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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 187: Unleashing flash bangs at Tokiwadai dormitory

On the way back to Tokiwadai, suffering from a little headache he sighed after seeing the two girls hogging an arm each.

Mikoto hugged his arm and wouldn’t let go while blushing. She also didn’t forget to use the meanest leer she could muster against the one on the other side.

The one on the other side here being Shokuhou Misaki who also held on to his remaining arm. But, compared to Mikoto who is blushing while glaring at her. She adopted a sweeter expression, she was smiling and resting her head on his shoulder, all in all, she looked very blissful. However, Wu Yan knows that she is most likely putting on an act…

He enjoyed the soft sensation being transmitted to him from the two’s tender body, he could have done without the contemptuous glares of the pedestrians though. They were looking at him like he’s some dirty little maggot. A perfect way to describe his present state of mine would be in a disconcerting state of both suffering and pleasure…

Whatever happened to his one on one date you say? Well, in the end, that all didn’t go through. He wanted to have another exciting date with her but he can’t just dump Shokuhou Misaki straightaway and go on a date with another girl can he now?

In the end, the date was a failure, the swimming gig also got called off. He is satisfied with how it turned out though. Since he got to see Joou-sama in a swimsuit, his objective is complete…

The thing is that Joou-sama seemed to be motivated by something else and wouldn’t stop coming onto him in front of Mikoto. It looks like she’s hellbent on snatching him away from Mikoto to get back at her. He doesn’t know what to say of this but he can’t deny that he’s enjoying it…

Joou-sama’s plan worked to an extent, one could guess that based on railgun’s reaction. Normally, she would hold his hands at most, never would she hug his arm like this. She just couldn’t bring herself to do it…

In the end, he’s the one who benefitted the most from this little tussle…

“Alright girls, we are here. Let go of me, please…”

With Tokiwadai dormitory in front of them, he helplessly told the girls. They hugged his arms all the way here so now his arms were so numb Linkin Park sang a song about it.

When Mikoto was thinking about letting go, she saw Shokuhou Misaki still hadn’t let go so she decided to stop before yelling at her.

“Hey, you deaf? Let go!”

Shokuhou Misaki didn’t listen at all, she grabbed his arm even tighter. Wu Yan saw his arm vanishing into that glorious valley between two hills.

“Misaka-san, little Yan told you to let go as well, why don’t you let go.”

“After you!”

Mikoto protested like a kid. Her argument of who to let go first is puerile and weak, at least that’s what he thinks.

“If Misaka-san isn’t letting go then I guess I will keep holding on~~~”

Shokuhou Misaki adorned an expression that can be translated into “Money money come home to mama”. But really, the one who got the long end of the stick is probably the one you are squeezing with all your might, young lady…

Looking at Shokuhou Misaki who decided on playing the brat, Mikoto got so mad lightning started arcing around her. She tightened her hold on his arm and screamed at her.

“Holding on to the arm of other people’s boyfriend like this, have you no shame?”

“Ara, am I to understand this as Misaka-san asserting her dominant right?”

Shokuhou Misaki nonchalantly laughed before continuing in a jesting tone.

“I thought I heard something about there being Hinagiku, Ikaros, and Astrea or something like that…”

She still remembers them…

Mikoto flinched and her expression twisted until she stomped her foot down.

“Th-they are not the same!”

“In what way?”

Seeing as Mikoto didn’t divulge any detail about the three individuals, a slightly disappointed look appeared in Shokuhou Misaki’s eyes. She picked herself up and continued.

“Misaka-san is sharing his boyfriend so other girls can date him anyways. It isn’t that hard to allow me the same privilege right?…”

“You’re talking about two different matters!”

“And just how is it ‘different’?”

A cat got her tongue before she threw a hissy fit.

“It’s different because it’s different, just let go of him already!”


“Let go!”

“Make me!”

Probably the closest anyone can get to a verbal catfight between two cute girls, he silently enjoyed the sensation of being fought over by them. But, he would soon find his smile cramping up.

Aren’t they aware of the fact that they are getting just a bit too loud?…

The two girls didn’t notice that every window on every floor of Tokiwadai’s dormitory was already opened.

Countless girls in Tokiwadai uniform looked squeezed and pushed to look down at Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki arguing with each other while hugging the arms of a male. They looked like they were looking at ghost as their eyes went wide.

“Surely my eyes are fooling me?”

One of the girls rubbed her eyes to make sure this is not a product of her imagination. She made doubly sure that she rubbed her eyes good.

“I think this is some kind of tricks on our sight…”

A girl said at the side. Instead of wondering whether or not this is real, the girl decided that this scene had to be a hallucination.

Not just them, the other girls slowly reconciled with reality as they exchanged glances of disbelief.

“They sure look like Misaka-sama and Shokuhou-sama don’t they?”

“Yeah, what are they going?”

“Looks like they are fighting over who should go of that male’s arm…”

“This has to be fake…”

“Who is that male? Is he the no.1 or no.2 of the lv5s? To think that he managed to obtain the favor of both Electric princess and Joou-sama…”

As the crowd grew bigger, so did their voice. Their whispering slowly grew into chatter and it could be heard all around Tokiwadai dormitory. The sound also started overwhelming the sound of the girls who are still fighting.

As the noise got louder and louder, the two girls’ voice became relatively smaller and smaller until they were completely overwhelmed. When they heard the noise and turned towards the direction of the building, they were stunned.

When they registered the events that had transpired, Mikoto reflexively lets go of Wu Yan. Shokuhou Misaki flinched but she recovered and generously kept hugging his arm. When she saw that Misaka had let go, she revealed a victorious smile.

Mikoto gnashed her teeth but she blushed when she heard the surrounding sounds. She went full desperado mode.

“Let go of him this instant!”

This time she did as she said and parted with him like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Her calm expression is a stark contrast to Mikoto who is practically jumping up and down in fury. He lamented for obvious reasons. But, he would soon find himself taking on an awkward expression…

“To obtain the heart of Misaka-sama and Shokuhou-sama, what did he do!”

“Yeah, he’s not handsome, he’s not a lv5, what did the two see in him? Why did they fight over him?!”

“I bet he used some despicable methods to chain their hearts. It’s the same with most males, at least that’s how it goes on films!”

“Then aren’t Misaka-sama and Shokuhou-sama in grave danger?”

“We can’t let this slide! We must save Misaka-sama and Shokuhou-sama! The right thing to do would be to make that guy disappear!”

“I concur! We must plan properly and execute it silently…”

The more he listened, the more the volume of sweat came pouring down his back. Seeing as the Tokiwadai girls are making their way down here, he hurriedly told the two girls.

“Since you girls are here already, I am going to take my leave, adieu!”

Before the girls can reply, he took off with a swoosh and left a dusty rail that looked like a dragon.

The two girls were dazed by this but they managed to recover their senses as they looked at each other. Mikoto hmphed before turning around and walking away. Shokuhou Misaki stayed and looked at Wu Yan’s retreating figure as well as Mikoto who is making her way into the dormitory. she mulled for a bit before mumbling.

“We will meet again…”

Returning to the pool, at the side of one of the pools…

A certain black and white pig-tailed creature was laid here. Her eyes were rolled back and her body would twitch from time to time. She stayed this way for about half the day…

She is completely forgotten at this point…

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