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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 195: The dark dealings…

Wu Yan who decided to keep quiet got pinched hard by Mikoto. His wails of pain attracted the attention of the haters once again as if he hadn’t had enough of their probing eyes.

He looked at the expressions of the surrounding people and rubbed his soft meat which is still aching, he pursed his lips as he didn’t think Railgun would actually put out such a girly skill on him…

He sighed and shook himself free of Shokuhou Misaki and Mikoto. He turned towards Shokuhou Misaki and smiled at her.

“Ne, Joou-sama, when you called me your BF, are you seriously not considering that chance that I might take your words for it?”

Shokuhou Misaki flinched and the grinned before she grabbed him by the arm again. She purred.

“What are you saying, Little Yan. We are an item in the first place, how could you put it that way. Or maybe…”

Tears appeared in the corners of her eyes as she pitifully wept.

“Could it be that you don’t want to admit it after all we have done together?”


Everyone other than them instantly turned their attention towards Wu Yan. If looks could kill, he would have died so many times Shen Long couldn’t revive him anymore…

Shokuhou Misaki’s acting was so perfect that she convinced everyone. It’s hard not to believe her, even Hinagiku and the other girls threw suspicious glances at him having imagined the “extramarital affairs” he must have done.

Only Mikoto who knew Shokuhou Misaki like the back of her hand pursed her lips before retorting at her.

“I think you guys the first time back then, this meeting should only be the second time right? Surely you wouldn’t call anyone you just met your BF?”

Shokuhou Misaki laughed and then looked at Mikoto like she’s a naive little grade schooler.

“Don’t tell me Misaka-san is unaware of a term called love at first sight? How unworldly you are.”

Wu Yan can’t help but notice how Joou-sama can look as pitiful as a puppy one second and beaming as brightly as a flower the next moment. Mikoto rolled her eyes and threw a sarcastic line at her.

“Even if you call it love at first sight, Yan would still have to admit it for there to be any substance to your claims.”

Shit. Fuck me with a sandpaper dildo!

Wu Yan knew the current direction of conversation isn’t going to be good. As expected, Joou-sama used her puppy eyes and soft purs on him.

“Little Yan, say it for all the world to hear, do you not feel the same love as I do for you?”

Mikoto hugged his other arm and glared at him.

“Yeah, why don’t you say it! You hitting on her or not?!”

His arms seized once more, Wu Yan threw an imploring glance at Hinagiku, hoping Kaichou-sama or Ikaros would throw him a lifeline.

Ikaros couldn’t endure seeing him in his state, as she stepped forward and was about to speak, Hinagiku stopped her.

She gave him a radiant smile and lightly told him off.

“Actually, I would like to know the answer to that question as well…”

Why am I the one that always gets the short end of the stick…

He looked at Shokuhou Misaki who adopted her sweetest countenance and Mikoto who looked serious. He sighed before a bright idea came into his mind. He leaned down and whispered something in her ears that almost made her jump.

“Mikoto, if you want to know the answer you have to promise me that when I take you back to your dormitory you will remain in your uniform and do the forbidden polka with me, in the sheets.”

Blood climbed up from her neck and went into her head. Her blushing face is burning up like boiling water, she felt so hot her thought processes started grinding to a halt.

“Y-you why I oughta…”

“What about it? We have a deal?”

Wu Yan sniggered. Mikoto started wondering if he had been planning to this end all along.

“Are those kinds of stuff the only things in your mind?”

Mikoto gnashed her teeth. Blushing, she endured her urge to rampage and go primal on him as she growled at him.

“Do we have a deal?”

Wu Yan didn’t bother denying her allegations.

“If you don’t agree then I guess…”

“You jerk!”

Her flushing face kept changing expression just like how her heart kept increasing its pace. With how big of a tsundere she is, how would she ever explicitly say yes…

The spectators wore doubtful expressions as the two whispered into each other’s ears. When they saw how she is flushing red, they started speculating. Shokuhou Misaki who is the closest to the two of them perked up her ears, trying to obtain any intel she can. Alas, the exchange between Wu Yan and Mikoto can’t be discerned from the noise surrounding them. She started getting anxious as a result.

Mikoto saw how Shokuhou Misaki is reacting and thought about Wu Yan’s words. She panicked and she whispered back to Wu Yan.

“I-I will do it…”

A sinister grin appeared on his face, an even more grinch-like grin appeared in his heart as he turned back towards Shokuhou Misaki and told her.

“Joou-sama, let’s make it clear.”

Wu Yan smiled at Shokuhou Misaki, his body language made Shokuhou Misaki frown.


Shokuhou Misaki acted cool as a cucumber. She kept her eyes fixed on him because Wu Yan is currently using the same expression he had used the first time she met him. The eyes that told her he would side with Mikoto.

“I am sure you have already met Hinagiku, Ikaros, and Astrea right?”

He waved for the three girls to come forth and they did so in slight confusion.

“Joou-sama, Misaka Mikoto is my woman!”

Mikoto’s face flared up again. Shokuhou Misaki kept looking into his eyes. She knew that he hadn’t finished and what he said stupefied her.

“Katsura Hinagiku is also my woman!”

“Why did you bring that up!”

Everybody started making a fuss, even Joou-sama couldn’t help becoming stunned, losing her usual composure. Too bad for her, Wu Yan is not done teasing the boundaries of her composure.

“Ikaros is also my woman!”

Ikaros flushed a little bit and she lowered her head. At this point, the crowd is basically hysterical.

What the fuck? Is this guy really declaring that he’s made a crystal palace harem? This son of a bitch, somebody should grab this asshole and subject him to divine judgment!

Wu Yan muted all the peripheral noises and looked at Shokuhou Misaki who couldn’t recover senses after hearing his declaration.

“It is as you have heard, I have 3 women that loves me very much just as much as I love them back. That is why, Joou-sama, if you still insist that I am your ‘BF’. You are more than welcomed to join us!”


Everybody got riled up. He actually invited Shokuhou Misaki the no.5 and queen of Tokiwadai middle school to join his crystal palace? A crystal palace which has amongst its members, Misaka Mikoto the no.3 and ace of Tokiwadai? Has the world gone mad?

At this point, Wu Yan couldn’t give a flying fuck what the other people thought or how they looked at him. He looked real cool with it all and he didn’t seem like he was the guy who made that surprising offer just a short while ago.

In visual novel terms, Wu Yan might as well had limited his favorability with Joou-sama at 50 with no hope of ever getting it past that mark. Hell, she might even question his integrity and lower her favorability with him even more…

Wu Yan still would give no fucks. It’s not that he didn’t dig her, she’s just that independent. If her acknowledgment is a goal, one has to tougher than her otherwise he/she will just be another toy for her to play with.

If Joou-sama did join his harem, she can ride him all she wants, it’s not like she would be able to screw him over after they become a couple. Plus, he wouldn’t be able to hide his relationship with Hinagiku and the others with how intelligent Joou-sama is. Might as well put it all up in the front, maybe then the outcomes would be better.

Worst case scenario, he turned her into one of his summons. At that point, it’s pretty hard for her to separate with him…

He pulled two equally stunned Mikoto and Hinagiku and walked out that joint towards the dormitory with Ikaros and Astrea in tow. Everyone looked at his departing figure in pure shock.

Shokuhou Misaki also looked at his back in a daze until his figure disappeared. She clenched her teeth and furiously stomped as she cursed him under her breath.

“Asshole! Playboy! Who does he think he is?! How dare he dump me in front of a crowd, nobody has ever done that to me before. Just you wait, Wu Yan, we will see what happens when you cross me!”


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