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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 206: Premature commencement of Lv 6 shift program?

The two guards outside were unaware of the proceedings within the room. They are focusing on standing guard in order to prevent any accidents from happening.

They brought Wu Yan inside so it’s their job to escort him out. If they didn’t and something happens it will be their ass on the chopping block.

At a certain point, the room finally showed some signs of movements.

“You guys, in here, now!”

The two guards immediately entered the moment they heard the voice. They looked at the youth first before turning their attention to the glasses guy.

“Escort him outside!”

The glasses guy said and the two guards nodded. They manhandled Wu Yan but if they examined closer they would have noticed that the glasses guy’s eyes were glassy and unfocused…

On the way out, Wu Yan let the two guards lead him out of the facility. When he exited the facility, the two guards unceremoniously turned back and closed the gate.

Wu Yan didn’t look like he’s bothered by their actions. He walked away and when he can’t see the facility he stopped and he took out a return to town scroll before tearing it up.

The scenery flashed and he returned back to the room he was in just minutes ago. When Wu Yan returned, Mikoto, Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, and Shokuhou Misaki appeared out of thin air, in their hands, a cloak.

Shokuhou Misaki fiddled with the cloak while her starry eyes beamed with intrigue.

“What kind of cloak is this? To think it can render those cloaked invisible!”

Wu Yan shrugged and explained rather simply.

“It is a cloak that turns you invisible so it’s an invisibility cloak.”

Shokuhou Misaki didn’t ask any further question. Her starry eyes were locked onto Wu Yan as she curled her lips in a most insidious manner. The way she pressed her index finger against her lower lip was a body language.

Someday, I am going to make you spill all your nasty little secrets…

Wu Yan noticed Joou-sama’s expression but he didn’t care. If she really managed to pull that intel out of him than by that time he will have her by her tush.

Deep in thought, he noticed the glassy-eyed glasses guy.

“What do we do with this fellow?”

Shokuhou Misaki replied plainly.

“Nn, I wiped pretty much all his memory of this day as well as the matters surrounding you.”

Wu Yan released a sigh of relief before smiling at Shokuhou Misaki.

“Thanks, Joou-sama!”

Shokuhou Misaki giggled while covering her mouth.

“You’re welcomed. Just remember what you promised me~~~”

Mikoto is not happy to hear what she said. Hinagiku didn’t look too hot about it as well. The two girls looked away to signal their protest.

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

“Of course I wouldn’t forget about it. No matter how you slice it, I am the one that profits from this. I mean it’s a date between us and…”

He invited Joou-sama and requested her help, her condition was that he had to go on a date with her so he agreed even though he didn’t know what she’s planning. He’s has nothing to lose from asking her help anyway.

“I will be looking forward to it ~

Joou-sama giggled in her usual Ojou-sama manner before she took out another crystal scroll. She examined the scroll like a curious cat before she looked at Wu Yan with a reluctant expression.

“You must give me some more of this interesting little thing, little Yan.”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes. He knows that Shokuhou Misaki got very curious as to where all these interesting gadgets came from. But, she’s smart so she knows what is okay to ask and what is not okay to ask. It seems she endured the urge to make him talk.

Only when Shokuhou Misaki ripped the scroll and disappeared did Mikoto and Hinagiku turn their heads his way again. They adopted their game faces and Mikoto even looked like she’s excited at the prospect of being able to be of help.

Wu Yan nodded after confirming that all eyes are on him.

“As planned, Mikoto and I will sense the sisters’ location and rescue the sisters.”

“We must save all the sisters this time around!”

The girls resolutely nodded. His satisfied grin didn’t last long, a sudden development turned that smile upside down…


“A special event is detected, issuing special mission!”

Special event: Premature start of lv6 shift program.
Accelerator is heading towards the experiment area under the management of the laboratory staff. The venue contains sisters about to face dire danger.

Objective: Find the experiment room and save the sisters in distress.

Reward: Equipment, Items,  Ability, and Summoning points 10000 points.


“A special event is detected, issuing the second world mission!”

World: Toaru Majutsu no Index

World Mission: Salvation

Mission 1: Save the 20000 sisters and bring back the dead sisters as well as restoring the surviving sisters before storing all 20000 sisters in the bio-containment unit.

Reward: Equipment, Item, Ability, and Summoning points 100000

Mission 2: Defeat the strongest esper in Academy City, Ippou Tsuukou, Accelerator.

Reward: Random summoning of one character.

Mission 3: Not yet unlocked.

♦ ♦ ♦


The sudden commencement of lv6 shift program caught Wu Yan by surprise.

He’s just about to save the remaining sisters is he not?…

“Yan! What’s going on! Why is the program restarting?!”

Wu Yan hadn’t recovered from the shock of the sudden development. Mikoto also looked like she had the shock of her life. If not for the preparations he had made beforehand, her surprised yelp would have attracted the attention of the facility personnel.

He flinched at Mikoto’s yelp and the serious expressions of the other girls.

“You girls heard it?”

Hinagiku nodded before continuing with a heavy tone.

“The System shared the quest to us, it seems the situation has sped up a bit!”

“A bit is an understatement…”

Wu Yan bitterly smiled.

“It remains a question whether we can make it to the experiment area in time…”

“What should we do? Yan!”

Mikoto panicked.

“If we don’t stop it soon, the sisters…”

Wu Yan became silent. He is frustrated by the turn of events. Even if it weren’t for the mission, he would never be able to let the sisters die just like that, what’s more, to say about Mikoto’s reaction?

The rational thing to do now is to proceed with their plan to save the sisters and revive the sister involved in the experiment with the genetic life infusion.

But, not just Wu Yan, everyone here wish they don’t have to go through that route.

They don’t see the sisters as some kind of tool, they are human through and through. They can’t watch them die even if they would be justified to allow their temporary death.

They just can’t.

“Yan, Mikoto, calm down.”

Hinagiku tried to calm the two when they were freaking out by grabbing them.

“We have to decide what to do now, focus!”

“Yeah! Some kind of way out of this, some kind of way…”

Mikoto is still freaking out even though she said she’s calm. Wu Yan on the other hand, calmed down first.

“It looks like we have to split into two teams. One team will remain here and search out all the sisters as well as rescue them. The other team will go stop Accelerator.”

Wu Yan thought about it before he continued.

“I will deal with Accelerator!”


Hinagiku frowned.

“Yan, Accelerator is a tier 8 and you’re at tier 7. You can’t fight him!”

Wu Yan bitterly grinned, she is right. But, Mikoto, Hinagiku, and the other girls don’t know Accelerator like he does.

There is no one other than him who should go…

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