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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 215: An end for now…

When his consciousness returned, Wu Yan pried his eyes open and looked at the ceiling before he continued.

“An unknown ceiling…”

He was surprised to find out that his body isn’t in excruciating pain like it was before he passed out.

“Where is this?”

“The hospital.”

A frog-like face cut in and answered him. Shocked by the sudden appearance of the guy, Wu Yan reflexively punched him in the face.


The frog face yelped as he backed off holding his face. Wu Yan noticed that the frog face is wearing a white coat fit for a doctor.

Frog face, a doctor with white coat, Wu Yan instantly knew who this guy was…

Heaven canceller!”

“Who would have thought that someone who hadn’t been to this hospital would know about my nickname…”

Frog fac Heaven canceller endured the pain while replying.

“But, even if you know me, you really didn’t have to give me a punch at the first sight of my face, how much do you hate me?”

Wu Yan smiled.

“Sorry, I just acted in reflex…”

“Nevermind, I am just here to check on your status, seeing as you can punch people now, I think there shouldn’t be any problems anymore.”

Heaven canceller walked out of the room. Wu Yan probably didn’t leave a good first impression on the guy…

Before he exited the room, he told Wu Yan.

“Oh yes, that young lady over there waited by your side the whole night!”

Flinching, he got up and saw someone sleeping on his lap…

He smiled at the sight of the tea color-haired girl who couldn’t conceal the look of worry even in her sleep. He brushed her bangs while taking in her lovely sleeping countenance.

Maybe because she felt his movements, Mikoto’s eyes trembled a bit and she woke up.

“Yan. You are awake!”

Mikoto said in elation. Her worry disappeared the minute she confirmed his safety.

Wu Yan smiled and nodded. He continued rubbing her head.

“How long was I asleep?”

Wu Yan made her embarrassed by his affectionate actions. But, she’s not putting up much protest.

“You have been sleeping the whole day!”

Mikoto continued.

“How is it? Any discomfort anywhere?”

“Not really, a bit tired is all…”

He examined his body before he answered. Wu Yan grinned and tipped his hat towards Heaven canceller, this is no doubt his handy work.

“Oh yeah, where is Hinagiku and the other girls?”

“Oh, they went out to buy something to eat.”

Mikoto said before removing a bracelet from her wrist. She passed the bio-containment unit containing the sisters over to him.

“The sisters are inside. We had already restored their body with the gene repair infusion.”

Mikoto treated the bracelet like a treasure. Wu Yan noticed that she couldn’t hide her joy and relief when she talked about what they did.

Retrieving the bracelet, he rubbed the bio-containment unit, he felt a burden lifted from his heart.

“You’re not gonna let them come out and walk a bit?”

Mikoto decisively shook her head.

“Everybody has the same face so if they come out it’s going to cause a stir. Plus, the research firms are probably searching high and low for the sisters so it’s not a good time for them to come out yet…”


Mikoto looked fondly at the bio-containment unit.

“They said they didn’t want to cause any more trouble for us, it will be good to take a nap together as well, they said,”

“I see…”

Wu Yan wore the bracelet.

“Lovely sisters, aren’t there…”

Mikoto smiled and nodded. She hesitated before continuing.

“I already told them the thing about us…”


Wu Yan turned around as she continued.

“They said they are willing to follow us into the other world.”

Wu Yan bitterly smiled.

“Even if they aren’t willing, I am going to drag their butts over to the other side. This world bears no goodwill for the sisters…”

Mikoto became silent upon hearing him and the mood turned heavy until…


The door opened and Ikaros who stood at the door with a bag of food stared at Wu Yan with deep joy.

“Yan! You woke up!”

“Wah! Master! You came back to live!”

Wu Yan was smiling but Astrea’s line drained him of energy once again. He rolled his eyes at her before replying.

“What the hell do you mean by coming back to live…”

And then a screeching noise hit him from behind Hinagiku, Ikaros, and Astrea.

“I wished that you would have stayed bedridden for the rest of your life!”

Wu Yan felt a headache coming on the moment he heard her. Every single time he hears this voice, there’s bound to be trouble… for him.

“Kuroko, what are you saying!”

Mikoto chastised her. She was so worried he wouldn’t wake up so one can imagine how much Kuroko’s word hit her.

“But, Onee-sama…”

She leered at him for a bit before using her puppy eyes on Mikoto.

“Onee-sama waited by that scum’s bed for a whole day. If you had wrinkles from worrying about this scum, Kuroko wouldn’t know what to…”

Probably because she imagined Mikoto with wrinkles, Kuroko bashed her head against the ground.


Mikoto is so embarrassed by her friend here…

Hinagiku led Astrea and Ikaros around Kuroko before talking to Wu Yan.

“How are you feeling?”


Wu Yan replied while rubbing Ikaros’ head. Astrea saw it and offered her head as well, he grinned and patted her as well.

“That day in the research firm…”

Wu Yan asked Hinagiku with a light voice after glancing at Kuroko who is still hammering the ground with her head.

Hinagiku smiled and nodded.

“Relax, we weren’t found out, the operation was successful…”


Hinagiku and Mikoto shot back at him.

“No, it’s not good!”

Wu Yan flinched. Hinagiku placed her finger at his nose and yelled at him in frustration.

“Look at yourself, you got wrecked so hard, what’s good about any of this?!”

Wu Yan scratched his head as he answered.

“I didn’t think it would be that bad…”

Seeing as Wu Yan’s expression told her he’s repenting about the whole thing, Hinagiku turned her head to the side with a hmph.

“Anyway, what’s important now is that you need to take it easy.”

“I know…”

Wu Yan helplessly responded.


Astrea removed a pile of lunchboxes, that’s right, a pile of lunchboxes, and she passed one of them to Wu Yan.

“Master, this one is for you, it’s really good ya know!”

Astrea herself seemed to be resisting the urge to take back her gift, Wu Yan looked at the dozens of lunchboxes at the side as his lips twitched.

At the door, Ruiko and Uiharu stood there as they watched everything proceed. They exchanged looks and shrugged.

“Should we really have come here in the first place?…”

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