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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 202: One shot! The talk in a certain space…

Brilliant light suffused everything.

The lightning concentrated at the coin with unimaginable speed. The coin took on a bluish-white glow and slowly but surely the wind grew until it became a storm that changed the local weather.

If one were to rate Shokuhou Misaki’s physical abilities on a scale of 0 to 10 she would probably only score 5 if she tried her best. Hence, the wind did a number on her and boy oh boy did those cans of hers bounce around in the most distracting manner. If not because she was distanced further away from the point of the event, Joou-sama would have been blown away.

Shokuhou Misaki blocked the pesky dust assaulting her beautiful face with a hand as she stared at something she couldn’t believe is happening.

How is this happening! How did Misaka Mikoto get this strong?

That’s what she can only think about at the moment. She knows more about Mikoto than anyone else and she can confidently say that Mikoto isn’t as strong as this in the past!

And then, she remembered her conversation with Wu Yan. With difficulty, she looked over at Wu Yan. She is soon impressed by Wu Yan’s calm expression that had just a slight hint of smug in it.

So… this is all because of him?…

Nobody knows what she is thinking about but anyone could guess what Kakine Teitoku is thinking about judging by his facial expression.

He defensively crossed two arms in front of him. On his face is an expression that cannot believe what is going on, it was like the whole world lied to him.


After disbelief came the expression of a distorted maniac.

He looked at himself trembling as he shielded himself, and then he looked at Mikoto. Suddenly, a figure started overlapping with Mikoto…

White hair, red eyes, a striped shirt like that of a prisoner. That lanky ass bastard!

The man who added the word fear to Kakine Teitoku’s dictionary! Once again, although he faced a different individual, the same thing happened again…

There’s a vague figure of a white-haired red-eyed demon standing beside the girl with tea-color eyes and hair. The two figures slowly merged into one in Kakine Teitoku’s vision…

“How is this happening!!!”

His fear started taking over his rational side, he screamed and the three pair of wings shook before white laser came shooting out from them.

Mikoto knew the lasers were coming for her but she didn’t care. She raised her hand and cocked her coin with its aim set on the lasers as well as the one hysterically laughing behind the lasers.

When the white laser is just one centimeter away Mikoto, an orange ray of light canceled out all the white light. The white rays of light got torn asunder as a thick pillar of orange laser homed towards Kakine Teitoku who had the biggest surprise of his life heading towards him at a speed unobservable by the naked eyes.

The railgun shot out like a meteor with all its glorious force before it hit Kakine Teitoku right in the torso.


The supercharged railgun that can pierce anything exploded upon contact with Kakine Teitoku, leaving behind thick black smoke where the railgun hit Kakine Teitoku. The victim’s body could not be seen…

What can be seen, however, is the railgun bullet streaking across the sky leaving behind a trail of orange light…

She tossed her bangs with hands still crackling with bluish-white lightning before throwing a hmph.

Her tea-colored eyes had a bit of satisfaction in them, it seems someone is happy that she can fire her railgun.

Shokuhou Misaki looked at Mikoto who is gallantly standing in the middle of the place with a stupefied look. She completely forgot that she would always find a chance to take a jab at her as she got blinded by the metaphorical and literal brilliance that is a railgun in action.

Wu Yan laughed in an ecstatic manner. No matter how many times he sees her unleashing railgun, he would always want to see more…

In the sky, still shrouded in thick black smoke, suddenly, something broke out from within. Now in tattered clothing, a pathetic figure emerged with wings that were like the rags on him. The guy flew with all his might to escape and he managed to pull it off…

She pulled her punches…

Wu Yan felt slightly helpless as Mikoto walked on over to him. If Mikoto wanted to kill that No.2 who touched the realm of god, that would strike Wu Yan as something surprising.

‘Misaka… Mikoto…”

Shokuhou Misaki stared at Mikoto who is walking back like she’s reforming her image of Mikoto. After that, she turned towards Wu Yan.

Looking at that helpless expression on Wu Yan’s face, she suddenly drew a grin as if she chanced upon an idea. That look of hers looks like the look of a little girl who found delicious candies!

Things are going to get interesting…

♦ ♦ ♦

Academy City, Seventh school district, windowless building…

In that strange room, the astonishing figure floated as it did for years in that tank which seems to be keeping him alive…

In front of Aleister is a display and he is as busy as usual engaging in his nasty habit of peeping on people.

On the display, Kakine Teitoku descended upon Mikoto and got flat out denied. The two fought and Mikoto’s lightning attack didn’t work at first and Kakine Teitoku mocked her for it. It all played out in a pretty orderly fashion. Of course, the video included the scene of Mikoto bringing Kakine Teitoku down with a shot of railgun.

The video played up to the point where Kakine Teitoku ran away and Mikoto walked back towards Shokuhou Misaki. Aleister shut down the display and thought deeply.

If Kakine Teitoku, Mikoto or Shokuhou Misaki are here. They would probably find almost nothing wrong with the video. The only missing detail is that Wu Yan is absent in the video.

Something couldn’t restrain its boredom and it voiced out its concern, breaking the deathly silence of this place.

“Your plan was foiled…”

Aleister stayed silent, he knew what the voice is saying…

“A pawn doing something it shouldn’t be. If my memory serves me, this seems to be the first time this has happened to you right?”

The static voice of indeterminate sex rang again, Aleister finally responded.

“It is not a major setback, Misaka Mikoto’s actions were still within my calculations. The only thing that has made itself apparent is that the plan needs to be shifted slightly!”

“Will a pawn always stay a pawn huh? As expected of someone like you…”

The voice said. It is unknown whether it is an exclamation or sarcasm, perhaps it might also be that the voice thinks nothing of it…

Aleister closed his eyes and his voice rang throughout the room.

“No. Railgun isn’t strictly a pawn in the first place. Originally, she is just a bedding for the plan to succeed, her job was to provide DNA and nothing more.”

“And now?”

The static voice interrupted.

“No matter how you sliced it, she had exceeded your expectations right?”

Aleister slowly opened his eyes, there was no fury in his eyes only the usual calm that is characteristic of him.

“Railgun is still a piece in this game.”


The voice seemed intrigued by his proposition.

“So you have promoted her from almost no value to a position of a somewhat useful piece?”

Aleister said nothing in response. It is true, her powers had exceeded his valuation of her.

Parameter List, an underground accomplishment ranking used to judge the potential on an esper. The assumption here is that any person born has a certain limit they were born with that effectively holds them to a certain stage of development, in other words a growth limit.

Mikoto was judged to be a lv5!

However, Mikoto through means unknown to Academy City had actually managed to surpass her own growth limit!

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