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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 200: No.2? Kakine Teitoku!

Shokuhou Misaki’s booty got grabbed and toyed with by that big hand of his, she trembled but she endured because she didn’t want to be a laughing stock in front of Misaka Mikoto. Her forced smile seemed like it would crumble any moment, her usual poise gone like the wind.

Only Wu Yan who is close in proximity to Shokuhou Misaki could feel her trembling. He felt pretty damn great that he finally got back at her, he increased his hand movements and made sure that her booty got all the attention they need.

Shokuhou Misaki lost her motivation to continue her bickering with Mikoto. She bit down on her lower lips lest she leaks out a moan…

Normally, when Shokuhou Misaki stayed silent, Mikoto would throw counter attacks at her since she rarely if ever won against Shokuhou Misaki by words. But, oddly enough, Mikoto is remaining silent as well.

If one were to take a closer look, she is flushing red like nobody’s business. The reason for that is probably the big swine of a hand currently grabbing her tush.

In contrast with Shokuhou Misaki, at least she’s getting molested with her skirt separating his hand from direct contact with the divine land. Meanwhile, his hand already landed on her divine land by going past her skirt.

Damn you, Yan. You just had to choose this timing to screw around…

Thinking that it was only her who’s getting the continuous inner thigh massage, she cursed him. She’s too afraid to voice it out loud lest the shameful woman laughs at her for this event for the rest of her life.

And so, the two didn’t protest against someone’s shameless attack. Of the three of them, one is enjoying the moment so much while the remaining two didn’t have enough energy or motivation to continue talking. The place fell into an odd silence.

Wu Yan is not afraid that he will get found out by the other girls. Hinagiku brought Ikaros and Astrea out shopping. They aren’t like Wu Yan who can stay at home like a hikikomori. To him, this is the perfect time, place and occasion to get his fill of daily vitamins…

Slowly and surely, the two girls started getting turned on. Their faces were flushed and so was their skin, they took on a lovely pink hue. Their eyes started glazing over and even if Wu Yan pushed them down right now they probably wouldn’t resist him.

Just when Wu Yan is about to make the next step of venturing into Joou-sama’s skirt, God finally couldn’t take it anymore. A birdman descended from the sky to save the damsels in distress!

“No.3! No.5! I see you girls are very refined indeed…”

Still descending from the sky, the guest threw a sarcastic remark. He played with his tea-colored hair in an experienced manner, his handsome face had just one flaw, an expression that makes people wanna feed him knuckle sandwiches.

The 3 looked up in surprise after hearing his surprise.

His 3 pairs of white angelic wings flapped and flapped, keeping the guy floating in midair. If not for his modern attire, one would have taken him to be an angel.

To Wu Yan though, this guy might as well be a birdman.

Kakine Teitoku: (Lv 69)

Kakine Teitoku? What’s this guy doing here?

He narrowed his eyes the moment he saw the name System displayed, he let go of the two girls who were leaning on him at this point. When he saw Kakine Teitoku’s level, he was befuddled.

Lv 69? Why is it so low?

This level is, by all means, not low. At least, he’s higher in lv than Wu Yan who is currently at lv 65. It’s just that his power is below his forecast of tier 8.

In the original work, he is someone who can fight on par with Accelerator who had yet to be awakened. Hell, at the start he was whooping accelerator’s ass.

How is it that he’s still in tier 7?

He stared at the smug ass Kakine Teitoku floating in the sky, he lifted his brow at his next thought.

Maybe… I gave him too much credit?…

Wu Yan recalled that Kakine Teitoku was whooping a crippled version of Accelerator.

In other words, he really is giving him too much credit.

Wu Yan relaxed his expression. lv69, a tier 7 at its peak. He can take his ass on any time of the week. Not to mention, Mikoto is much stronger than him and he has Shokuhou Misaki who is of the same tier on his side as well. By the way, Joou-sama’s level is 63.

Wu Yan knows about Kakine Teitoku but Mikoto is not in the know. However, she has heard of the name Kakine Teitoku being the no.2. Mikoto flinched the moment she saw the System’s display.

“Kakine Teitoku? What are you doing here?”

“Kakine Teitoku?”

Shokuhou Misaki is surprised that this poser floating in the air is actually the no.2. She gasped.

“He’s the no.2, Dark Matter?”

Kakine Teitoku furrowed his forehead the moment he heard her. He told her off in an annoyed manner.

“I am called Kakine Teitoku! Dark Matter is only my title, not my name. It would do you well to refer to me by my name!”

“Oh great and powerful Kakine Teitoku, to what do we owe the pleasure of a visit?”

Wu Yan didn’t think he is here for shit and giggles. Judging by his personality, he came here specifically because he wanted to find them.

As expected, Kakine Teitoku looked at Mikoto and grinned.

“I am here for you, No.3!”

Wu Yan’s gazed locked onto Kakine Teitoku with a dangerous force within his eyes. Shokuhou Misaki who was beside him was bewildered by his display.

Wu Yan isn’t jealous. He’s raising his guard because the guy isn’t here to fuck around…

“What business do you have with me?”

Mikoto frowned and replied

“I just want a teeny tiny favor!”

Kakine Teitoku smiled. When he said favor, his face showed that he didn’t mind taking it by force either.

“I just want a bit of a blood sample from you!”

Wu Yan and Mikoto instantly turned serious. Spark started coming off of Mikoto’s head as she continued in a cold tone.

“You came here for my DNA?”


Kakine Teitoku didn’t bother hiding his intentions. He confessed everything without taking note of Mikoto’s sour expression that grows ever darker.

“I need your DNA to complete an objective, you see.”

Wu Yan thought about it and came to the conclusion that Kakine Teitoku is probably gunning for a chance to talk with Aleister.

This ambitious guy must have gotten wind about Aleister needing Mikoto’s DNA and decided to use this opportunity to obtain a piece to negotiate with the higher-ups…

Or perhaps, this was all according to Aleister’s keikaku.

Mikoto lowered her head and her expression was hidden from view due to her bangs. She clenched her fists and lightning started crackling around her.

“You jerks…”

Suddenly, she lifted her head and shouted at him.

“Each and every one of you!”

“When are you going to stop using me!”

She fired an instantaneous lightning spear from her finger at Kakine Teitoku. Not expecting an attack, he frantically put up a Dark Matter barrier to stop her attack.

Having blocked her attack, rage boiled up towards Mikoto and in his eyes were some killing intent.

“May I take that as an act of war? No.3!”


Mikoto is so mad she started bursting out in laughter.

“You came here with the intent of taking my DNA, I think you are the one provoking me, don’t you think so?!”

Kakine Teitoku frowned.

“It’s just a bit of DNA, what’s the big deal?”

“Just some DNA?”

Mikoto is utterly pissed. All her pent-up guilt for the sisters’ fate, her fury for the lv6 shift program and their affiliate researchers, Kakine Teitoku’s line was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Mikoto replied with a cold tone.

“Have you any idea just how much anguish some DNA caused me?!”

Sensing the pain in her words, Kakine Teitoku lifted an eyebrow. He thought this would be a good opportunity to take some of her DNA. What he didn’t expect was how vigorous she rejected, and here he was thinking it was just going to be a walk in the park.

He thought for a bit before he shook his wings and declared nonchalantly.

“If you’re not gonna give it. I am just going to have to take it myself then!”


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