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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 228: You will look after this little one from now on…

The gun loading sound could be heard in that tense and silent car compartment. It caught Accelerator’s attention even though he is still busy deleting the virus from Last Order.

He turned around and saw Amai Ao trying very hard to get up from the ground while pointing a gun at him. He looked really on the edge with him pointing a gun at Accelerator while trembling hard.

“Don’t stop me…”

Maybe he is trying to intimidate Accelerator, he squeezed out those words. His true feelings, however, were reflected by his trembling hands and body.

Accelerator looked at the gun pointing at him, normally, guns were about as useful as a shabby piece of scrap metal. What’s a gun going to do against someone who can reflect a barrage of missiles?

But, the situation at hand is different, the gun posed more threat than missiles at the moment.

It’s because he had to focus all his abilities on clearing the virus in Last Order. He didn’t have any spare capacity left for any other task.

In other words, he was defenseless against the gun pointed at him, he can’t reflect the bullets.

He looked at the indicator on screen and he clenched his teeth, he didn’t remove his hand from Last Order’s head. He was only 10 seconds away from deleting the virus completely. The moment he stops will be the moment Last Order loses any hope of salvation.

He stared at the gun and he is yelling internally for the process to quickly finish up. The sooner he can finish up, the sooner the gun will turn back into a piece of scrap metal.

It appears he won’t make it, Amai Ao pulled the trigger in the last few seconds he had left.

It is at this point that a figure jumped out.

♦ ♦ ♦

When Wu Yan got here, Amai Ao was aiming his gun at Accelerator.

He sighed in relief, not a moment too late it appears, it would seem that the heavens had a different plan for Accelerator this time around.

With a flick of his hand, Iron sand erupted from beneath the ground where Amai Ao stood. The surging wave of iron sand surrounded Amai Ao’s hand and with another flick of the hand, the iron sand snipped off Amai Ao’s hand along with the gun.


The intense pain caused him to hug his hand while screeching. Before he can cry any longer, another wave of iron sand came from beneath him and chopped him into pieces.

What was left was a pool of blood. More blood rained down as the iron sand dissipated, Wu Yan stood in it like he was taking a blood bath, laughing all the while in a sinister manner.

Accelerator flinched the moment he saw this scene. He was stupefied by the sight of Wu Yan enjoying a rain of blood. Oddly enough, Wu Yan wasn’t stained by blood at all, the impact was tremendous to him.

This isn’t the first time he had seen blood. He’s not appalled by how Wu Yan ended the man. He is shocked by the fact that Wu Yan looked so at home with the blood raining down around him, it is as though he belonged to such an outlandish treatment.

Compared to the last time he fought with him, the feel was different, as if he had ascended into a higher form of existence.

Wu Yan didn’t know what Accelerator was thinking about but he wouldn’t care even if he knew what the guy is thinking. True Ancestors are the ones at the top of all other bloodsuckers. It would only be natural for them to look at home with blood around them.

As if the blood on the ground were nothing more than plain water, Wu Yan walked on over towards Accelerator. His movement shocked a stunned Accelerator back into action.

Looking at his wine-red eyes which resembled his own, Accelerator was confused for a moment before he hurriedly dismissed the idea of asking him his origin story. He had more pressing matters…

“Why did you help me…”

Accelerator narrowed his eyes. He really didn’t understand why someone who fought with him would come to his aid at his time of need…

Wu Yan stared at him, confirming that he is indeed unharmed, he couldn’t help but be impressed by the guy. Astrea almost cut him in half the other day and look at him now, jumping around wrecking cars like nobody’s business.

His level of injury should have confined him to bed for at least a few months. Yet, here Accelerator is, looking pretty swell alright.

Something of this level should only be within the abilities of Heaven Canceller, at least that is him going by how he remembered things. How fascinating…

Accelerator didn’t looked convinced enough to release his guard. Wu Yan laughed and replied without taking any offense.

“Why shouldn’t I?”

Accelerator flinched yet again before frowning and coldly glaring back at him.

“Don’t fuck with me, you know damn well what I mean…”

Wu Yan shook his head with a bitter smile. He knows that this is how Accelerator ticked, he hadn’t the patience for any drawn-out conversations, certainly, no time to listen to him beat around the bush.

“Well, why did you save Last Order then?”


Accelerator stayed silent. After seeing that Last Order’s breathing had returned to normal, he clicked his tongue and turned around, preparing to leave.

Wu Yan called out to him.

“Hey, Accelerator, where ya going?”

“Piss off!”

Accelerator yelled back, not that Wu Yan cared. He replied.

“Leaving so soon? What about the little one?”

Accelerator stopped and turned around, confused by him.

“What do you mean? Isn’t she your objective?”

Wu Yan nodded in realization. It seems Accelerator thought he was going to rescue Last Order just like he did the sisters.

He lightly smiled and shook his head in denial.

“No, this little one is not who I came for.”

“Yeah, what did you come here for then? Oh what, you came to save little ol’ me’s butt?”

Accelerator with his usual sarcasm as he tilted his head. The guy seemed amused by his own words but imagine the surprise on his face when Wu Yan actually nodded.

“Yeap! I came here with the express intent to save you!”

“Hey, you fucking around?”

Accelerator didn’t look like he bought it. His eyes were starting to take on an unfriendly gaze. Clearly, he is thinking that Wu Yan is busting his balls.

Wu Yan helplessly shook his head, he pat Last Order’s head and continued in a rather plain tone.

“I will be leaving this little one in your care from now on!”


Accelerator wanted to laugh, and he did.

“It seems you are here to screw with me…”

Wu Yan didn’t care what Accelerator said. He pat the little girl’s head one last time before turning around and taking his leave.

Accelerator stopped laughing. Seeing Wu Yan walked away in a poised manner really pissed him off. He kicked the crumpled metal that was Amai Ao’s car and the hood flew towards Wu Yan in a lightning-fast manner after having been ripped from the car as if by an unseen hand.

Wu Yan didn’t turn around, it is as if he hadn’t noticed the hood coming for him. He didn’t stop walking away and when the hood almost hit him, he dodged it with minimal movement. He continued walking like nothing happened and waved Accelerator goodbye.

“Now that you have resolved yourself to saving people, don’t hurt anyone anymore mmkay?…”

And his figure disappeared into the distance.

Accelerator looked at Wu Yan as he disappeared into the distance. He didn’t know how to feel about Wu Yan’s parting words. He glanced at Last Order and his expression turned into a complicated one. Finally, he sighed and picked Last Order up in princess carry style.

“You little brat! Always causing trouble for people…”

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