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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 185: Railgun’s arrival and the excuse given…

When Mikoto walked into the indoor pool, Wu Yan who was busy playing in the water felt chills going down his spine. He quickly got up from the pool.

“Why is she here?”

Wu Yan is startled by his senses. Mikoto could detect his EM field using her ability, he can also achieve the same feat and his senses are telling him that she is heading his way at this moment!

“What do you mean by ‘she’s here’?”

Shokuhou Misaki stopped and curiously asked him.

“Just who is freaking you out so badly…”

Looking at her twinkling eyes, he felt a sudden onset of a headache, if the two of them meet, it’s probably going to be a total shitfest.

Looking at Wu Yan’s reactions, she could already more or less guess what’s going on. Squinting ever so slightly, she continued.

“Let me guess…”

Wu Yan uttered a few dry laughs. At that instant, ‘biribiri’ sfx could be heard coming from not far away.¬† He instantly stood still.

After seeing the two dressed in swimming trunks and bikini, Mikoto lowered her head and her bangs covered her eyes. The part above her nose could not be seen as they were covered by shadow. Lightning crackled around her and her aura felt like a volcano on the verge of explosion.

Kuroko leaned towards one side as she stared down at him with a 50degrees angle. Her image of him probably dropped as low as they can, the way she’s looking at him is like she’s staring at a despicable filth of a pathetic human. She felt helpless as she looked back at Mikoto.

“Ara, Misaka-san, fancy meeting you here, what a delightful coincidence!”

Wu Yan wanted to salvage the situation but he got cut off by the interruption. Before he can react, he felt his arm being hugged tight by something soft that had a pleasant texture. Shokuhou Misaki practically plastered herself onto him.

He slapped his forehead and sighed while facing the heaven. She’s going to use him to pease Mikoto right the hell off…

As predicted, the moment Mikoto saw her hugging his arm, she blew her top.

“Yo-you people!”

Those furious words escaped Mikoto who became wrath incarnate. She threw a bluish-white lightning bolt at the two who were in the pool.

Shokuhou Misaki didn’t seem daunted by the bolt, she looked like she had planned for this to happen. She promptly hid between Wu Yan like he’s some meat shield.

Wu Yan practically jumped in shock. Holy fuck, Railgun can really throw lightning bolts at the drop of the hat…

However, he could see that Mikoto didn’t use even half her strength in this bolt. It’s just that Mikoto seemed to have forgotten that they were in a pool…

Wu Yan raised his hand and waved his hand like he’s summoning something. The electricity accelerated towards the center of his palm and hit him before disappearing without a trace.

He put down his hands and helplessly told Mikoto.

“I say, Mikoto. I know that you’re really angry but you should really choose the right place to blow off steam, er, bolts. We are still in the pool…”

She flinched and recognizing that they are indeed in a pool, she hurriedly waved her hands and apologized.


After she apologized, she flinched again. Hold the fuck up, she is the victim here, why should the victim apologize?…

“Still doing things at your own pace, as usual, Misaka-san…”

Shokuhou Misaki raised her head and greeted her in an overly familiar manner. One can almost miss that hint of provocation in her words.

She glared at her, it is her understanding that her mastery of quips and riposte is something not even a hundred of her could go up against. She chose to just ignore Shokuhou Misaki and instead focus her leer on Wu Yan.

“Why are you together with her?”

Mikoto pointed at Shokuhou Misaki as she shouted at him.

“She invited me!”

Wu Yan answered very promptly and succinctly.

“She invited you?”

Mikoto turned to look at Shokuhou Misaki who failed deliberately at covering her laughing expression with her hand. She then looked back at Wu Yan while narrowing her eyes, her tone took a more severe tone.

“And you decided to go out with her?”

“How did you know?”

Wu Yan flinched. His astonished face is something she did not take kindly to as evidenced by her clenching her fist.

“How did I know? Oh, I don’t know, how about the fact that pretty much everyone at Tokiwadai knows about the date between you two?!”

“Everyone at Tokiwadai knows about this?”

It’s not just Wu Yan who is surprised this time, Shokuhou Misaki is surprised as well. They didn’t expect the news of them dating to be spread to the entire student base of Tokiwadai.

“Oh yeah, they know alright…”

Mikoto appears to be smiling but that is only a very superficial smile. Her tone sounded like she’s gnashing her teeth as she spouted that line. At this point, Mikoto’s eyes are starting to water up as she continued.

“Why did you go out with this woman!”

“Misaka-san, whatever could you be going on about here…”

Shokuhou Misaki hugged his arm and rubbed her face on his arm, infuriating Mikoto even more.

“Isn’t it normal for a girl to be going out on dates with her boyfriend?”


Mikoto shrieked.

She just couldn’t believe that she is still holding onto Wu Yan. Meanwhile, Kuroko is cracking up at the side.

The filthy scum associated with the one person Onee-sama hates the most. Looks like that filth won’t be able to continue defiling Onee-sama anymore. At least, that’s what she is thinking about.

(Author’s note: My child, defiling and whatnot, she’s already defiled through and through…)

Shokuhou Misaki seems pleased at Mikoto’s crestfallen expression. She was quickly cut down to size by a sudden pain coming from the top of her head making her yelp in pain.

He put down his hand which he used to give her a good chop on the head and rolled his eyes at her.

“Cut it out, stop agitating her will ya…”

Shokuhou Misaki hmphed and she turned away. At least, she stopped. Apparently, she listened to him, a gesture which Mikoto found surprising.

“Well, Mikoto, you know her, don’t let her words get to you. We just met today ya see…”

His excuses fell on deaf ears, no, she got even angrier hearing him. She furiously pointed at him while trembling in fury, she rapidly stomped the ground while yelling at him.

“It’s the first time you met?! And you went out with her despite the fact that you two just met each other? Yo-you…”

“I can’t help it…”

He acted like he’s the victim here, the world’s saddest victim. Not only did he not admit his wrong, he tried turning the subject back on her.

“You don’t want to go on dates with me so I thought I would find someone who…”

“You human-sized scum. You’re still going on about dates with Onee-sama?! Don’t even think about it…”

Kuroko barked at him but Mikoto laid her to rest with her fist. She got silenced.

Mikoto turned back to him, her face already blushing red.

“Y-y-you know that with Kuroko around I just couldn’t find the chance…”

“Then, you can’t blame me for doing what I did!”

Wu Yan said. Got to hand it to this guy, his skills at throwing out red herrings are impeccable.

Mikoto gnashed her teeth while leering between Shokuhou Misaki and him.

“Eve-even if you wanted to find someone else to date, you could have gone with Hinagiku. Even if not Hinagiku, there is Ikaros and then there is Astrea. Anyone of them would have been fine but why her?”

Shokuhou Misaki didn’t seem to be paying any attention to Mikoto’s rambling. She raised her own question.

“Hinagiku? Ikaros? Astrea? Who are those girls?”

Shokuhou Misaki directed her question at Wu Yan and nobody else, clearly. He shrugged and replied seriously.

“Important people! People who are very crucial in my life!”

She didn’t ask any more questions. Silently, she remembered those 3 names. She has various methods at her disposal to dig up intelligence about those individuals…

The person herself doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact that she is starting to pay more attention to this “stranger” she just met today…

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