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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 211: Hurt, Accelerator enters reeeee mode

The battlefield was calm, the only indication that it is a battlefield is the deep gouges in the earth from the fight that went on here.

Of course, this is but a mere break before the next storm arrive…

Like a falling meteor, a figure clad in red hue dashed towards Accelerator with unthinkable silence. The figure held up the nodachi before slashing down at a slightly startled Accelerator.

Wu Yan hesitated when he saw Accelerator change his expression. He was hesitating whether or not to go full force, if this hit got reflected back at him it won’t be a pretty sight.

Before a second had elapsed, he tightened his grip and the doubt plaguing him disappeared. The only thing that is left is the resolution. Radiant crimson red suffused Nietono no Shana.

I must succeed this time!

[Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz]!!

The sword beam was shot out at close range but Accelerator quickly recovered from his shock as he shouted at Wu Yan.

“I told you! It’s no use, don’t you get it?!”

The sword beam got stopped just short of hitting him and it got parried rather than reflected. If it had not been stopped, Accelerator can kiss his chest goodbye but after his passive triggered, the sword beam took a slight deviation and hit him in the shoulder.


Accelerator cried out while reflexively taking a step back. He was still hit with the attack despite taking a step back. Meanwhile, Wu Yan had already retreated the moment he executed his sword beam.

An explosion ensued and Accelerator’s position was blurred by the smoke and debris around ground zero.

“You did it!”

Astrea cheered in midair. She flapped her wings and landed next to Wu Yan as a few pure white feathers fell from the sky.

“We won! Master!”

Astrea beamed at Wu Yan, he responded with a bitter laugh.

“We won? If only it were that easy…”

Wu Yan stared at the smoke covered area where Accelerator was last seen. Astrea also turned around after flinching.

A breeze blew by and blew away the smoke and dust shrouding the area. Accelerator appeared in one piece in front of Wu Yan and Astrea’s eyes.

He was dusty all over and he had his hand pressed against his bleeding shoulder.

Accelerator lowered his head so nobody could see his expression. He examined his shaking hands and saw the blood on it, his pupil immediately shrunk.


A bit dazed and confused but mostly disbelieving, he mumbled as he looked at the blood on his hand. And then he burst out in laughter.

“Ha… hahaha… ahahahaha!!!”

He looked like he had gone mad, he ignored his bleeding shoulder as he manically laughed at the blood on his hand.

Looking at Accelerator’s hysterical appearance, Wu Yan tightened his grip on his sword. Meanwhile, Astrea subconsciously stepped back as she mewled.

“Uu, had he gone bonkers from the attack, why is he laughing despite getting hurt…”

Accelerator lifted his bloody hand and cheered as if the blood is some kind of winning lottery ticket.

“Blood! It’s blood! I actually am bleeding! I got hurt! Haha, hahahaha!!!”

“Master, wh-what is wrong with him?…”

Astrea tugged at Wu Yan’s shirt. Accelerator is as zany as he is malevolent, the weird air around him is slightly intimidating for Astrea.

Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He silenced himself and examined Accelerator. Somehow, Accelerator had become a bit different…

Accelerator stopped his mad laughter and met eyes with Wu Yan. Expressionlessly he continued.

“Hey, you hurt me…”

Killing intention erupted like a volcano from Accelerator. Astrea is okay with the pressure but Wu Yan felt chills climbing up his spine. He furrowed his brow but a sudden change elicited a change in expression of both individuals.

Astrea responded the swiftest, she picked Wu Yan up before he could react and flew up into the air.

The next instant, the ground where they stood were reduced to pebbles the biggest of which did not exceed thumb-size.

Astrea and Wu Yan were surprised at how Accelerator turned a wide area around him into small rocks in such short time.

Wu Yan gulped at his monstrous abilities to wreak havoc. He hadn’t seen anything like this since Ikaros…


Astrea’s voice shook Wu Yan back into reality. When he lifted his head, millions of rocks were shot their way.

Astrea flapped her wings to dodge the rocks with her deft maneuvering skills, she couldn’t deploy Aegis while holding Wu Yan.

Very soon, they noticed that after the wave of rocks came multiple tornados!

“Oh god!!! You’re so annoying!”

Astrea screeched as she increased the distance by flapping her wings in an attempt to avoid getting hit by the rock and storm combo attack.

The rocks were shot all over the place. At last, the tornados caught up with the barrage of rocks. It turned into a rock storm that made its way over to the two.

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before they get done in. Astrea can’t exhibit her full power with him holding her back. He yelled at her to let go of him.

“Astrea! Let go of me!”

Astrea flinched and yelled back in shock.

“Master! We are in the middle of the air!”

“It’s okay, don’t sweat it. I have my own way, just let go of me!”

Astrea wasn’t so sure but her speed slowed down enough for the tornados to hone in on them.

Surprised, Astrea gnashed her teeth before letting Wu Yan go and she deployed her shield.

Aegis L stopped all the rock-fueled tornado storm with her barrier. Astrea took a look at Wu Yan and sighed a breath of relief.

Wu Yan stood on a platform that is made out of iron sand supported by magnetism.

He had hypothesized that this is feasible if he could muster up enough iron sand to delay his landing…

Astrea was glad that Wu Yan told her the truth. But, she was surprised by something as she shouted at  Wu Yan.

“Master! Look out!”

A figure had come before him before he knows about it, the figure is propelled by 4 tornados as he grinned at Wu Yan.

Wu Yan’s pupil contracted until it was about as small as a needlepoint, he focused solely on Accelerator’s slowly approaching hand…

Accelerator’s ability, vector manipulation allows him to change the direction and magnitude of vectors which also includes the blood circulation as well as the electrical signals in a lot of lifeforms.

If Accelerator touches him, Wu Yan will die for sure.


Astrea yelled and she flew towards Wu Yan with all her might, ignoring the rock tornados assaulting her.

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