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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 190: The night of blossoming within the bathroom


Presenting herself at all its glory to her master, Ikaros seemed awkward in that she covered her breasts and her wings kept trembling, a sign of how nervous she is at the moment…

Unknown to her, her nervous body language is actually a bigger turn. She looked like she wanted him to take the initiative, Wu Yan instantly felt his blood boil, the blood rushing to his head almost caused dizziness. Then, the blood began engorging a certain extremity of his, there’s no brake on this train anymore.

He slid his fingers over her back, he only needed to exert a bit of strength and his fingers would be able to glide over her lustrous pink back like it’s smooth ice. He deployed his two hands to touch every nook and cranny on her body.

The best body he had ever touched up until now would be Takitsubou Rikou. That one time in the lab where he gave her a “personal lesson”. His other victims like Hinagiku, Mikoto, Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda have more loli-level petite bodies. Takitsubou Rikou’s body was as voluptuous as they come…

Now his record is being overwritten. Excluding future summons and Astrea, it would Ikaros who had the most luscious of a body.

In this short span of time, Wu Yan felt his throat starting to dry up. He lifted her face by the chin and smooched her.


Yelped a surprised Ikaros. She widened her eyes at the sight of Wu Yan’s face barely 1 inch away from her face. Her eyes then mellowed before she closed them and just let herself go, enjoying the weird sensation that comes with crossing tongues…

His tongue wriggled around Ikaros’ small oral cavity, it subjugated every inch of that tiny space. He then coiled his tongue with Ikaros flailing tongue which seemed to be panicking over what to do as he tasted them thoroughly…

His hands didn’t stop moving, they captured more and more area of her body including her wings. He made sure to memorize her body by the sensation from his hands before he started going after the final bastion, her inner thighs.

He slid one finger in and Ikaros lightly choked. Her eyes shot open, a brief look would reveal that she’s fretting over how to respond to Wu Yan’s invasion. However, it is too late to stop him from going in and out of her.

“Nh! Uu… Mgh…”

Ikaros couldn’t hold back her moaning when Wu Yan started attacking. Despite having her mouth held captive, she still managed to leak out a few moans.

Soon, her body started rocking in tune with Wu Yan’s rhythm, her jugs dancing magnificently.

Parting from her lips, he sucked in the strand of liquid he extracted from her mouth and stared at the dancing bunnies in front of him. The red cherry topping on top of her jugs drew traces in the air as they jumped up and down.

Heaving heavily, he lost all restraint and chomped down on her hooters.


Cried Ikaros, not knowing what to do, she flailed her hands around before hugging Wu Yan’s head which was busy at work molding her breasts. She looked at the ceiling while moaning incessantly…


Ikaros clenched her teeth, her breathing now at a rapid pace, she squeezed those words out while her body kept rocking in tune with his fingers.

“Master, ngh… please go easy…”

Ikaros didn’t even need time to think about it, she just let that line slip out. Her processing speed had all but disappeared thanks to Wu Yan.

Licking her tits and drawing more moans from her, Wu Yan mischievously laughed and parted from her large cans.

He slid his finger out and raised his hand which was delightfully covered in her discharge and he stuck his fingers in her mouth.


Ikaros subconsciously licked the fingers he stuck in her mouth. When that weird taste started spreading in her mouth, Ikaros bashfully parted away from his fingers for some unknown reason.

Too bad Wu Yan is having none of that, stuck in his strong embrace, Ikaros cannot free herself. The only thing she could do is close her eyes and taste the fingers Wu Yan is using to play with her tongue, she had to taste herself.

“Who’s a good girl…”

He nodded in satisfaction before kissing her forehead. She is almost obedient to a fault, a good point at times like this…

When her skin took on a pink hue, he stopped and lifted her up onto his body.

“Ikaros, it’s going to hurt so I hope you can bear with it…”

He warmly said to her. Words can’t express the feeling in his heart, he is finally going to make her his.


Ikaros hugged his neck and something propped up against her sex, her heart trembled but she still managed to say what’s on her mind.

“Ikaros is not afraid of pain…”

Wu Yan smiled and placed his hands on her hip, adjusting their position he pressed her down strongly and pierced her with a crisp sound of something tearing.


Ikaros tightened her hands and her brows furrowed deeply. The sharp pain made her legs go into a death grip around Wu Yan’s back. They stayed motionless during this time.

Ikaros didn’t dare to move so Wu Yan decided to not move as well. Even if we are talking about Ikaros here, this is still her first time and it’s very easy to scar her. If he fucked up, it would leave unthinkable trauma on her psyche.

With only tender affection for her, he had forgotten about the wondrous tools available in the System and the fact that Ikaros had recovery mechanisms built into her as well…

When the pain subsided, Ikaros felt a well of joy rising up within her followed by a sense of losing something. She’s probably wondering about what she gained and lost…

She quickly dropped the notion and as more pain subsided, a void filled her heart. She needed something to fill her up. Subconsciously, she twisted her body. Feeling master inside of her, her eyebrows relaxed and ripples formed in her eyes.

“Master… There’s a weird sensation…”

Dull to her own emotions as she is, she still knew how at ease she is at the moment. She wanted to say it felt good but the words came out as weird without her conscious agreement…

With tons of experience under his belt, he knew what she is referring to. He snickered and put on a sadistic grin.

“Weird sensation you say? Well, could it be that Ikaros is feeling good?”


She wriggled her body while lowering her head, a blush could be seen spreading across her cheeks before she mewled.

“Yes, master, Ikaros feels…good.”

Wu Yan squinted his eyes and he just could not find the words to say how high he is feeling right now. Her tight vaginal walls practically strangling his member, he moved and this time, he isn’t going to stop smashing her.

“Ahh… ah… ahhh…”

Her body moved accordingly to his pistoning motion. She clung to him and moaned like there’s no tomorrow, she had completely lost any control over her own voice now.

“Mgh… Ahh… Master…”

She brought her face up and looked into her master’s eyes while moaning before screaming in pleasure.

“Master… Ah… Are you happy?…”

“You bet your sweet ass…”

Wu Yan replied while panting. He stood up and skewered her like a kebab. Now playing in the deep, she made good use of gravity to toss her body up and down while enjoying the ride.

“I am very happy…”

“That’s great…”

Ikaros shut her eyes and tears flowed down her cheeks, she is so glad she cried.

“Master… is very happy… Aa… Ikaros is very happy as well…”

He grinned and rubbed her head, he also rubbed his face in her wings before continuing to pound the beautiful woman within his arms. Her amorous pants like music to his ears…

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