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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 176: Plan? Moving silently…

Academy City, School district 7, Wu Yan’s home.

Technically this isn’t his home but one given as part of the identity given by System. Although he didn’t much of Academy City’s currency on hand, he still had a ton of gold coins he had gathered in Silvaria. He had enough to buy a house and then some…

The second day after coming to Academy City, he planned on buying a new house since the current one is barely enough for 2 people not to mention the fact that the occupants of this house had increased to 4.

He abandoned the house he got for free just like that. Of course, this house had served more than just giving them shelter, it led unnecessary enemies here. Enemies like Hound Dog and ITEM.

The two black ops organization had this place totally surrounded. They had employed some unknown method to disperse the surrounding innocent bystanders. The Hounds with armor made from compound materials were crawling everywhere.

The leader of Hound Dogs, Kihara Amata stood in the middle of this group along with Mugino Shizuri, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou!

“The enemy is hiding out here?”

Kihara asked one of the Hound with a low tone, it’s clear from his tone that he didn’t too much of this adversary.

“According to intel, massive amounts of EM signature characteristic of the sister clones were detected here last night with that building as the center of event. Comparing our information with the information gathered from Misaka network about the clones’ signature, it is highly likely that this is where the enemy is hiding!”

“Highly likely?”

Kihara laughed and looked at the reporting member with a sneer on his face.

“You’re telling me that our enemies’ movements are only highly likely to be so?”

Sweat started staining the back of the Hound doing the reporting. It is easy to miss because the Hound is wearing an armor. However, his trembling body is very easily observable.


After that shot was fired, the Hound fell down with blood dripping down from his forehead, warmth slowly faded away from the body.

Kihara Amata didn’t give the Hound another look as he put away his gun. He acted like he didn’t kill a person but a dog.

Trash shouldn’t stay in this world that’s Kihara Amata’s rule. He had another rule that is his subordinates are nothing more than tools to be discarded when they have exceeded their utility…

ITEM members frowned but they soon recovered. They all knew how Kihara Amata went about business but they aren’t any more approving that’s for sure, except for Mugino Shizuri.

Kihara Amata looked at the other members and then glanced at the robot dogs sniffing around the ground.

“What did the robots say?”

“Yes! There are signs of people here!”

“That is enough…”

He dusted his hand and commanded them.

“Kill all who is inside, leave none alive!”

“Affirmative, executing order…”

Kihara Amata silenced and dismissed the member with a look. He then turned around and grumbled.

“Those higher ups just want the clones back. If it’s clone they want why do I have to search for them just make a bunch of those puppets…”

“Now, whether or not the original plans want to supply his DNA or not is not something she can settle just like that…”

Hidden a bit of a distance away from Kihara Amata, Wu Yan heard what he said and his eyes took on a dangerous glint. His eyes that were trained on Kihara Amata had killing intention boiling within them

Ikaros and Astrea felt the killing intention coming from him and their expressions turned cold, streams of data flashed past their eyes…

“Alright, we will stop here, if we advance any further we might get picked up by Takitsubou Rikou…”

The girls didn’t approach any closer upon hearing his instruction, he nodded and reminded them.

“Ikaros and Astrea, you girls should try and refrain from deploying your wings got it?”

Academy City is a scientific city but the director is not someone who only acknowledged science. Before he created Academy City, he was a magician!

If the two deployed their wings they would be deemed as angels. If he knew there were 2 angels on his turf, Aleister would surely flip Academy City over looking for them.

That’s the reason he told the girls to avoid using, but he didn’t say they can’t use it completely. They can do so if they are in any kind of danger. Fuck Aleister and his grand plan when that happens.

“Yes! Master!”

Wu Yan nodded before turning towards Hinagiku. They exchanged looks and got up before leaving the place with Ikaros and Astrea staying behind.

“Sky Queen Uranus mode! On!”

Ikaros’ eyes turned from green to red and a halo appeared on top of her as her hair unfurled. The wings she would usually sprout didn’t appear as she hid them in her clothes!

Compared to Ikaros, Astrea didn’t undergo any dramatic transformation, she just took out a blue hilt with a sword guard.

“Chrysaor (Vibrating photon blade)!!!”

A blue blade made from photon appeared out of the hilt! The blade vibrated slightly and the air around the blade got shaved away with nary a trace behind.

They optimized their performance before taking out a pill each and swallowing it. The next moment, something incredulous happened.

Their bodies twisted and turned before finally revealing two sets of completely different appearances, their height even decreased to some centimeters shorter than Wu Yan. If he didn’t know what they did he might not even be able to recognize them.

The Hound Dogs entered their complex if they found anything suspicious they would use their rifle to riddle it with holes. Meanwhile, Kihara Amata and ITEM walked at the very front led by the robot dogs.

The robot dogs stopped at a door. Takitsubou Rikou also pointed at the door and confirmed it with a complex expression.

“Target found.”

Mugino Shizuri and Kihara Amata grinned at the same time. Mugino Shizuri lifted her hand and demolished the wall along with the door, her beams turned everything in the room into debris.

Screw a person, there’s not even a bed in that empty room. But there are some writings on the wall which infuriated Mugino Shizuri and Kihara Amata when they saw it…

“Please take your sweet time finding us! Asshats!”

Meltdowner instantly turned the wall into debris. Fuming, she turned back to Takitsubou Rikou.

“Takitsubou! Didn’t you say there were humans inside here?”

Takitsubou Rikou panickedly closed her eyes and scanned the place. Her eyes focused on the microchips that were thrown on the floor. She pointed at the chips in surprise.

“The target’s AIM diffusion field came from these chips!”

“What did you say!”

Kihara Amata snickered at her words.

“Are you seriously trying to say the AIM diffusion field came from these chips? Hah! It has been a long time since I heard such a funny joke!”

Kinuhata Saiai responded with even more sass.

“Didn’t your dogs super found this place as well?”

Kihara scowled and gnashed his teeth before kicking the robots to smithereens!

Suddenly, something they didn’t expect happened again…

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