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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 189: Ikaros! Incoming…

School district 7, Wu Yan’s house.

Wu Yan is currently taking a bath, he washed himself down by splashing water on his body. He touched the biocontainment unit bracelet on his hand and sighed. He lifted his face and stared at nothing particular like he’s being plagued by some ill thoughts.

As he rescued more sisters, the remaining ones are becoming harder and harder to save…

It is very common for him to raid the research firms housing the remaining sisters only to return empty-handed. Tonight is also another failed attempt…

He wiped away the water on his face and stared at his biocontainment bracelet before rubbing it again.

“Almost there…”

The door to the bathroom suddenly opened and a figure walked in much to his surprise.

“Who is it?”

He turned towards the door and tried to identify the individual. When he saw who it was, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.


He had reasons to be surprised. He is currently taking a bath is one of the reason and the other reason being Ikaros’ attire, or lack of it anyway. She was close to nude with only her towel covering her breast and her dangerous inner thighs area. She clutched the towel wrapped around her body while flushing red with her hair which is usually tied up as two long ponytails completely loosened.

Holy fuck, she’s hot!

Looking at her slackjawed, he couldn’t believe it. He just couldn’t fathom that Ikaros would appear before him in the dead of night looking like this. Does she not know that he is taking a bath?

“Ikaros, why aren’t you asleep yet?”

He subconsciously gulped and asked her with a less than steady voice. It is not close to midnight since he returned from the research firms housing the sisters. Hell, Hinagiku and Astrea are already asleep.


Ikaros seemed shy, her expressionless face is completely red. He already knows that Ikaros had recovered somewhat from her emotional growth stump but seeing her like this is really going to be the death of him.

Afraid that he would turn into a wolf any second now, he turned his head away at great strain to himself before stuttering.

“Er… Ikaros, you’re taking a bath huh? Wai-wait a bit, I am just about to get out…”


“I…Ikaros is here for master…”

“For me?”

Wu Yan tilted his head in confusion before he helplessly replied.

“If you have something to discuss with me, at least wait until I get out…”

Ikaros lowered her head, in that mist permeated bathroom, her skin seemed to have taken on a light glow, his eyes can’t stop themselves from ogling her.


Ikaros inhaled a few times and lifted her blushing face before replying with a bashful yet resolute expression.

“But, Ikaros is here to make master happy…”

His head almost fell into the waters in his bathtub. He is damn sure what she means by “happy” isn’t just its nominal meaning. Combining what she said with their earlier interactions, and judging by her looks, he could tell why Ikaros presented herself before him deep in the night like this.


He relaxed his disorderly breathing and calmed his throbbing heart while bitterly laughing.

“Why now?…”

Ikaros seemed crestfallen at his response. Actually, Wu Yan’s pretty sure she’s dejected.

“Because… Master said he was going to make Ikaros do stuff that would please master, but Master hadn’t done anything up till now…”

He instantly understood what context they were in. True, he did say he was going to ask her to “make his day”, and it has been some time now that he hadn’t taken any action. He can’t take brazen actions because there’s Kaichou-sama to think about…

Did Ikaros do this out of consideration for him? Did she choose midnight because she knew Hinagiku would be asleep?

His heart started wavering at the thought of this. The proverb about perfect time, place and people is probably referring to this. Seeing as he is shocked, Ikaros lowered her head with a very disappointed face. It’s unthinkable that such an expressive emotion would appear in Ikaros, at least if this were Ikaros in the past.

“Master… do you not like it?…”

Ikaros mumbled with a dispirited tone in her voice. His heart ached at the very sound of her voice and he quickly replied.

“I dig it! I love it very much, the day will never come where I dislike Ikaros!”


A hint of joy escaped her eyes as she looked up at Wu Yan. She eagerly continued.

“Then… master, can I…”

Listening to her words, Wu Yan felt like his heart had experienced a lift-off, even his body felt like it is floating on clouds. Had he ever experienced a girl coming onto him like this? How many times did he get let down when he went out hunting?

He examined her voluptuous body which he hadn’t thrown on the bed before but did, on numerous occasions, touched before. He felt his mouth drying up. Ikaros is too attractive…

He stood up from the bathtub immediately, giving Ikaros a light shock. Flushing red, she watched him approach her while her heart jumped.

Her odd motion furnace status (Tl: heart rate) would only go into a weird state whenever she is facing her master. She’s not sure whether or not this is a malfunction but she is not complaining…

He came before her and raised his hand to caress her smooth face. Joy welled up within him when he saw Ikaros being flustered. His joy was ephemeral as it soon became insufficient for him…

He streaked his fingers across her cheeks and lightly smiled before his hand moved down…

As his hands approached her chest, Ikaros’ tension raised through the roof. She hurriedly closed her eyes and enjoyed this prelude to a transformative phase.

His hands traveled until they reached their destination. He squeezed lightly on that jug of hers and found his hand being enveloped by them. One of his hand even slipped into the dangerous valleys between the twin mountains and got itself stuck.


Ikaros bit down on her lower lip. She had this weird urge to suppress her moaning.

His hand slid back and forth between her hooters, he commented.

“How smooth…”

Ikaros turned away in what appears to be bashfulness at his compliment. He revealed an evil grin at the sight of this…

He repeated his motion and felt that this won’t get old even if he spent the rest of his life doing this. He kept going at it with a hand until one hand just wouldn’t do the trick anymore. So, he lifted his other hand and he cupped her twin peaks of massive destruction, alternating between hard and soft teasing squeeze…


Under his skillful movements, Ikaros’ skin turned into a deeper and more passionate red. She opened her eyes slightly and her eyes rippled like a disturbed water surface. Basically, she’s turned on.

He gave them titties a hard squeeze his fingers sunk into her breasts. Ikaros couldn’t help lifting her head while moaning out loud. Her yelp is like an aphrodisiac on his ears.

He tasked one of his hand with the mission to travel behind Ikaros and he pulled her tight against his chest. Then his hand slowly traveled down her back like it had lost against gravity.

Ikaros pressed her hands against her master’s chest. She could feel her upper and lower body slowly ceding control over to Wu Yan. Her pink exquisite lips quivered as she heaved time and time again while mixing in some held back yelps. The feelings within kept pouring out of her.

His hands were all over her, one hand would give her cans the time of their lives and his other hand would draw circles on her smooth and shapely rump before he gave them a hard squeeze.

After a bit of time, he inhaled deeply and moved his hand towards the towel covering her body…

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