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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 193: Can you please keep your hands off my boyfriend?

With tons of people still watching them, Wu Yan and Kuroko stared down at each other because they couldn’t take any big actions. The crowd started whispering after seeing how much Kuroko hates Wu Yan.

It’s pretty much public knowledge that Kuroko is a roommate of Mikoto’s. It’s rather hard for her not to stand out given that she’s roommate to none other than the ace of Tokiwadai. When they saw how their respected Misaka-sama’s roommate is hellbent on getting rid of Wu Yan, they pretty much filled in the blanks themselves.

The scum before their eyes must have used some despicable techniques to capture Misaka-sama’s heart. Misaka-sama’s roommate must have seen through his devious plots and fought valiantly against this scum’s lewd claws to prevent Misaka-sama from falling prey to the scum without concern for her own personal safety.

When these ideas started popping up, their eyes took on a more unfriendly turn. Some of the girls from the Queen’s faction even started calculating the equations required to take Wu Yan out once and for all.

If Wu Yan ever found out what the girls of Tokiwadai were thinking, he would surely tie them up and bring em home to [censored] [redacted] [It’s for me to know and you to find out] them…

At this critical juncture, Mikoto appeared and unknowingly prevented a “tragedy” from happening. She took a look at both Wu Yan and Kuroko before dashing over with a slightly surprised expression on her face.

“Onee-sama! You must run! Get as far as you can from this vile scum! He’s going to defile you!”

Kuroko shouted in exasperation when she saw Mikoto running over. Besides pissing Wu Yan off, Mikoto almost tripped and fell when she heard her shout.

He gave her a good knocking on the head and promptly ignored her moans of pain or protest. Wu Yan took a good look at Mikoto and his eyes beamed. He then nodded in a satisfied manner.

Found from here.

It’s the same uniform as he had seen on screen before. The uniform looked super moe on her, he could have died from moe overdose right there and then.

Wu Yan suddenly recalled that he had bought a maid uniform and apron for Mikoto when they went out dating last time. It’s still in his space ring at the moment…

He looked at Hinagiku and Ikaros and he had an evil eureka moment.

He decided that he must make the three of them wear maid uniforms and apron and give their flaps a good bludgeoning session or two.

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros didn’t know that Wu Yan had already started hatching a plan of the lewd kind. However, Hinagiku and Mikoto felt a chill going down their backs. They started raising their guards thinking it’s an approaching danger.

Regarding Ikaros, forget maid uniforms. Wu Yan already creamed her Twinkie when she wore her sexy and revealing Angeloid light armor. Maid uniforms? Bitch please, that’s child’s play…

“Kuroko, what in the world are you doing?!”

Mikoto came out of the crowd, she assumed that Kuroko must have done something embarrassing given the whispering of the surrounding Tokiwadai girls.

“Onee-sama! Kuroko didn’t do anything!”

Kuroko pleads not guilty with an innocent face. Truth be told, she looked pretty cute while doing this. What she said after that, not cute.

“To prevent this abomination of a human scum from sullying my beloved Onee-sama, I, Kuroko shall hereby carry out the duty of burying this refuse where it belongs, six feet under!”


Mikoto made a fist. But, she felt the piercing sights from those around her. She didn’t want them to know she is actually quite a tomboy. She’s forgotten that this scene isn’t the first time the other girls had seen this scene…


Her arms were locked by Wu Yan as she kept stomping and shouting at Mikoto.

“Onee-sama! You should leave now! Let me…Mghhh…”

Before Kuroko can finish, Mikoto could guess what embarrassing stuff she’s going to say and she silenced her right there and then. She pinched her cheeks and stretched them out with all of her strength.


Mikoto forced a smile.

“Are you not aware that your words are stressing me out?”


Kuroko protested with gibberish because her cheeks were still being pulled apart. Judging from the drop of tear at the corner of her eyes, it’s safe to say she’s probably begging for mercy from Mikoto…

“What friendly terms you girls are on, as usual…”

The sudden voice saved Kuroko. Ruiko and Uiharu stood not far away. they looked as cute as usual except this time they are not wearing their usual Sakugawa middle school uniform, they were wearing casual outfits.

“Saten! Uiharu!”

Mikoto awkwardly let go at the same time as Wu Yan. Kuroko fell down like a ragdoll. Mikoto hurriedly shook her hands and head in denial.

“No no, we aren’t tight or anything, we are just playing around, yeah, that’s right…”

You know, putting it like that is just going to make people question whether or not you bat that way…

Ruiko and Uiharu smiled. They knew that they weren’t like that, they were just messing with Mikoto for a bit. Mikoto uttered a few dry laughs because she didn’t know how to continue.

“Ara, well isn’t that just fine?”

Mikoto’s expression froze when she heard that distinctive bell of a laughter. Everyone else also flinched because the owner is a gorgeous blonde lady with literal starry eyes.

“Shokuhou Misaki…”

Wu Yan’s lips twitched at the sight of Shokuhou Misaki walking over to his side in elegance while dressed as a maid.

He did, in fact, receive her invitation but he didn’t expect her to actually show up here. What the hell is going on? She didn’t appear in the original work during the midsummer festival.

The crowd started roaring in exhilaration. With the appearance of Shokuhou Misaki in addition to Misaka Mikoto, they started cheering out loud.

It’s like some pop idol just made an entrance, cheers could be heard amongst the guardians as well. The whole place was practically bursting with hype.

“So beautiful! So elegant!”

Ruiko and Uiharu almost went starry-eyed for Shokuhou Misaki. One of them admired her strength as an esper while the other admired her for her ladylike aura…

“Isn’t this a little bit over the top…”

Hinagiku exclaimed.

If the others are sighing in admiration, Mikoto is sighing in dissatisfaction.

“And why are you here?!”

Shokuhou Misaki chuckled and walked to Wu Yan’s side before she linked her arm with his much to the shock of everyone present. She then lovingly purred.

“I am here to escort my little Yan of course…”

Mikoto gnashed her teeth. Hinagiku who didn’t know who Shokuhou Misaki was immediately leered at Wu Yan, a chill started climbing up his back as she did so.

I am going to need a good explanation…

That’s what Hinagiku’s eyes are saying. Wu Yan awkwardly nodded his head. He turned towards Ikaros who looked like she had something to say but decided to keep it to herself before he shook his head at her. With this, Ikaros returned to her usual expression.

He let a long moan escape his mouth as he stared up at the ceiling. Even if he used his foot to think he can still more or less guess the shit storm that is going to hit him after this…

“Are you here to pick a fight with me?”

Mikoto growled as lightning arced across her head. Meanwhile, Shokuhou Misaki nonchalantly laughed.

“Misaka-san, how can you say that. I invited little Yan, it is my duty as the host to escort him. I have no intention of ever picking a fight with you ya know~~~”

With how you’re putting it, who’s going to believe you…

Wu Yan threw a retort at her in his heart. He felt helpless that the fire had already started burning him before any reasonably long time had passed.

As he expected, Mikoto turned around and asked him in the warmest tone he had heard coming out of her mouth.

“Yan, are you here invited by her?”

“You believe what she is saying, are you that easily fooled?”

He pressed a hand against his head to signal the headache he is feeling right now. Mikoto blushed at the thought of her falling prey to Shokuhou Misaki’s wordplays.

“Little Yan, I am pretty sure I did invite you.”

She coquettishly feigned anger while squeezing his arm. The girls who are familiar with her can’t help dropping their jaws down onto the floor at the sight of this scene.

Mikoto dismissed whatever Shokuhou Misaki as BS as she replied.

“Shokuhou-san, Yan already said he didn’t come in responds to your invitation, could you please le-let go of….”

Mikoto hesitated, clenching her teeth she shut her eyes before shouting out loud while blushing deep red!

“Can you please let go of my boyfriend?”


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