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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 229: The date with Joou-sama! Take 2

Academy City school district 7, Tokiwadai dormitory…

The radiant light of the sun pierced through the clouds and lit up the ground which until just a while ago, was covered by the night. The light brought much-needed warmth to the cool ground.

It didn’t matter what age they were, the ladies were climbing out of bed to start another summer day like they had been doing for the past few years around this time. Even if it was a holiday, they didn’t have the luxury of hiding in bed and enjoying the sweet embrace we call a warm bed and blanket. Maybe it’s a rule unique to Tokiwadai or maybe it’s because the girls were used to it…

Normally, at this time, these oujo-samas would already be done with their cleanup and makeups, they would be grouping up and heading towards the commercial complex of this school district.

But, strangely enough, one could not observe any young lady at the gate making final preparations for setting off. They were hiding in all kinds of corner as they observed the main gate of Tokiwadai dormitory.  The manner they were in is as though they saw something incredulous, yet no one seemed to be putting themselves up to the task of going to the gate.

The main reason is because of a figure is standing there which under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be seen here.

Her golden hair gloriously dancing behind her head, she carried a small white pursue by her side, and as the sunlight hit her hair which was about the same hue, they radiated a lustrous gold. She also wore a pair of white gloves and matching white silk leggings. Her starry eyes were focused in one direction and she looked as though she’s waiting for someone.

She wore the same outfit the other Tokiwadai girls wore but she managed to strike her own unique charm. The reason probably lies in her magnificent pair of hooters that no other students there had.

Who else but Shokuhou Misaki.

Shokuhou Misaki left her dorm early and waited patiently by the main gate of the dormitory. The other Oujo-samas saw her and chose not to go away before seeing how things worked out.

Girls will be girls, although not all girls will behave in such a manner, but most of them probably would. As it turned out, the Oujo-samas studying here are the gossiping kind.

They are practically bursting with anticipation. That’s because Joou-sama looked like she’s waiting for someone.

Don’t tell me, her boyfriend?

Is Joou-sama going out with her boyfriend?

When they thought about this, they couldn’t stop themselves from what was going to happen next. A few of them told a few others and suddenly in a short span of 5 minutes, the whole of Tokiwadai dormitory already heard about this news. And so, they gathered here.

Since Mikoto became the new No.2, her reputation had been growing for quite some time now. Despite that, Shokuhou Misaki’s influence doesn’t seem to have been hit in any manner at all. A lot of the Oujo-samas here admired Shokuhou Misaki from the bottom of their hearts.

The news of her being in a relationship with someone would no doubt cause quite a stir. At the very least, it wouldn’t be any lesser in magnitude compared to the last time Shokuhou Misaki went out with someone.

The girls probably wouldn’t have expected that the one Shokuhou Misaki is waiting for is the very same person she went out with before.

At a certain point, Shokuhou Misaki’s eyes lit up and she revealed a most dazzling smile. The girls observing her almost screamed in utter excitement.

At the same time, they also noticed that the figure walking towards Shokuhou Misaki is none other than the figure they so loathed last time, the very figure they wish they can dismember.

“It’s that human scum!”

An Ojou-sama cried out. Her yelp was followed by the silence of the other Oujo-samas. They were too shocked for words, they stared slackjawed as Wu Yan approached Shokuhou Misaki.

What’s going on here? Why is the human scum here?!

Screamed every Oujo-samas present.

He had earned the title of human scum the last time he came to the mid-autumn festival at Tokiwadai where he declared that their Misaka-sama is a member of his harem. Since then, this title of his had been spread around the school with the bulk of the contribution by Shiroi Kuroko.

Every single one of the Oujo-samas wished nothing but the cruelest death upon Wu Yan. Mikoto meant very much to the girls as the No.3(formerly) of the only 7 lv5 in the city.

No doubt, a lot of hearts were broken that day, to think Mikoto would be associating with a lv0 delinquent, even more so when she joined his crystal palace harem.

The other target of their admiration has also fallen into his dirty grasp. Their fury grew even more intense at the thought of this.

They knew about Wu Yan going out with Shokuhou Misaki last time. But, ever since the whole fiasco that night where Wu Yan declared his harem during the mid-autumn festival, they had assumed that Joou-sama probably wouldn’t share her man with any other girls. So, they decided to let Wu Yan off the hook for that round.

The moment Wu Yan appeared here, the girls knew, although they didn’t want to believe it, that their previous assumption had been mistaken. Their resentment was so intense that it seemed as though it could materialize any moment now and pierce the heavens with it.

Just when Wu Yan is about to greet Shokuhou Misaki, a chill came climbing up his spine causing him to shudder, and then shudder some more.

After he had attained True Ancestor, not even Aiwass could cause Wu Yan to fear for his body, to think he would be trembling at this moment.

For a moment there, he thought he had somehow overstepped his boundaries in this world and pissed Jehovah right the fuck off. Granted, he didn’t know that this chill was caused by a bunch of harmless or maybe not so harmless Oujo-samas.

The moment she saw Wu Yan and his mutated eyes, she covered her mouth and giggled.

She didn’t know the reason why but when she saw that Wu Yan had a pair of abnormal eyes, Shokuhou Misaki felt a sense of joy which even she herself could not divine the source of.

“Ara, making a girl wait is not a very gentleman-like thing to do ya know~~”

She muttered that one with enough sweetness in her tone to induce diabetes.

Wu Yan took out his phone in slight confusion and it said 0640 on the screen. He asked her.

“I thought the time we agreed on was 0700 or was it 0600?”

Shokuhou Misaki didn’t affirm or deny his statement.

“Maa, time is not a valid excuse for making a girl wait, couldn’t you have arrived earlier?”

Wu Yan’s lip twitched. His energy was drained when he saw the radiant smile on Shokuhou Misaki.

He had come here 20 minutes earlier than the designated time…

Thinking that it wouldn’t end if he argued on. He lifted his arms and surrendered.

“Okay fine, my bad, is that alright with you?”

Shokuhou Misaki nodded and walked towards him before linking up her arm with his.

“I am looking forward to our date…”

Her action rewarded his arm with sweet sweet booty. This date is already a win for him as he celebrated the sensation of getting squashed between her knockers inwardly. On the outside, however, he had a helpless smile.

“I really can’t fathom why you’re so eager to go on a date with me…”

“Maa, don’t sweat the details…”

And so, the two departed…

The Ojou-samas hiding in various corners of the dormitory saw Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki departing from the school. They were clad in a dark aura as a sinister laugh escaped their similarly eerie smiling expression. They grouped up and tailed Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki…

Among the pursuers was a girl with tea-colored hair and a girl with tawny hair tied up in pigtails…

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