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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 205: Research lab incursion! The most suitable route…

Wu Yan came by himself to a research facility, one he knows all too well. He had been visiting this place almost every night, in a not so legitimate manner, of course. But, he’s here on official business.

Looking at the big building in front of him, his eyes steeled up and he walked in…

The moment he got close to the main gate, the gate opened and two guards walked out with batons in hand as they raised their guards against him.

The two guards exchanged looks before blocking Wu Yan with their batons.

“This is a private area, you are not allowed to get any closer because you are not invited.”

Wu Yan backed down and replied.

“Well, I was invited here and here I am!”

The telecom rang and the glasses guy’s voice came from it.

“I invited him here, bring him inside!”

The guards hurriedly complied with the order and escorted Wu Yan inside. One of them led from the front and the other watched him from the back.

He went past a lot of those cleaner robots that looked like trash bins. He also went past a lot of heavy security, these heavy security measures irked him to no end. It’s because of the ridiculous amount of security measures put in place that he had to return empty handed almost every night.

If the sisters weren’t here, he would have been so frustrated by the mechanisms that he would have smashed his way inside.

He can brute force his way inside but that wouldn’t be effective because by the time he did manage to pound his way into the facility the sisters would have already been relocated given their minuscule number.

Very soon, he was escorted to a room where the glasses guy is waiting for him. He was pacing around restlessly, the moment he saw Wu Yan entering he revealed a beaming smile.

He dismissed the guards with a wave of his hand. Looks like this glasses guy has quite a high position within this facility…

“Youngster, looks like you can perform as promised.”

Glasses guy gave Wu Yan a few pats on the shoulder. His whole attitude is really getting on Wu Yan’s nerves. He endured the savage urge to go full ape-shit on him and pulled out a less than presentable smile.

“I am guessing that you being here means that you brought Mikoto’s blood as well?”

Glasses guy said as if he can’t wait any longer. His eyes are as passionate as Gakuo when he looked at his ‘Mind control brain’.

The guy is not interested in anything Wu Yan has to say, he just wants Mikoto’s DNA.

“Surely, you are not going to tell me you don’t have it right?”

Wu Yan stayed silent as glasses guy’s grin slowly disappeared only to be replaced by killing intent. Without a doubt, if he said “No”, glasses guy would lose his shit.

Wu Yan lifted his head and grinned before punching glasses guy right in the face, the guy experienced significant damage to his nose as evidenced by the overflowing blood. He collapsed on the floor while jerking before passing out.

“Oh boy, you have no idea how much I wanted to hit you so bad for so long now!”

Wu Yan kicked the guy while he is down to relieve his stress before a spark was emitted from his forehead.

Outside the research lab, a certain corner.

Mikoto, Hinagiku, Ikaros, and Astrea were laying low here while observing the facility. Mikoto seemed to be focusing on something while shutting her eyes tight.

At a certain point, a bluish-white spark was emitted and Mikoto immediately opened her eyes.

“The signal from Yan?”

Hinagiku asked and Mikoto nodded. Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, and Mikoto exchanged looks before taking out a scroll that seems to be made of crystalline material.

Return to town scroll!

The girls ripped the scrolls and the scrolls turned into light particles that stuck to the girls and by the time the brilliance ended the girls were nowhere in sight anymore.

In the research lab, white light reminiscence of fireflies gathered in front of Wu Yan as the white light increased to such a point that the radiance suffused the whole room.

When the lights dimmed down, Mikoto, Hinagiku, Ikaros, and Astrea appeared in front of Wu Yan.

Wu Yan grinned and threw away a brick. The return to town scroll can’t be set on an individual so he had to set its coordinates on the brick to bring the girls inside.

When the four girls saw Wu Yan, they immediately ran over to his side. Mikoto looked at the glasses guy passed out on the floor before she furrowed her brows.

“Is that the guy asking for my blood?”

Wu Yan nodded. Mikoto sneered and shot a lightning spear at the guy, frying him black as he jerked around. He must be dreaming that he’s a frog in a sick experiment right now.

Wu Yan’s lips twitched as he made a mental note that Railgun can hold a grudge for a long time.

Seeing that Mikoto was about to unleash another lightning spear on the guy, Wu Yan hurriedly stopped her.

“Okay, god, he’s already taken all the beating he can take. Our priority is the sisters right now, remember?!”

Mikoto reluctantly stopped and Wu Yan released a sigh of relief. As much as he wanted to do the same thing himself, he’s afraid that Mikoto will overdo it and cook the guy.

He looked at the glasses guy passed out on the floor before returning his gaze on the girls. He initiated the operation with a low voice.

“Stick with the plan.”

Mikoto’s reluctant attitude turned into a much more intense disinclination.

“Do we really have to call on that woman?”

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

“Well, given the situation, she’s the girl for the job…”


Mikoto still didn’t like the idea as she protested.

“We have the items inside the System. Surely, there must be some tools we can deploy here right?”

“Yes, we do but we should let the expert handle this as this task requires human interaction…”

Wu Yan explained it to her. Truth be told, he didn’t want outsider’s help but to be on the safe side, this is what he must do. Plus, she probably wouldn’t go around blabbering like a fool. Probably…

“Okay okay, jeez, I know already. This is for the sisters so I will deal with it!”

Wu Yan bitterly smiled and ripped another return to town scroll before disappearing. Awhile later, he returned to the room via the same method as the girls and as the light receded, Wu Yan had brought a woman with him.

“Ara, to think you would also resort to law-breaking, I am so surprised…”

The girl who appeared immediately used sarcasm on Mikoto. It is very effective, the teeth gnashing sound coming from Mikoto confirmed its effectiveness. She told herself that must endure for the sake of the sisters.

“Alright, Joou-sama, do your thing…”

Wu Yan reminded her lest their squabble attract unwanted attention…

Shokuhou Misaki curled her lips. She didn’t bother continuing her mini-quest of getting up in Mikoto’s grill. She turned back and examined Wu Yan.

She’s really curious as to how this man before her brought her here in an instant. It can’t be teleportation, didn’t he have the same ability as Mikoto?

Perhaps… another secret?…

Shokuhou Misaki can’t help but lick her lips as she focused her starry eyes on Wu Yan. She didn’t hide her intrigue and curiosity at all, much to Wu Yan’s fear.

Shokuhou Misaki looked like she wanted to eat him down to the bones and Wu Yan wanted to cry. If possible, Joou-sama would have already spammed her abilities on him to make him spill all the beans.

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