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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 181: Blonde! Huge knockers! Joou-sama!

School district 7, Tokiwadai…

Standing in front of the gate that is way higher than the walls that supported it on either side, Wu Yan looked at the security booth and for some reasons, he couldn’t find the motivation to take the next step and enter.

He clenched the invitation letter that made him spill his milk tea, a myriad of emotions are clashing within him rendering him unable to decide on what kind of feeling he should be having against the incoming encounter.

Why would anybody invite someone who, on official records, is a delinquent to come here. Being familiar with the original work as he is, even if his IQ didn’t have a lower bound, he could more or less guess the reason for such an invitation…

“I reckon Mikoto’s the reason…”

Looking at the signature on the invitation letter, his lips started twitching. He is very confident that he got it right and that is why he didn’t take Astrea and Ikaros with him.

Who knows what that haraguro girl is up to…

“If Mikoto finds out that I ran over here to be with someone she really hates, she would probably throw a lightning bolt at me without hesitation. That girl, I hope she is not going to pull off some soap drama plot by getting intimate with me and then calling up Mikoto to catch us red-handed

His facial muscle might be smiling but he is not counting on that to happen. He sighed before picking up his feet and walking up to the gate.

“I don’t give a damn anymore. If shit hits the fan I will just have to [censored] her…”

Walking on a small and dainty path, he looked around and started feeling anxious. He thought he would be inspected through and through before being released into this place which is basically a woman’s sanctuary. Since he is a guy nobody would be assured that he is here unescorted. He didn’t expect to be granted a free passage just by showing the letter of invitation. Granted, he had been greeted girl who looked at him like he’s some sort of pre-historic beast or just plainly treated as some dirty beast…

“Wu Yan-sama, we are here, our mistress is waiting inside for you…”

He didn’t know how long he had walked but at one point the girl who popped out from nowhere guided him here and stopped in front of a huge building before inviting him inside.

If one were to examine closer, one would identify this girl who is currently scrutinizing and judging Wu Yan is the same girl who reported the meeting between Mikoto and Wu Yan to her mistress.

He stopped and glanced at the building, using his visual acuity, he could clearly see a blondie sitting at a table on the porch of the second floor.

He affirmed his guess and entered the building while being guided by the girl…

Blond, a curvy body, the girl is wearing the Tokiwadai uniform, she had white long gloves with laces and white knee socks with spider motives and laces. She’s a girl that can hold onto one’s attention with a mere glance at her countenance.

She sat at the round table with her eyes closed while sipping from the teacup with those scrumptious lips of hers. Her series of actions were so elegant one could tell she has got to be a typical Ojou-sama type.

Beautiful girl, red tea, a sunlit porch with the white clouds swimming away in the azure blue sky, these images combined together to form a picture esque scenery.

Even though he already knew the girl’s personality, he couldn’t help but admire her beauty in this particular scene. Meanwhile, the girl who had led him here was already enraptured by this captivating scene, she’s currently lost in her admiration for the blondie.

He looked at the exquisite blondie and looked at the guide who had fallen into her own world. Wu Yan felt helpless at the thought of this two maintaining the status quo forever…

He didn’t have the patience to stand here and look at the beautiful girl sip tea. Although admiring the female beauty is a great way to past time, it is in the end, no more than a past time. A past time he could do at home given how many other girls he had at home who wouldn’t lose in terms of attractiveness.

Immunity towards beauty is something he had built up over his period of cohabitating with the girls. Hence, he shattered the scene by walking over without any second thoughts.

His action snapped the guide from her trance and it was very surprising for her as well.

She’s a female and even she could do nothing but be hypnotized by the blondie. This ordinary guy who has nothing going for him didn’t even flinch? Could it be that he’s not a male?…

If Wu Yan knew what was going through this guide’s mind, he might have dropped his pants right there and then to show her his sex.

Maybe because she heard his footsteps, the blondie stopped and slowly put down her teacup before turning towards his direction and slowly opening her eyes…

At that instant, heaven and earth lost its colors and the sky seemed to have gone dull in tone. Nothing is left behind except for those pair of eyes of her which seemed to contain the stars which fell from heaven and somehow embedded themselves in her eyes, those twinkling stars…

He stopped his legs and looked into those starry eyes he had seen countless times before on screen. Amazed by it for a bit, he subconsciously let out a praise.

“What lovely eyes you have…”

The poise and elegant girl flinched and even her expression changed after his praise. He can’t believe what she is hearing.

On the other hand, Wu Yan felt awkward, having a smoking hot girl staring at him in a daze is a pretty satisfying feat that’s for sure but being stared at like this, he can’t help feeling out of place…

He shrugged and continued.

“I say, Joou-sama, can you not stare at me like this?”

The girl became even more astonished.

“You know me?”

Shokuhou Misaki who blurted that line out loud immediately recovered and she silently chastised herself for screwing up. As she expected, Wu Yan laughed out loud.

“One of the two Lv5 residing in Tokiwaadai, known as no.5 within Academy City, Mental Out, Shokuhou Misaki. I highly doubt anyone would be unaware of you and if they aren’t please tell me and I will do you the honor of beating them up…”

Shokuhou shuddered before her laughter leaked out. She held the back of her hand to her mouth as she giggled. Yeap, this is the queen alright.

“Wu Yan-dono is an interesting man isn’t he…”

Shokuhou Misaki’s grin turned into a waning moon shape, she looked very jolly that’s for sure.

“Inviting you here is clearly the right choice!”

Wu Yan smiled and walked to the table and sat down directly opposite of her without asking for permission much to Shokuhou Misaki’s shock.

“Well then, Joou-sama, what is it for that you have invited me here pray tell?”

Shokuhou Misaki smiled and then continued.

“Ara, didn’t I say it was merely for a brief chat?”

“Brief chat?”

Wu Yan laughed and then shook his head before sarcastically teasing her.

“Joou-sama, you and I both know that if you told the whole Academy City that you’re looking for someone to have a brief chat with people would come flocking by the thousands if not millions. Now you’re telling me a big hottie like you who could easily pull off such a feat would personally write a letter to invite some delinquent who does nothing good every day for a mere chat?”

Shokuhou Misaki nodded and non chalantly picked up the teacup before sipping tea.

Suddenly, sparks danced in front of Wu Yan’s head, the intensity of the sparks made him reflexively raise his arms to guard.

“Electromagnetic barrier?”

Shokuhou Misaki was surprised. This phenomenon is something she had seen before. It happened whenever he tried to use this ability on railgun but it would always be blocked by Mikoto’s EM barrier.

Wu Yan narrow his eyes while feeling a deep sense of helplessness. This moe blob harbors no good intention for him. If not for his ability being the same as Mikoto’s he would have been mind controlled by her.

He helplessly told off the surprised Shokuhou Misaki.

“Are you quite done?…”

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