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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 199: Preserving the tradition of messing around

Midsummer festival entered its final stages after Mikoto’s sweet violin performance…

While on his way out of Tokiwadai dormitory, Shokuhou Misaki made an appearance. She didn’t say anything but her hand gesture of a finger gun aimed at him made him sweat all day long at her implications.

When they returned home, Ikaros immediately hacked into the research firm’s database stole their data about the lv6 shift program. The data confirmed that the program had indeed been restarted.

It was restarted under the premise that although insufficient numbers were available for ascension into lv6, enough sisters were left over to shorten No.1’s ascension period. It is a shoddy excuse no doubts about it. The program is in motion once more and that is a fact. The remaining sister will be hunted down as a result.

The experiment is still being reorganized, when that is done, the experiment will begin immediately. Everyone released a sigh of relief at the thought that they would have some time to come up with a plan before dashing into the fray.

While Ikaros got the intel report, she also managed to get two more extra juicy details.

Rather than any concrete plans, it’s more like objectives. Wu Yan knows about one of the objectives: To obtain Mikoto’s DNA and reboot the lv6 shift program. If her DNA is obtained before the last of the sisters perish, the lv6 shift program can continue indefinitely. Even after the sisters perish, the program needs only obtain Mikoto’s DNA to restart anytime they want.

Besides rescuing the sisters, Wu Yan & company had another mission that is to protect Mikoto.

Aleister’s modus operandi dictates that even if Mikoto doesn’t assist, he will find another means to accomplish his objective. The grunts who came for Wu Yan’s assistance that day is only one of many such means…

In the original work, Mikoto was nothing more than a means to provide DNA and battle power. Now, she’s the lynchpin of this program.

Granted, with her abilities at the moment, Accelerator can’t possibly do anything against her.

Perhaps he might be able to defeat her in some ways but he will definitely not be able to leisurely dished out a beat down on Mikoto like he did in the original work.

Now all he has to do is guard against Aleister’s other aces and especially his right-hand man, Aiwass.

The other objective is somewhat unexpected: The capturing of [Hunter].

Perhaps it should have been expected, he’s the one who almost single-handedly put an end to Aleister’s plans. Of course, he wouldn’t let him just do whatever he damn well pleases on his own turf.

If not because they aren’t sure whether he still had possession of the sisters, they might have gone past capturing and proceeded with the order to kill on sight.

With the lv6 shift program restarting, the high-level executives will be thinking of ways to obtain Mikoto’s DNA, fast. Wu Yan’s expecting some form of response from the goons who contacted him a few days ago.

All the troublesome matters are starting to pop up all of a sudden. Including this peculiar trouble that bedevils him…

“Long time no see! Little Yan!”

He thought, looking at the piece of ass star-for-eyes standing in front of his door. Looking at Shokuhou Misaki greeting him with that wide grin of hers instilled a sense in him to slam the door on her.

“I say, Joou-sama….”

Wu Yan threw an odd expression at her while forcing a smile.

“I thought I made it pretty clear that day. If you’re here, I am presuming that you want to enter my crystal palace?”

“Ara, does this displeases you, Little Yan?”

Shokuhou Misaki cupped her cheeks in a cutesy manner, her words shook him to the core.

She’s up to something!

His first thoughts the moment he heard her.


He vigilantly told her while enduring his headache.

“I don’t know just what is it you see in me but…”

“Now don’t you say that~~~”

Shokuhou Misaki teased him.

“Little Yan is a fine specimen…”

Wu Yan shivered as goosebumps started appearing all over his body. Truth be told, he can’t find where is this fine specimen within him…

“Ne, Little Yan, let’s skip this banter and…”

Shokuhou Misaki turned her tone around, she stepped up and hugged his arm before giggling.

‘Go on a date!”

Enjoying the soft sensation on his arm, his lips quivered. Oh god why, why this sudden development? He could more or less venture a guess…

“Shameless woman! Let go of Yan this instant!”

His other arm got hugged pretty hard as well. Mikoto glared at Shokuhou Misaki who is laughing her ass off. In Mikoto’s tea-colored eyes are the flames of fury.

When did you get here…

Wu Yan moaned towards the sky. Ordinarily, being hugged like this with flowers in each arm is a very pleasing matter yet Wu Yan feels none of those, he just feels like he’s so tired of this shit.

Just how many times are you two girls going to go through this charade…


Wu Yan sighed before grumbling.

“Can you please stop messing around?”

“But I did come here intending on having a date with an all too serious mind, I am not messing around…”

Shokuhou Misaki pouted and turned her head away. Whether or not this expression is honest remains to be seen and observed…

“This girl!”

Mikoto was on the verge of exploding.

“You already know that Wu Yan and I have a thing for each other… Yet you come here and throw yourself all over him, what are you planning on doing!”


Shokuhou Misaki resented Wu Yan for not playing along with her tunes, effective given that Wu Yan’s hair was raised. She then turned back to Mikoto.

“Misaka-san would share your man with other girls so why the discrimination towards me?”

“They are different from you!”

Mikoto shot back at her.

“Hinagiku and the other girls aren’t as nasty as you!”

Shokuhou Misaki blinked her eyes and threw out another line that almost made Wu Yan and Mikoto barf blood.

“Innocent ol’ me, how can you call me nasty?”

“You? Innocent?…”

Wu Yan and Mikoto’s brows were raised. Shokuhou Misaki ignored them and looked at Wu Yan.

“Now, Little Yan, let’s ignore this underdeveloped middle school student and have our merry little date!”


Shokuhou Misaki dropped hot spit on Mikoto’s psyche and that in turn drew blood, oh wait, electricity from her. And… the two got into another fight…

With two girls bickering right by his ears, his brain almost exploded from their argument.

Why is it always me who gets screwed over? Could it be that this is karmic punishment for not rating a book after I am done with it? (Tl: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  But seriously, online reading sites have ratings on books and novels that can get them high up on the recommendation lists so authors take them very seriously and often time, beg for them)

Looking back at the beaming Joou-sama, the source of his suffering, everything started with this chica!

Still exchanging verbal blows, Shokuhou Misaki suddenly froze up as an incredulous expression floated up her face.

Like a robot, she turned around in mechanical motion to see Wu Yan acting cool with a calm face. Her starry eyes had a disbelieving light in them as she stuttered.


“I what?”

Wu Yan questioned her like he’s innocent. Shokuhou Misaki almost lost her cool. Mikoto got confused by her sudden change in behaviour, she’s wondering if this is another trick of hers.

Shokuhou Misaki glared at Wu Yan after seeing Mikoto’s confusion. She slowly uttered 3 words.

“I! Am! Fine!”

“Oh really? Well, can’t argue with that…”

Wu Yan beamed at her. How Shokuhou Misaki wishes she could just throw a punch right at his face. He ignored her expressions and stood there with a confident air around him.

Unseen from an outsider’s perspective, he’s vigorously going to town on her sweet tush with his hand. While working his magic, he can’t help but comment on the fine texture of her rump. What sweet ass, as expected of an Ojou-sama raised in Tokiwadai…

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