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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 191: Kaichou-sama just joined the game. Once more…

Ikaros’ captivating whimpers filled the bathroom. The two of them gave and took, in turn, leaving traces of their love everywhere…

When Ikaros got sent up to the heaven known as the climax for the first time in her life, she let go of her voice, indirectly telling Wu Yan just great he made her feel…

Ikaros might be done but he’s still got more to dish out. He didn’t bother voicing it out though. Instead, he laid her on the floor and turned her around with her rump facing him.


Passively being made to lie on the ground on all fours, she turned around with misty eyes while asking her master in a confused manner what is he planning to do with her…

Straddling behind her, he heaved and once again entered her. Ikaros moaned like she got hit with a ram…

Slap slap slap

The sound of meat colliding with meat echoed in the room with Ikaros’ moaning accompanying it. His mind and body entered a state of rapture.

He bear-hugged Ikaros and squeezed her tight within his arms before humping away like a rabbit…

He gave her jugs a good molding or two. His hands and hips were at full throttle, the effect is so intense Ikaros’ soul almost left her body. She was lost in her own world, it will be quite some time before she can return…

He nibbled her earlobe, Ikaros tried to shrink her head away from him but every part of her body is too sensitive. Wu Yan excitedly teased every place he can lay his hands on while Ikaros whimpered and moaned.


Ikaros panted heavily while swinging her shapely body. She looked at Wu Yan who is still busy tasting her and mumbled.

“I’m so… happy…”

She felt a switch inside her going up in smoke and she tightened her body while lifting her head high before letting out the longest wail of pleasure…

Licking his lips, he looked at Ikaros who lied on top of him, he had long past the point of no return, if he stopped now he would definitely kill himself.

Seeing that there’s not much energy left in her, Wu Yan stood up and pinned her against the bathroom wall with her back facing him before smashing her in deeper. Poor Ikaros couldn’t even recover from her rapture before another wave of pleasure hit her like a truck. Her little mouth opened and closed, her exhaled air with her fragrant smell hitting the bathroom walls, giving rise to intense sounds of heaving…

He stuck close to her body and fondled her while pounding away at her body, not forgetting to enjoy himself in his ventures…

Her orgasm was made apparent with another long lament. The duration is even longer and louder this time. What the two didn’t know was that their voice pierced the walls and reached out of the bathroom…

Listening to her long moan and judging by how loud it is, Wu Yan knew she hit her limit.

Angeloids have no dreams because they had no need for sleep. The night belonged to Angeloids in a way, it is also the period of time where they feel the loneliest…

Angeloids do not sleep, it is a given that Ikaros does not as well. Otherwise, she wouldn’t appear in Wu Yan’s room every morning having watched Wu Yan throughout the night…

Perhaps in this aspect, Astrea is the oddball. The only one who would sleep at night. Although they had no need for sleep, if they so choose to rest, they still can do so…

But, strangely enough, after having cummed real hard, her eyelids started trembling and she actually fell asleep!

Looking at her cute sleeping face, Wu Yan felt like he had seen something very rare. He didn’t know what to say about her sleeping in the bathroom like this though.

However, just because she’s asleep doesn’t mean the night is over…

“What’s going on! Ikaros!”

The bathroom door got violently slammed open, Kaichou-sama in her pajamas rammed her way into the bathroom without even considering what might be going on.

“I heard wailing coming from inside here, Ikaros, are you…”

Hinagiku dumbfoundedly stared at a butt naked Wu Yan and an equally naked Ikaros lying asleep on the floor. The distinct musk wafting around assaulted her nostrils. Her thought processed jammed as a result.

The two stared at each other in a stunned manner. One of them didn’t think the other would just barge in here like this while the other didn’t think the bathroom would look like this.

Looking at the two’s attire (or lack of it), and combining that  moan from Ikaros before, it didn’t take long for Kaichou-sama to piece together what went down here.

Ikaros’ moan sounds strangely like those times she is nearing the end of an adult naptime session with Wu Yan, doesn’t it?

Seeing that she is very shocked, Wu Yan recovered first and grinned when he got a good look at her.


With trembling fingers, she pointed at him. Her thought processes ground to a halt thinking about the sheer audacity with which they went about their jiggery-pokery.

“Yo, Hinagiku!”

He greeted her like nothing happened. His nonchalance is just short of saying what happened just now is nothing more than the usual minor stuff.

Hinagiku had trouble believing what she is seeing and hearing at the moment. Here we have this fellow who shagged another woman and after having been busted, greeted his waifu like it’s no biggie, surely there’s no bigger shamelessness than this?

Hinagiku didn’t know that there is an answer to her question and it’s coming right up…


Wu Yan laughed and stood up, he walked his merry little way over to her with his dingly dangly diddly ding dong right in her face. Hinagiku shrieked but it certainly didn’t stop him from continuing his advance on her.

With him encroaching upon her, she subconsciously knew this wouldn’t end well. She forgot that she’s the inquisitor here, she even forgot what she was about to say and instead, she said.

“Yo-you! What are you doing! Wear some clothes for goodness sake!”

She stomped while blushing furiously. She yelled at him with her apple red face turned away. Of course, Wu Yan didn’t give a flying fuck.

“Hinagiku, come play with me…”

Wu Yan warmly invited her with shocking lines. Hinagiku started backpedaling at the sight of him approaching her, she started panicking.

“Y-you… what are you going to do? Do-don’t tell me…”

She thought about something and her body is not ready. With how thick faced he is, she just knows he had the capacity to pull off something like that. She decided not to wait for his answer and just turned around to skedaddle her perky little butt out of there.

Alas, she’s too slow…

Reaching out, he grabbed Kaichou-sama who is still bent on running away and embraced her. While she leaked out a shout, he stuffed her mouth with his.


With her lips sealed, she still put up a struggle to escape but she fell prey to his demonic claws. Kaichou-sama is too vanilla, would she ever explicitly agree to punch fucking the rosebud in a place like a bathroom, furthermore, with another woman right there?

Knowing her like the back of his hand, he didn’t bother sweet talking her. He just grabbed her and gave her little butt a good hard squeeze, she froze up alright.

He then grabbed one of her modest cans and made her go mellow. She put up what seems to be a mosquito’s resistance by pomf-ing his chest with her fists.

Preceded just a little bit by a yelp of shock, the sound of Kaichou-sama think pajamas got torn up. Now that the two are on even grounds…


Still planning on running away, she turned around. An amusing resistance for him…

He picked her up and sniggered. He didn’t care about the feeble attempts Kaichou-sama made to signal her reluctance and just lowered her down onto him.

“Hn! Uu…”

With a choked wail, Kaichou-sama decided to forfeit her struggle. No point to it now…

Her greenish yellow eyes had a bit of red mixed in as she gnashed her teeth at him, all the while moaning before squeezing out her piece of mind.

“You dummy… ngh… Jerk… Uu… Meanie…”

And his reply came in the form of violent thrusts.

And so, a new melody leaked out from the bathroom into the night…

Meanwhile, in Astrea’s room. There’s a figure in the bed heavily shrouded by a blanket. If one strained their ears, one could hear slight murmurs coming from inside.

“I didn’t hear anything… I didn’t hear anything… I didn’t hear anything…”

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