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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 194: Another squabble? The second round of shots fired…

“Can you please unhand my boyfriend?”

The place fell into a deathly silence.

The spectators, the Tokiwadai Ojou-samas in maid uniforms,  Wu Yan & co, even Shokuhou Misaki and Ikaros were stunned.

Still blushing, she didn’t open her eyes because she’s too embarrassed to look at anybody in the eyes. Looking at her, it’s hard to guess that she was the one who audaciously shouted out that line.

Hinagiku who gave up her first time together with Mikoto twitched her lips as she adopted an incredulous expression. She glanced at Shokuhou Misaki who hadn’t recovered and mumbled.

“Just how much bad blood is there between the two of them that Mikoto would stoop to such a level…”

Wu Yan awkwardly laughed in response. Hinagiku didn’t know that Shokuhou Misaki is practically the arch nemesis of Mikoto, of course Mikoto would react to her so adversely.

Well, it was pretty pleasant for him to hear her scream “Can you please let go of my BF?” in front of a crowd.

“Ooooohhhh! Mikoto-nee (Mikoto-senpai), so brave!”

Astrea, Ruiko and Uiharu threw admiring gaze at her like she’s some kind of saint.

“NOOOOOOO! Onee-sama! This is impossibrue!!!”

While the whole place was quiet, a sudden shriek broke the silence. It came from the lump of stardust on the floor wailing like she’s met with the deepest of despair. She sounded as hysterical as she the disbelief she had.

The twin pigtail yuri lifeform flipped some kind of switch and she revived instantaneously before spring up some 90 cm from the ground to jump Mikoto, all while she hadn’t even opened her eyes.

“Onee-sama! Tell me it’s not true! Uuuu…”

She clung onto Mikoto while rubbing her petite face all over Mikoto’s similarly petite chest. She didn’t forget to cry in the saddest way possible.

“Onee-sama! My gallant, charming, and mighty Onee-sama! How can you submit yourself to the lewd influence of this ape-like scum? This surely isn’t real! Onee-sama, don’t abandon Kuroko! Uuu…”

The two girls that were affixed together stood out the most amongst everyone there. Everyone didn’t know what to make of two increasingly absurd development.


Mikoto thought the spectators would whisper stuff about her but instead, all she got was another assault by the white and black lifeform (Kuroko). Mikoto freaked out.

Different gazes fell upon her, she could feel that some of it are revaluations of her character. Embarrassed on multiple levels, she flipped out and channeled her electricity into the closest target and boy did she take the electricity into herself.

Black smoke coming out of her body, Kuroko twitched on the ground while she drooled and heaved. Her expression looks like the ahegao of a Masochistic girl that got smashed good. The surrounding people all shivered and took a few steps back, subconsciously putting a distance between themselves and Kuroko…

Shokuhou Misaki covered her mouth with her hand. Wu Yan couldn’t tell whether she did that to keep up her act as a queen or if she’s actually shocked by Mikoto’s confession. She looked at the spectators’ different expressions and Mikoto who is still blushing furiously. She took a look at Wu Yan as he awkwardly laughed. A slight sense of annoyance came from within her and she peevishly said.

“Misaka-san, you’re wrong. Little Yan is MY boyfriend!”

Wu Yan’s smile froze, the spectators who had barely managed to recover from the exchange between Mikoto and Kuroko were once again left speechless with her announcement.


Mikoto is so mad lightning kept arcing around her. She was originally blushing in embarrassment but now she’s flushed red because of how irritated she is at the sheer shamelessness Shokuhou Misaki is exhibiting.

“It’s only natural to hug my boyfriend, Misaka-san…”

Shokuhou Misaki flashed a victorious grin. She intimately drew circles around his chest with her hand which was covered by a white spiderweb patterned glove.


Mikoto is practically heaving from her fury as she leered at Shokuhou Misaki.

“Why do you think you can call him your boyfriend?!”

“Oh? Misaka-san, surely a Tokiwadai student like you would have heard the rumor going around for quite some time now?”

Shokuhou Misaki grinned as she mischievously threw a glance at her before chuckling.

“Everyone knows that I went out on a date with Little Yan awhile ago. Would I go out with him if he’s not my BF?”

The people around her nodded in agreement. With Shokuhou Misaki’s personality, if she didn’t like a person she certainly wouldn’t go out with him. Only Shokuhou Misaki knows that she only went out with that time because she had no other ways of backing out…

“Pfft please, a date and you call Yan your BF?”

Mikoto said in what seems to be an amusement born from extreme prejudice. She pointed at Hinagiku, Ikaros, and Astrea before shouting out loud with no concern for the consequences.

“Well doesn’t that make Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, and me girlfriends of Wu Yan since we went out on dates with him before?”


Everyone couldn’t help yelling out loud. They all took a look at Mikoto, Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, and Shokuhou Misaki’s exquisite countenances and they were enraged by what they heard. Following that, dangerous, judging, jealous, resentful, disbelieving gazes were directed at this bigger than life son of a gun.

“Human filth!”

“Disgusting dross!”


“Shameless asshat!”

“My hero…”

Everybody directed their killing intention at the guy who said the last line. The guy shivered and sold Wu Yan out straight away.

“Damnable trash!”

The mob then withdrew their killing intention. Wu Yan is so pissed he could just end them right here and be done with it.

Shokuhou Misaki seemed to have finally taken inventory of Hinagiku, Ikaros, and Astrea. She didn’t know them but she hadn’t forgotten their names even after a bit of time had passed.

She looked at the three girls with a serious expression. Even with her standards, Shokuhou Misaki had to give it to them. the three girls are extraordinary in appearance and aura in unique ways. Even when compared to the lightning bolt throwing child of a girl or her, they are pretty outstanding.

With their qualities, why are they gathering around that guy? Who the hell is he?…

She squinted her eyes at Wu Yan. With an elegant smile, she curtsied to the three girls.

“Pardon me for my rudeness, everyone. It’s a gaffe for me to have not noticed your presences. I apologize and seek your forgiveness for any grievances caused.”

Her elegant style and amiable stances combined with her formality befitting someone of her title made the spectators all applaud albeit silently in their hearts. She mesmerized not just the spectators, she had score points with Hinagiku and Astrea as well due to her politeness. Regarding Ikaros? Well, Ikaros will be Ikaros…

“It’s nothing, no need to go overboard with the greetings…”

Hinagiku shook her hands in a suave style as expected of the student council president of Hakuo Academy.

Shokuhou Misaki might be smiling but she’s very disturbed internally.

She used her ability on the three when she’s greeting them. However, not a single one of the three girls were affected by her ability. Her abilities seemed to have been used on a big sea of sugar, the signals were sent but never returned.

Who are these girls?!…

Shokuhou Misaki maintained a calm appearance superficially. Wu Yan felt a headache coming on after watching Hinagiku and Shokuhou Misaki exchanging lines.

He looked at the girls and the spectators who would rather give him a death by a thousand cuts. He speechlessly looked at the ceiling. In this kind of situation, it would be best if he just put on a red shirt and pretends like he’s just another face in the crowd…

But, his actions were interpreted by Mikoto as an indirect acknowledgment of him being Shokuhou Misaki’s BF. She gnashed her teeth in anger and walked to his side before grabbing his arm.

“And you, get away from that woman!”

Mikoto frustratingly said. She grabbed the soft meat at Wu Yan’s hips and gave them a good squeezing.


He had never tasted a woman’s ultimate finisher and today he did and found it to be excruciatingly painful. Tears started forming inside his achy breaky heart.

Fuck. Me.

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