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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 182: A date with Joou-sama?…

“You… Why do you have the same ability as Mikoto?”

Shokuhou Misaki held a remote control in her hands, she couldn’t believe how Wu Yan managed to deflect her ability, even more so when he achieved the feat in a very familiar manner.

Other people might have conjectured that because he had Electromaster abilities like No.3 so he was able to deflect the ability. There are a lot of Electromasters within Academy City after all.

He could fool just about anyone but this Tokiwadai queen that didn’t look like a middle school student, Shokuhou Misaki. An ability that can resist her abilities and it just so happens to be the same kind of abilities as her archrival. Of course, she had done some research into this ability.

She can be wrong about every other ability, just not Mikoto’s ability.

Wu Yan nonchalantly grinned and he glanced at her remote control before cheekily telling her off.

“You wanna know? Too fucking bad, I am not telling you…”

Against this farce, she raised her brows but she quickly scolded herself silently for losing control of the situation. But still, she only just met him and she already lost control of her flows so many times, this is something unprecedented to her.

Try as she might, whether or not it’s him ignoring her charms, or is the genuine compliment on those starry eyes that were called monster eyes by some before, or the fact that he had the same ability as Mikoto, her heart just couldn’t resist delving deeper into her curiosity…

Shokuhou Misaki always believed that she can face any kind of situation with poise. She is, after all, someone who can manipulate the unseen processes within oneself. She had witnessed many dark hearts before and she went through merciless training as well…

It’s just that, this guy in front of her eyes somehow managed to throw her erstwhile balanced heart off their balance…

Her complicated emotions were hidden behind her starry eyes that are currently looking at a smug Wu Yan. She quickly settled down and returned to her usual calm state before storing away her remote control.

“Didn’t think you would have the same annoying ability as well…”

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

Well yeah, this ability is probably a thorn in her side.

He thought that Shokuhou Misaki is deserving of her reputation. Even kids know that no two espers can have the same identical ability, after finding out about his ability, she can still handle him without freaking out. As expected of Mental Out…

Unknown to him and probably her as well, her nonchalant attitude with him turned to a playful one and now it had become a deep curiosity.

Unrestrained, not intimidated even when going up against her, his carefree words that didn’t have any holes in them. Is this guy really a delinquent?

Shokuhou Misaki would sooner think him to be a girl than a delinquent.

Furthermore, this guy seemed to be dating No.3. Not to mention that ability he had is identical to Mikoto as well…

She is very piqued by him now.

Wu Yan started having a headache when he saw how Shokuhou Misaki looked at him with those starry eyes of hers. He had the hots for her before but now that he is up close and personal, he knew that there are only 2 choices, don’t mess with her or do so but be prepared for the worst she can dish out.

Can the queen be taken down so easily? Wu Yan didn’t think so. If he really started a thing with her then if he failed to subdue her, he would be the one getting his ass handed to him.

At the very least, he didn’t have any plans to lay his hands on Joou-sama at the moment. Emphasis on the at the moment part.

Sighing helplessly, Wu Yan said to her in part serious and in part jokingly.

“I say, Joou-sama, if you keep looking at me like that, I am gonna be troubled…”

Shokuhou Misaki giggled.

“Can’t help it, I am very interested in dear sir…”

Well, there is some truth in what she said…

“Interested in me?”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes before shooting her down.

“I think the one you’re interested in is why Mikoto is with me right?…”

Shokuhou Misaki flinched before laughing.

“Ara, looks like you do have a very significant relationship with our very own Tokiwadai Electric princess.”

Wu Yan wryly grinned.

“If I didn’t have any relationship with Mikoto, I think you probably wouldn’t have invited me right, Joou-sama. That’s why I am going to be honest with you.”

“Oh? By all means, pray tell!”

Her smile never faded but deep inside a sense of rivalry started burning.

I have thousands waiting at my call, yet this guy seems like he couldn’t be bothered with this conversation anymore. Does he not like me that much?…

Wu Yan stared at her before suddenly getting up and reaching an arm for her. Stupefied by what he did and accompanied by the guide’s scream, he lifted her chin and provocatively told her.

“Joou-sama, you can keep your little Tokiwadai to yourself, Mikoto isn’t interested in joining your little game of thrones, no need to pester her for something she doesn’t care to begin with!”

Shokuhou Misaki’s pupils shrunk and she felt anger boiling up within her. Reflected in her eyes are stubbornness and resolve. How dare he call something she had been building up mere games.

Wu Yan can tell she’s not listening, he helplessly shook his head and stared right into her starry eyes. He shook her off in an indifferent tone.

“Perhaps you think I am just bluffing. I do not care, all I wish to say is that Mikoto is not destined for a small place like Tokiwadai. She is going after a bigger pie, a much broader land awaits her in the future and that is where she will shine!”

“A land beyond?”

Shokuhou Misaki is flabbergasted. He didn’t look like he’s joking around, how she wished this youth before her is just another braggart delinquent…

“You’ve got that right!”

He looked distracted by the thoughts of how vast Silvaria is, thinking about how many familiar realms remained unexplored in the transcript worlds, the corner of his lips lifted and he had the urge to conquer the worlds.

Shokuhou Misaki was stupefied by Wu Yan’s grin. Those words echoed within her and something told her that he’s not lying.

Suddenly, she was assaulted by what a small bubble she had confined herself to. She couldn’t help but ask him.

“Well, what did you mean by a much broader land? Are you referring to the whole of Academy City as where she will reign?”

He simply shook his head and smiled.

“Hmm, who knows? It might not even be this world…”

She wanted to laugh at him but she didn’t. For some reason, she actually believed him much to her own surprise.

“That is why you can rest assured that your turf won’t be snatched away by Mikoto. It is my hope that you won’t antagonize Mikoto anymore after this…”

His hand is still lifting her chin and he lightly slapped her smooth and exquisite face with the other hand. He grinned at her before letting go.

“Alrighty, I am going now, Joou-sama. Until the next time…”

Wu Yan waved his hand while walking away without turning his back once. He had already completed his objective in coming here.

“Where are you heading?”

Shokuhou Misaki blurted that question out to the astonishment of everyone present including herself.

He stopped and jokingly replied.

“Find a cute chick, and go out on a date with her. Does my answer please you, Joou-sama?”

Shokuhou Misaki giggled.

“Ara, am I so unseemly as to not enter into your considerations for potential dating targets?”

Wu Yan turned around and stared at her with a serious gaze. She had only jokingly asked when she saw how he blew her off, now she’s feeling awkward. He walked over and grabbed her by the hand.

“You want a date? Well then, let’s go, Joou-sama. I will give you a date you will never forget!”

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