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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 188: The trouble that comes knocking…

He used the fastest possible speed he can muster which wouldn’t arouse suspicion of his humanity and left Tokiwadai, or as he would put it, a place no different from hell given the present circumstances…

He stopped after making sure he can’t see a trace of Tokiwadai dormitory anywhere in his sight. He looked back and made sure that he wasn’t being followed by anyone. Sighing in relief, he rubbed the cold sweat off of his forehead.

When he watched Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and Toaru Majutsu no Index, he had always thought everyone at Tokiwadai would be elegant ladies. The girls looked pretty delicate when they dressed up as maids during the midsummer festival. After today, his perception of them had changed. Those girls aren’t elegant ladies, they are clearly savage beasts…

He recalled those girls flocking around Shokuhou Misaki like bodyguards and the dangerous statements they uttered back there at the dormitory, he trembled for a bit. He swore that he will not go back there if nothing particular requires him to be there, the only way for him to go there would be for someone to drag his dead body over there!

It looks like the only Ojou-samas remaining in Tokiwadai would be Kongo Mitsuko‘s two followers: Awatsuki Maaya and Wannai Kinuho…

He bitterly laughed by himself and walked towards the direction of his home. He stopped for just a short while, not long enough for anyone to detect something off before he continued walking…

He placed his hands behind his head and walked leisurely onwards. A closer look would reveal that he is deliberately avoiding populous areas and heading towards places with few people.

The human traffic around him decreased gradually until there was practically nobody near him.

Two individuals revealed themselves from a corner behind him. They were wearing black suits and had sunglasses on. They looked like typical mobsters, they caught up to him and cut him off from the front.

He stepped back and acted like he’s intimidated. He then adorned a forced expression of calmness.

“What do you guys want? You wanna rob me? Too bad, I don’t have money.”

The two individuals in suits exchanged glances before nodding to each other. One of them approached him and answered him with a low tone.

“There is someone who would like to see you. I suggest you come with us, I hope that’s not too much of a hassle?”

He might have used a tone like he’s asking his opinion but a look at his superficial face and the fact that the other individual already reached into his suit to grab something, this is clearly not up for negotiation.

He narrowed his eyes slightly before returning to normal. He timidly asked the two guys in suits.

“Wh-who is this person? Why can’t he just come and find me?”

The two individuals in suits aren’t in the mood to drag this out with him. They reached out to him, looks like they plan on dragging him away.

A cold glint flashed in his eyes as he clenched his fists. Lightning flowed between his fingers but it was too small to make any noise or discernable light.

However, he flinched and erased the lightning he was about to unleash.

“Hold up!”

A sound came from behind him and the two suited guys stopped. He adorned a fake look of surprise and turned around.

He wore a lab coat, he looked like a doctor but he could just as well be a researcher as well. He wasn’t far from where they are. The guy looked like a complete poser with that scornful looked that said: “I’m top dog.”. Wu Yan felt like giving him a knuckle sandwich or two but decided against it.

He looked like he was surprised by his sudden intrusion. He then acted like he’s staying calm despite going up against him. The middle-aged guy bought his act and seemed pleased with himself, he pushed up his glasses and then continued with a grin.

“How can we be so discourteous to our important client?”

He wanted to retort that they came to him first, he didn’t bother since he got fed up with his smug face that is basically asking people to hit him. He resumed his acting.

“Who are you!”

“Fret not, young man…”

The guy gave him a friendly smile. This guy probably thinks that he is already his friend. He approached Wu Yan slowly and waved for the individuals in suits to stand down. They stepped down and stayed on duty as sentries.

“You still haven’t answered my question, just who in the fuck are you! And, what business do you have with me?”

Wu Yan looked like he’s a small fish that just met a big fish, his voice seemed to be trembling when he said that.

The guy revealed a mysterious smile and advised him.

“Young man, It’s best if you don’t know who I am. This is one of those cases where knowing too much might not be such a good thing…’

The middle-aged man posing like he’s some mysterious villain rubbed him the wrong way, he was that close to drawing his blade and cutting him down to size right there and then.

I don’t suppose you want an Oscar to go with your acting?…

This is what one actor thought about the other actor…

The middle-aged guy patted his shoulders and acted like he’s a long time pal of his.

“Hey now, I told you to not ask who we are. Oh, but we can answer your other question!”

The middle-aged guy laughed before continuing.

“We have come to you today to ask for your help regarding one matter…”


He flinched, this time he’s not faking it. He couldn’t figure out what this nasty bastard wanted with him…

“Yeah, we need help!”

The middle-aged guy looked into his eyes and turned around to look in that direction before continuing.

“Young man, we have been watching you and it seems you’re quite tight with the no.3 lv5, Railgun, otherwise known as Misaka Mikoto…”

His pupils shrunk slightly, killing intention flashed in his eyes. He knew something is up so he quickly lowered his head to hide his animosity.

The middle-aged guy’s intention is something he had more or less guessed.

In the middle-aged guy’s eyes, Wu Yan is probably freaking out because his movements were being tracked. In his eyes, Wu Yan is just a normal delinquent…

“Young man, don’t be afraid, we won’t do anything to you!”

The guy revealed a smug grin, thinking that victory is in his hands.

“We just need your help with a little favor, that’s all…”

He’s implying that non-cooperation will be met with extreme prejudice…

“H-help with what?”

He acted pitifully. His expression was something along the lines of ‘I am so scared, please bully me more’.

The middle-aged guy laughed at his apparent cooperation. He took out an empty syringe and passed it to Wu Yan.

“Seeing as you’re so familiar with no.3, too familiar in fact, this favor shouldn’t be too hard. You just need to obtain a blood sample from no.3. That’s all we ask, how about it?”

As expected…

“Really, that’s all? You sure it won’t be a hassle?”

He said in a hesitant manner, he seemed sincere enough anyway.

The middle-aged guy laughed.

“Of course! If you help us, not only will we stop hassling you, you will receive enough money that you won’t be needing for the rest of your life!”

The guy took out a piece of paper and gave the syringe to Wu Yan along with it.

“When you finish your mission, call this number. Someone will be here to retrieve it and you will get your money at that time.”

Wu Yan took the stuff and the middle-aged guy grinned.

“I look forward to a joyful partnership!”

Without waiting for him to reply, he walked away like he owns the street. The two suited guys escorted him away.

When he can’t see them, his fake expression faded away. He looked at the syringe in his hand and melted it down with his powers.

“If I wasn’t vying for time, I would have cut down that pussy-ass dude!”

He lamented the fact that he can’t take action against him yet. Truth be told, he was disgusted by that guy…

Sighing, he looked in the direction of Tokiwadai dormitory.

“Looks like Aleister wants to take action against Mikoto directly. I hope the matter with the sisters is solved before then…”


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