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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 227: Screwing with Musujime Awaki. Last Order ran off?

Academy City school district 7, under the building without a window…

Wu Yan is being led out by Musujime Awaki and he released a sigh of relief. Aleister’s room is quite impressive in its own way but at the same time, it was a very depressing room.

Only Aleister would survive being cooped up in that room. Wu Yan just isn’t meant to stay in that kind of environment given his personality.

“God, that was super boooring…”

Wu Yan sighed. He looked at Musujime Awaki who is still sliightly cowering and he sighed again…

The chick doesn’t like me…

And then, the genius had a bright idea. He rubbed his chin and caressed her face. Musujime Awaki wanted to hide the instant he touched her but he locked her movements by taking captive of her lower jaw.

Examining the fine features on her face, he grinned before lifting her lower jaw and slowly he approached her face…

“You look like you’re very intimidated by me…”

At this point, his face is only about the width of a finger away from her face. He can even see clearly the droplets of sweat on her nose.

Musujime Awaki flinched, she met his eyes and she turned away to the side in an awkward manner.


“Oh no?”

Wu Yan encroached upon her and he was even closer than before to her lips, any slight mishap and their lips would meet.

“Then why won’t you take a closer look at me?”

Musujime Awaki started panicking. She wanted to evade him but he had her jaw on a deadlock, she wanted to run away but she is afraid that he will get angry.

To her, Wu Yan is more frightening than Aleister, at least Aleister wouldn’t toy with her like this…

With Wu Yan approaching her face every so slowly, she resigned herself to this fate of having her first kiss taken away as she closed her eyes.

Time passed and as she waited, the seconds felt like they were days, even years but never did the lips touch hers. She opened her eyes and checked out the situation. What greeted her were his wine-red pair of eyes which beamed with satisfaction at a trick well played.

“Why oh why did you close your eyes?”

Wu Yan sniggered.

Musujime Awaki stuttered.

“M-master… didn’t you want to…” (Tl:  she took a more respecting tone but ‘your honor’ just wouldn’t fit”

“What did I want to do hmm…”

Wu Yan is very amused by her stutters, his lip curled into a bigger grin.

If Musujime Awaki didn’t notice that Wu Yan is messing with her then she might need to do some mental checkup. She turned away in a sheepish manner, not daring to look him in the eyes.

Wu Yan laughed lightly as he nodded in a satisfied manner. He is very pleased that he caused all of this to her.

He let go of her lower jaw much to Musujime Awaki’s relief and then she teleported instantly, away from him.

He felt that he had accomplished something by making the strong and soft-inside Musujime Awaki behave like a shy little girl through his teasing. Suddenly, his phone rang.

Before he could pick it up, the phone picked itself out and Aleister’s voice came from the other end.

“There is something I forgot to mention, Last Order ran away last night.”


Wu Yan was surprised, not at her running away but rather what would happen afterward.

Aleister voiced out his worry.

“Last order was kidnapped by the researcher in charge of Lv6 shift plan, Amai Ao.”

He replied in a low tone.



Aleister seemed slightly shocked that he would mention Accelerator. He’s wondering why Wu Yan would know about Accelerator involvement…

As to whether or not the surprise was reflected on Aleister’s poker face, that is something no one will ever know…

Aleister didn’t bother asking Wu Yan because he knew how pointless it is to do so. He just buried the curiosity before continuing.

“Accelerator is in hot pursuit.”

“I understand, send the coordinates to my phone!”

Wu Yan commanded without any reserve, not that Aleister minded. He instantly complied with the order and hanged up on him.

He looked at the map and cursed his luck. He headed towards the mark on the map at the fastest speed he could muster.

Accelerator is pursuing the culprit, this is probably Last Order growing on him. His heel-face turn is right around the corner…

The reason he is hurrying over there is not because he wanted to stop him from saving Last order. it’s to prevent a repeat of what happened in the original work.

Last Order had virus programmed into her and Accelerator focused all his vector powers on deleting the virus in Last order resulting in him being shot in the head by Amai Ao.

If he let what happened in the original to replay here, there won’t be any Misaka Network to save his ass by allowing him to connect to it for support. The most likely prognosis would be Accelerator being doomed to a life of lying in bed as a cripple.

As if Wu Yan would let things take their course.

♦ ♦ ♦

On the other side…

“Fuck! Faster, damnit, Faster!”

Amai Ao looked at Last Order, a younger version of Mikoto, panting with her eyes closed. He manipulated his laptop while hoping he would make it. Cold sweat kept dripping down from his face as he frustratedly yelled.

“Hold on! At least until the virus starts!”

The person himself isn’t aware that what he is saying is worthy of punishment by getting sliced to pieces, not that he had the time to spare thinking about his words anyway.

His haste turned into one of shock pretty soon.

A white-haired, red-eyed youth in what appears to be a T-shirt with prisoner motives appeared. He had a very sardonic grin as he approached Amai Ao.


Amai Ao was deeply surprised, he hurriedly started the car and just when Accelerator thought the guy would run for it, the bastard actually drove straight towards him.

Snickering at his pathetic attempt, Accelerator stood his ground and very soon the car rammed him good. Accelerator didn’t get sent flying away as he had imagined. Accelerator looked fine standing there, the same could not be said of Amai Ao’s car. It looked like it had rammed a solid alloy pillar as it was crumpled to bits.

He threw a disdainful grin at Amai Ao who was in the car.

“How should I deal with you, I wonder?…”

Boy, did Amai Ao’s expression change. He tried to scamper away from the car but the moment Accelerator stomped on the hood of the car, his actions were stopped pretty swiftly.

Accelerator threw a lazy glance at Amai Ao and turned towards Last Order. He subconsciously released a sigh of relief when he found her in an unharmed state. But, when he saw her panting, he knew shit was up as he frowned.

He took out his phone and he looked like he was talking to somebody. His cool expression slowly turned into one of anxiety as time went on.

Suddenly, Last Order started convulsing and spouting nonsense. Meanwhile, red panels started flaring up in Amai Ao’s laptop.

He gnashed his teeth and pressed his hand against Last Order’s head before he closed his eyes.

A gun was pointed at Accelerator’s forehead from the other side of the car…

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