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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 217: New bloodline and new equipment.

Bloodline indulgence allows one to discount the cost of bloodline ability based on the amount of Item points spent. With it, he can obtain true ancestor bloodline. It just so happens that bloodline indulgence is only applicable to bloodlines that are 500,000 or below. Any more and he wouldn’t be able to use it for True Ancestor.

if Wu Yan paid 6 million Item points for a 60% discount on True Ancestor, he could buy it with just 200,000 Ability points.

At first glance, 200,000 Ability points + 6 million Item points would seem like a steep price for a 500,000 Ability points but that is just superficial as Item points can’t be compared to the rarity of Ability points.

If he wanted more Ability points, he would have to accomplish missions or use magic crystals to trade for Ability points. Wu Yan has yet to find out any other method other than the two stated ones.

Item points, on the other hand, is easier to obtain. He can obtain it from pretty much any corpse that is not human or artificial in nature like those stone spiders.

Trading 6 million Item points for 300k Ability points is still within the range of acceptance for him.

Now, the reason why he didn’t get a 70% discount given that he has over 7 million Item points available. He has another thing in mind…

White fruit of purity: Bloodsucker exclusive item. If the user is a bloodsucker, the item will grant total release from the urge of bloodsucking upon consumption. It is ineffective for non-bloodsuckers.
Cost: 1mil Item points.

If someone were to give True Ancestor without White fruit of purity, he still wouldn’t take it because he didn’t want to turn into some kind of freak that has to suck blood every day. He doesn’t want to repeat the events of what happened to Arcueid Brunestud because he can’t keep his fangs in his mouth.

The moment he clicked buy, a white fruit surrounded by mist appeared in his hand. Then, he bought bloodline indulgence with a 60% discount on the next bloodline ability he chooses and paid the 6mil Item points.

“Ding! Blood indulgence completed, the next bloodline ability worth 500k Ability points maximum will only require 40% of its listed price. This effect lasts only for 1 transaction!”

7 million Item points for a fruit and a line of message from the System…

He opened the ability interface and stared at the 3 tabs labeled: Skill type, talent type, bloodline type. He clicked bloodline type and clicked on True Ancestor.

Ability: Bloodline type, true ancestor bloodline:
A natural born vampire, the most unique existence amongst the bloodsuckers. Being nigh fairies in existence, bloodline bearers exhibit tremendous resistance to UV, high regenerative abilities, and very resilient properties. Immune to sunlight, holy instruments, and mercury. Bearers are able to regenerate instantaneously despite being disintegrated. Immortality and perpetual youth are characteristic of bearers. Bearers are also able to turn humans into lesser vampires by sucking their blood. The only weakness to this ability is that the user will have an uncontrollable urge to suck blood.
Cost 500,000 Ability points.

He licked his lips and clicked ‘buy’.

“Beep! Buying True Ancestor, confirm?”

The notification came as a surprise to him, he didn’t hear it during the previous instances when he bought abilities. Maybe it’s because the user is only allowed one bloodline at a time, the changing of which requires the old one to be traded in before the new one can be bought.


“Beep! True Ancestor bought, due to the effects of blood indulgence, Ability points required will be 200k Ability points!”

“Ding! True Ancestor obtained!”

The next instant, countless golden light suffused his surrounding and seeped into him.

His blood flowed like normal in his body but the light that entered his body made them churn like raging water.

His blood pressure skyrocketed with no signs of stopping. Theoretically, his arteries and veins should have burst from the pressure but the veins and arteries got more and more robust with each instance of blood being pumped throughout him, seemingly in tune with the increase in pressure.

As time moved on, his raging blood produced a weird fluctuation which seeped through his blood and entered every part of him, absorbed by every cell in him.

The more the cells absorbed, the stronger they got.

When the last fluctuations were absorbed, his blood slowly stopped raging and returned to its normal level.

He accepted the modifications to his erstwhile mortal body before opening his eyes which used to be black in color, it had turned a deep crimson red.

Stretching his back, he felt like he had just been in a warm bath and now his body is commending him for a job well done. He can feel that his body had become ridiculously resilient.

If Wu Yan suffered the same magnitude of damage he had suffered in the last battle with Accelerator, he probably wouldn’t be left with a scratch must less being beaten to within an inch of his life.

Satisfaction lasted only a little while, his crimson red eyes turned golden and a deep hunger hit him like a truck.

Shivering immensely, Wu Yan felt anguished, his throat is yelling at him to get sustenance. Without a doubt, this is the feeding frenzy.

He consumed the white fruit of purity in the blink of an eye. A chilling sensation spread within his body and circulated rapidly throughout him, stopping his trembling and returning his golden eyes to crimson red.

He can clearly feel his body becoming lighter and lighter…

Grasping his fist, he mumbled.

“With this, there shouldn’t be any problems right…?”

He didn’t close the interface after buying True Ancestor. He switched to the equipment interface and located the equipment he had been eyeing.

Meteor shower, grade B(Tl: better names anyone? literally night of shooting stars, 流星之夜):
Known as the bow of annihilation, a tactical weapon that destroys the enemy with one arrow. Arrows are automatically generated, has homing features.
Cost: 150k Equipment points.

He had been aiming for this bow not only because it is Grade B or Gold Armament based on Silvaria’s standard, it is also because this weapon is infinitesimally close to grade A by the System’s judgment.

Its high appraisal and its succinct but powerful line of ending conflicts in one shot made him give up his intention to purchase a Grade B sword.

His Nietono no Shana is still usable, with the addition of this bow, he will be more dangerous in combat.

Clicking on the purchase button, a bow jet black in color with what looks like small glittering stars dotting its surface appeared in his hands. He gleefully smiled… until he took another look at his status.

Wu Yan
True Ancestor
‘Kendo Master’
‘Master Chef”
‘Impeccable Memory’
Chaotic ‘Return to Horizon Waltz’
‘Electromaster (Lv5)
Nietono no Shana (Grade C), Conceptual Dragon Armor (Grade C)
Meteor Shower (Grade B)
Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea
Equipment points:
171,000 →21000
Item points:
7,400,000 →400,000
Ability points:
201,000 →1’000
Summoning points:

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