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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 180: An invitation letter? From her?

With the lv6 shift program put on indefinite hold, Wu Yan can take it easy for a while. Ample time to save the sisters as long as they don’t die. One day, even if he has to slowly grind his way through the whole process, he will save the sisters.

During the day, he would tour Academy City with the beautiful ladies in tow. Going around sightseeing with the girls is a fun thing in and of itself. During the night, he would do intense vigorous sheet rolling activities, with Hinagiku, of course. He didn’t have the guts to tap Ikaros or Astrea’s booty yet.

Even if Ikaros and Astrea already said they want to make him happy. With Kaichou-sama at home, he didn’t dare to so blatantly jump at the girls. To do so, he would need the right time, right place and the right occasion.

On some nights, he would turn into a pussy cat burglar and go steal a few sisters. With the sisters heavily guarded, even Wu Yan would have trouble rescuing them without blowing his cover.

Under such circumstances, he can only steal a few sisters every few days when the researchers let their guards down. Most of the time he would return empty-handed.

The frustration is starting to get to him but he endured the continued patronage he must undergo in the hopes that he would find a chance or two he can take advantage of.

Other than that, his life had been pretty much normal, he lived a pretty normal lifestyle on the surface. He thoroughly enjoyed this lifestyle he had only seen on screen in his past life.

Also, Mikoto would come over sometimes because she’s “bored”. Of course, nobody bought her BS.

He is okay if it’s just her since he’s used to seeing Mikoto and her tsundere theatrics. The thing is that every time she came over, a certain pigtailed yuri girl would follow her.

This lifeform named Kuroko but pronounced as pervert would growl and give the evilest of leer at Wu Yan whenever Mikoto looks away. Quite frankly, she’s giving him a major headache in addition to cock blocking Wu Yan who had schemed to send Mikoto up to heaven again.

Mikoto also felt awkward about the situation, she didn’t know why Kuroko would throw a big fuss whenever she’s coming over, she insisted on coming over with Mikoto no matter what. She even skipped going over to Judgement a few times, giving Mikoto quite a headache in the process as well.

The yuri girl is probably here to foil his plans to host an amorous congress with Mikoto. She’s not aware of the fact that he had already bent her over a barrel and showed her the 50 states. Well, if she knew, he would probably need to start a routine of plucking out the needles stuck on his body.

Mikoto and Kuroko would also be accompanied by the two other moe blobs in Railgun’s usual group. Soon, they got along quite well with Ikaros, Astrea and Hinagiku. They were so tight with each other that Wu Yan got ignored and he had to lick his own wound in a sappy corner.

Whenever the railgun group came over, Hinagiku and the girls would be thrilled to no end because they wound bring exciting adventure stories that happened.

Stuff like graviton bombings, level upper, AIM burst, RSPK syndrome and the likes. Stuff like these seemed to be happening on a fairly frequent basis, Astrea who liked listening to stories would always beam up when she hears railgun and the gang coming over, making her expectation for new stories known to all.

Every time Mikoto and the gang talk about their “adventure, Wu Yan would sit down in a corner and find his lips twitching while an unknown sense of phantom pain came from his balls.

Repeat much?! I had already seen the story on screen countless times already! I even caught the re-runs a couple dozen times! Good god, this has got to stop! It’s suffering incarnate! Ya know?! Ya feel me?!

On the other hand, after listening to the same exact story he had seen before he released a sigh of relief. At least Toaru Majutsu’s world is like the one he is familiar with…

And so, time passed just like that in a fleeting moment of bliss until one day…


Wu Yan who was busy surveying something online turned around to see what Ikaros is trying to say but is shocked by what he saw instead.

Ikaros has become more and more expressive. Even if it is only when he is with her or when she is talking about something related to him would he see this kind of change but the progress is a very favorable sign.

If he stared at her for more than 3 seconds, Ikaros would blush and turn her head to the side. Her cute antics made him silently squeal kawaii.

Ikaros would also appear in his room every morning. He would then proceed to honk them hooters until the twin peak grew a bit taller under her clothes. Ikaros’ charm in this state increased a few hundred times over. Against Ikaros who is growing more and more beautiful, even if he is looking at the same face day in and day out even going as far as to kiss her, he would find himself dazed by her every now and then.

Noticing that her Master fell into a trance looking at her, Ikaros lowered her head while flushing red. This action of hers seemed to call Wu Yan’s consciousness back into the present.

Rubbing his nose, Wu Yan smiled at Ikaros. He can’t help calling her a foxy enchantress inside his heart, it wouldn’t be odd if he had pinned her against his bed and gave her the business given that smoking hot body of hers.

“What’s the matter? Ikaros.”

Ikaros fidgeted a bit before passing a letter to him.

“Master, somebody came by to hand this letter over a while ago. The instruction was to pass it over to master…”

“A letter to me?”

Astonished by the letter in her hands, he rubbed his head and looked at the letter in suspicious before receiving it from her.

Fumbling around with it, he felt confused. The identity given to him by System didn’t have any close individuals and he hadn’t made such a relationship with his given identity either so who the sender be?

Railgun and her cohorts could have just brought the stuff over with them when they came over why would they need to mail anything?

Because he couldn’t figure it out, he tore the letter open and there was a red and gold gilded card within it with the words “Invitation letter” written in bold.

“Invitation letter?”

He became even more suspicious before becoming confounded by the 3 characters written at the bottom right corner of the card.


“Perhaps an invitation letter for the Tokiwadai midsummer festival?”

He denied this idea because Mikoto would have invited him when she came over this morning.

There was another letter enclosed within the envelope, he took up the milk tea beside him and sipped before examining the elegant words that appeared before him…

“Addressed to Sir Wu Yan with love and respect…

Sir Wu Yan, I hope the seasons doth find you well.

Much Apologies for disturbing you, if there is any grievance, I apologize in advance.

Your humble servant had heard great accounts about sir in Tokiwadai. This humble servant grew curious and can’t forget about such accounts of sir. It is this humble servant’s wish to meet with sir and alleviate this servant’s thoughts…

This humble servant can no longer suppress her thoughts to meet with dear sir. Such was the intention with which this letter was drawn up, I hope kind sir finds the time to meet with this humble servant who hereby offers her utmost gratitude.”

This draft is so purple prose, it looks more like a love letter than an invitation letter. He helplessly shook his head, as expected of Tokiwadai students, he hadn’t seen people use this humble servant or dear sir for a long time already, the letter reeks of Ojou-sama vibe…

He was able to confirm once again that the sender is indeed impossible for it to be Mikoto. If Mikoto could write such a long prose with velvety lines like these then she is most definitely not Mikoto.

When he saw the signature at the bottom of the letter his eyes widened in shock and he sprayed out his milk tea before he screamed out in a hoarse voice.

“Why her?”

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