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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 183: During the date with Joou-sama…

Holding hands with Shokuhou Misaki, the two hid in a corner away from the sight of a group of Tokiwadai girls calling for their beloved Joou-sama. When the swarm of locust passed, Wu Yan exited with her tagging along.

Wu Yan, unamused by the hassle, said to a giggling Shokuhou Misaki.

“You sure have a lot of guardians watching out for you…”

Shokuhou Misaki played with her disheveled hair in front of her chest while laughing it off.

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t do spontaneous stuff that looked like you were kidnapping me in the future…”

He gave her a wry grin. He knows that this is probably her way of getting back at him for dragging her out against her will. He didn’t know why he did what he did, he just felt like doing it.

He was just kidding when he talked about dating her but since he’s already here might as well just throw caution to the wind, he’s the one who stands to gain anyway.

“Now that the flies are gone, as agreed upon, let’s have ourselves a fun date, my queen~~~”

He had a cheeky grin on his face after seeing how she froze up.

Listening to that odd tone of his, Shokuhou Misaki didn’t know what to do. Wu Yan himself didn’t know why he invited her on a date just as she herself doesn’t quite understand why she is hiding from her own followers and coming along with him.

She was just throwing a hissy fit for not entering into his consideration for a dating partner, she didn’t know her offhanded joke would burn her so badly that she can’t go back on her own words now.

As the No.5 within Academy City, Mental Out can manipulation people’s heart like a walk in the park. She can do much the same to herself as well, just by readjusting her emotions, she calmed down.

“I am looking forward to what we are going to do…”

Shokuhou Misaki said in a formal tone. He frowned when he saw how Shokuhou Misaki differed a bit from her usual self.

He flicked her forehead with his fingers eliciting a yelp from her.

“Don’t go around using your ability or you’re not going to enjoy the rides that come after.”

She rubbed her forehead and then stayed silent after listening to him. She stopped using her ability and derided herself.

“You’re right, this repulsive ability turns people off right…”

She wasn’t aware that he can hear her mumblings. He threw a sideways glance and shook his head helplessly.

Does everybody in Academy City town have a background story or what. Mikoto does and apparently this girl does as well…

He pulled her by the hands and walked onwards.

“If you don’t like it then don’t use it…”

“Don’t use it?”

She stared intensely at him. Of course, being pulled by the hands, she could only see his back.

“Easier said than done, you don’t even understand…”

“Nope! I do actually!”

Wu Yan didn’t turn around as he cut her off. She was surprised by his sudden interruption.

“And I said that precisely because I understand…”

She lowered her head in response and noticed his hands connected with hers. She didn’t say anything more…

No males had ever had the impudence to pull her like this. How she wanted to shake him off right there and then…

She thought about doing it but she didn’t do it in the end, the reason is a mystery even to herself. And so, just like this she was led far far away by him…

♦ ♦ ♦

In a certain major district area, sounds of various gasps could be heard, people were pointing fingers and from time to time words like “Beautiful”, “Gorgeous” could be heard. But what is even more salient to the ears are words such as “Her eyes”, “Stars”, “How weird” and etc…

She bit her lips and lowered her head. She even closed her eyes but this only made the whispers of the pedestrians even more obvious to her. Shokuhou Misaki opened her eyes and started forming calculations, she couldn’t take it anymore, these people and their pointing. She decided it was better to just brainwash them and be done with it.

Before she can finish, she felt Wu Yan tightening his grip on her hand and the sudden pain disrupted her calculations.


She wanted to give him a piece of her mind but when she saw how unimpressed Wu Yan looked, she couldn’t do it.

He then pointed it out to her, not sure whether to laugh or cry about the situation.

“I say, aren’t you misunderstanding something here?”

“What are you talking about?”

Shokuhou Misaki frowned as she didn’t know what the guy is going on about. He shook her head and pointed towards the pedestrians.

“Why don’t you take a closer look at those gazes?”

She fell into silent mode, he felt helpless and flicked her forehead eliciting yet another moan of pain from her before he continued.

“Look at those gazes, you are hearing what they are talking about but why aren’t you noticing what they are saying about me after a swift look at me?”

Rubbing her forehead, she flinched in response to his question. Taking his advice, she looked at the surrounding people and was stunned by what she observed.

The pedestrians were glaring at him with looks of admiration, jealousy, and hate. Those eyes were like curses that wished he would drop dead, and she heard even more dangerous talks, relative to her eye comments, words like “Burn at the stakes”, “Bigger than life”, “Curse you” and etc…

Dazed by what she saw, she turned around only to be met with Wu Yan’s speechless and helpless expression. She couldn’t help bursting out in laughter, and when that smile appeared on her face, the pedestrians all dropped their jaws, they gaze were fixed on her.

Her smile sweetened even further when she saw how she snatched the onlookers’ souls away from them. He has got to admit, even when he was surrounded by beautiful girls all day long, not even he could resist gawking at her.

“See, what did I told ya? Don’t just look at the glass half empty…”

He rolled his eyes at her. In response, she giggled while covering her mouth with a hand.

“Am I to understand that this is your attempt to cheer me up?”

Her words, tone, eyes and actions were all very warm, adding figurative fuel to the flames within those onlookers’ eyes that were busy staring holes into Wu Yan.

His lips twitching after seeing what is clearly teasing intention in her eyes, Wu Yan held himself back by calming himself down.

Don’t get worked up, don’t get worked up, it will only do you no good…

Unable to withstand the onlookers’ leers and her teasing smile. He made a flicking gesture, noticing the signs, she ducked down and covered her forehead. She looked like she’s trying to pull off a Shagami Guard, very cute by the way…

He pulled her to his side and continued walking forward. Shokuhou Misaki glanced at his face but she failed to notice his lips are lifted at the corners.

The two walked shoulder to shoulder, connected by their hands. Just by appearance alone, they looked like they were dating…

♦ ♦ ♦

If one were to say the date with Mikoto was filled with intimacy and love, the date with Shokuhou Misaki is filled with sweetness and warmth…

The two were like your average couple, they went around window shopping, bought some stuff, ate a bunch of snacks, played some games. Shokuhou Misaki forgot the only reason she is here was that she got dragged out here because she couldn’t go back on her words. She let herself go and just enjoyed the ride.

Her smile never left her face towards the latter half of the date, her bell-like laughter didn’t stop as well. They attracted the attention of everyone nearby.

It seems a lot of people identified her, they looked like they just saw a ghost. within a short span of an hour, posts along the lines of “Tokiwadai queen, No.5, going on a  date with a strange man” kept being uploaded to the internet.

It is unknown whether other areas caught wind of this but Tokiwadai sure as hell got the posts. Including, of course, Biribiri and yuri girl who’s named spells out as Kuroko but is better off pronounced as debauchery incarnated.

Looking at a picture of Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki holding hands and eating some icecreams rubbed her the wrong way as electricity flowed into the device and black smoke came out. The owner of this phone lowered her head and had a dark aura around her.


Kuroko froze up against this massive volcano waiting to erupt in front of her. She couldn’t even muster up the words to take advantage of this situation and talk scheiße about him…

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