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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 212: Gathering the winds in Academy City

Time stood still with only the trembling ground and roaring air as the background music…

It is as though there are only the 3 of them left on earth. One of them stood on a floating iron sand platform with a frozen expression. Another one is reaching out to grab said frozen expression while being propelled by 4 tornados with an evil grin plastered on his face. The remaining one flapped her wings like mad, hoping to intervene, ignoring the fact that she is being targeted by tornados filled with rocks.

In his time of crisis, the conceptual dragon armor dwelling within his psyche activated, it jumped into action by materializing around Wu Yan’s body.

Invisible when fully materialized, the armor protecting Wu Yan blocked Accelerator’s deceptively lethal touch.

Accelerator flinched when he saw his attack being blocked by some sort of invisible armor. He didn’t know how to proceed from there so Wu Yan sighed in relief as he took in the sight of Accelerator’s hand just inches away from him. This is the first time he had danced in such close manner with death.

His sigh of relief reminded Accelerator that his attack got blocked again…

Furious at him, he clenched his hand at the armor before unleashing his vector manipulation.


The armor burst into pieces of invisible armor fragments as they returned to his psyche…

Realizing the callous situation he is in, he swung Nietono no Shana at Accelerator but the attack got reflected back at him causing him to crash hard into the rubbles beneath him, completely buried by the rubbles.


Seeing Wu Yan leverage his own ability to get away from him, Accelerator spat in dissatisfaction. He had wanted to end him right there and then instead of injuring Wu Yan only.

Accelerator adjusted his bearings, intent on pursuing Wu Yan. But, a change in wind direction happened behind him.

“You dare hurt master!”

Astrea had a very cold expression as data streamed across her eyes. Those were eyes that were as distant as they were calculating. Astrea swung her photon sword down at Accelerator and sent Accelerator flying.


Though Accelerator as he flew but his aching body told him that his reflect failed him once more.

It was okay the first time around. It didn’t reflect Wu Yan’s attack back at him but it did deflect and mitigate the strike that was meant for his chest, a testament that his reflect still somewhat did its job.

This time wasn’t like the first time.

While his mind is still in short circuit, Astrea flapped her wings and appeared in front of Accelerator again. Those eyes filled with data made Accelerator shift his expression.


With a dull hit, Accelerator got sent flying again. His reflect is still in place otherwise he wouldn’t be just feeling hurt with Astrea’s photon blade hitting him.

Still flying, Astrea appeared and struck Accelerator with her photon blade.

Bam Bam Bam Bam…

Like a punching bag, Astrea kept sending him flying away without giving him any chance to recover.

Astrea’s monstrous speed kept him from doing anything. Every time he went flying with GetWrecked Airlines, Astrea would appear to redirect his flight.


Reflect just isn’t going to cut it. Being served like a ball by Astrea, he is starting to feel the damage accumulating.

The agonizing pain caused his eyes to turn red as his capillaries expanded. He is so mad right now as can be seen with his distorted expression. The moment he got sent flying by Astrea again, he spread his arms wide!

The air churned into a tornado of monstrous size in mere seconds. He sent it towards Astrea with his vector control.

Fuming with rage after seeing Wu Yan getting hurt, Astrea flapped her wings and charged at Accelerator with all the speed she can muster.

The tornado and angel’s distance decreased to 0 in less than 1 second due to the two opposing but equally unimaginably fast velocity.

With a giant tornado right in front of her, no panic could be observed on Astrea’s expression, she lifted her buckler and deployed Aegis L.

With a mighty flap of her wings, she endured the tornado and shoved her way into it.

In the sky, a magnificent show of an angelic girl tearing her way through a tornado was being put on. She tore her way right through and continued her charge towards Accelerator with unyielding vigor.

Accelerator isn’t laughing now. Ignoring what expression he has, Astrea smacked him to kingdom come with another brilliant swipe of her photon blade.

Accelerator finally can’t endure the damage and spat out a mouthful of blood as he got sent crashing into the ground, buried in the rubbles in a manner similar to how Wu Yan got done in.

After such an intensive set of moves, Astrea didn’t look like she needed any room to breathe. Her cold eyes scanned the area where Accelerator crashed into.


The rubbles burying Accelerator got blown apart as Accelerator haggardly crawled out. From how he staggered as he stood, it appears that he had suffered extensive damage…

The feelings of lethargy and pain came as a surprise to Accelerator. He had never known these much injuries are possible before. He had probably tasted enough pain to last him half his life. That guy from before managed to cut him and this flying girl managed to beat him until he almost departed for the astral plane.

Accelerator spat out blood as he examined the angelic girl flying in the sky. Blood had dyed his mouth and clothes red. He took another look at his raddled appearance as he trembled.

As expected, I am not strong enough, still so far from strong enough…

If I were stronger, I wouldn’t get hurt so bad. If I were stronger, those ants won’t appear. If I were strong enough, nobody would challenge me, If I were strong enough, I wouldn’t…

Hurt anyone anymore…

If I were invincible, how good would that be? I wouldn’t have to hurt those that didn’t know their place…

Since I must cause agony, I will do so until the day I become invincible!

I… must… must…

“Become invincible!”

His roar echoed into the night and then winds started gathering around him as he unleashed his full computational powers to manipulate the winds itself.

In Academy City, car parked outside buildings and on the streets started rattling like crazy as if the cars were malfunctioning.

Academy City’s winds took on a visible form as they gathered towards a central point, Accelerator.

Swirling wind melded together as they gathered and became pressurized. Much to Astrea’s surprise, a small white plasma bundle started forming in the eye of the storm…

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