously nodded before she resumed eating. Judging by the speed at which her chopsticks flew, she appeared very pleased with this outcome…

He grinned as well, looking forward to that other time just as much as Ikaros did. In the end, he still very much fancied Ikaros…

Suddenly, Astrea broke the mood as she threw away her utensils and rushed in front of Wu Yan before she screamed into his face.

“Master! I can make master very happy as well!”

He felt the corner of his lips twitching. He felt speechless at the sight of Astrea who is apparently very stunned by her own outburst…

This idiot…

“Master! I-I…”

When she realized just how embarrassing she sounded,  she stuttered with her mouth opening and closing repeatedly, unable to form a comprehensible sentence. Her eyes soon drew circles and smoke started coming out of her head.

Looking at Astrea who is wobbling around, he reached out helplessly and rubbed her head while breaking into a hearty laughter.

“Alright alright, message received. When I need to feel ‘happy’, I am going to hit you up…”


Yelped Astrea. With a whoosh, she jumped up and pointed at him while blushing and screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Master… You idjit! Who said I wanted to do ecchi stuff with you. I am not looking forward to it at all! Idiot! Stupid!”

Wu Yan’s expression kept changing and finally, his expression turned into 囧 as he watched Astrea calling him stupid over and over, he’s got to say he’s feeling a bit hurting in the nutsack…

Before he recovered, a small fist flushed pink landed heavily on his head sending him straight towards the table and his chin made intimate contact with the hard cold table, needless to say, he howled in pain.

Hinagiku is still clenching her fist, her face still flushed red. Her blush made her very alluring, enough to charm the perpetrator of this whole fiasco into a dumb state.

“You, in broad daylight, you… you actually…”

She shut her eyes tight out of extreme bashfulness. She sent another punch but this time he caught it.

He grinned and shook his head while sighing.

“Hey hey now, you’re going to end your husband at this rate…”

Hinagiku glared at him.

“Good, if it’s what it takes to kill you!”

He scratched his head while mumbling helplessly.

“What choice did I have, I got turned on real bad, surely you don’t want me to smash Ikaros until she can’t come out of the bed now do you…”

“What are you mumbling over there…”

She leered at him with a very dangerous attitude, her fists were clenched so hard they were making cracking noises. Clearly, the girl is very sore about him banging her without taking her opinion into consideration…

“It-it’s nothing…”

He uttered a few dry laughs while flailing his arm in denial.

Giving him another glare and getting a grin from him in response, Hinagiku blushed and turned away. When she saw Astrea and Ikaros blushing slightly, she felt really awkward.

It’s okay, my voice wasn’t that loud. They probably didn’t hear me. Yeap, that’s right…

Lying to herself in such bad taste, she sat down at the table. Suddenly, streams of data flashed past Ikaros’ eyes.

“Master! The enemies are here!”

Ikaros’ expression returned to her usual calm and expressionless one.

Wu Yan froze before a cold grin appeared on his face.

“So they are here…”


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