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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 230: The 23 stuff that happened during the date…

On a street somewhere in the commercial complex of School District Seven, Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki stuck together closely like real couples. They walked around the street, sometimes they would point at shops and go check it out. From the looks of it, they seemed to be enjoying each other’s company very much.

It didn’t matter whether it was those belonging to the single faction or those with significant others, they would all throw gazes of hate and jealousy at Wu Yan. The Single faction hated him to the bones because he had a girlfriend. Meanwhile, those with girlfriends gnashed their teeth because he had a really pretty girlfriend.

The girls, on the other hand, admired the zing between those two. Motivated by their admiration towards love, they silently cheered Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki on in stark contrast to the other leers being thrown at Wu Yan.

Their expressions; admiration or jealousy quickly turned into frozen expressions with cold sweats running down their faces.

The moment Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki disappeared from their sights, a bunch of cute girls from Tokiwadai appeared in a rapid fashion.

Normally, with so many pretty girls running around, it should be a sight for the eyes and yet when they saw how those girls looked, they couldn’t muster up the courage to enjoy the view.

Rather, it would be odd to enjoy the sight of a bunch of beautiful girls clad in dark aura, armed to the teeth with whips, broom, stools, knives and even scissors, marching past them with ferocious aura to boot.

Leading the march at the forefront, Mikoto, and Kuroko…

Mikoto stalked Wu Yan from enough distance that he couldn’t detect her with his EM field as she gnashed her teeth watching the two from afar. Her dissatisfaction could be observed from the bluish-white lightning crackling around her.

“Damn you, Yan! How dare you go on a date with that woman, even coming to the dormitory without telling me. Is her blonde hair really that attractive to you?”

Mikoto grumbled and Kuroko decided this was her chance to screw the guy over.

“Onee-sama, look at that human scum putting other’s interest before yours. He already had you and apparently it’s still not enough, he had to go and date other girls. This kind of human waste should be cleaved apart with your iron sand sword!”

The other Ojou-samas of Tokiwadai also decided to add salt to the wound.

“Yeah, Misaka-sama. That dirty bastard doesn’t deserve you. Dump him and follow me!”

No doubt about it, this girl is also another yuri lifeform.

“Misaka-sama, end him!”

A girl carrying a kitchen knife yelled out loud, she’s disturbingly obsessed with the idea of cutting the guy.

“No! We should make him walk the walk of shame!”

The girls who had dominated the street concurred.

“No no! For a scum like this, we should use a scissor and car…”

A Tokiwadai girl said while playing with her scissors. This girl is the very same girl who guided Wu Yan to Shokuhou Misaki and the one who reported to Shokuhou Misaki regarding Mikoto having a boyfriend. She’s the indirect link causing Joou-sama to be involved with Wu Yan.

“No! We should…”

“That’s enough! Everyone stop!”

Mikoto who was irritated at most felt intimidated by the sheer threat these girls posed to Wu Yan. She stopped the dangerous groupies and saved a certain fuckboi enjoying his date.


Kuroko yelled in frustration when she saw how Mikoto is covering for Wu Yan. She gnashed her teeth and continued.

“Onee-sama, this is where you dump that playboy and walk away with dignity.”

Mikoto bitterly smiled. If she wanted to end things with him, she would have done it way back in Silvaria when he attempted to push her down.

“Misaka-sama! The fuckboi and Shokuhou Misaki started moving again!”

The Tokiwadai girl who gladly took on the role of tracker reported.

Mikoto turned around and looked at the direction she indicated.

“That direction appears to be where the amusement park is…”

“Yes, Misaka-sama, the very same park where our sisters with boyfriends go to for their dates. I think this should be Shokuhou-sama’s idea.”

“That woman!”

Mikoto tightened her fist.

“Always pouncing on other people’s boyfriend. If I don’t give you your just reward, surely you would think I am just some girl who can shoot lightning bolts!”

She had a sudden flash of idea and she called the other girls before she whispered her ideas to them, the girls then passed along the message…

On the other end, Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki already entered the amusement park where the Tokiwadai girls would come for dates. It’s his first time in an amusement park so Wu Yan felt a bit curious, Shokuhou Misaki who never thought about this kind of stuff also felt the same way.

Shokuhou Misaki spotted the roller coaster not far away and her starry eyes beamed. She excitedly tugged at his sleeve.

“Ne, Little Yan, why don’t we go on a ride on that one…”

Wu Yan teased her.

“What’s this? Our Joou-sama is interested in those kinds of childish attractions?”

Shokuhou Misaki flushed red but she still tried to act elegant as she replied.

“I am not that interested in it, it’s just that when I see how the others are losing their lungs screaming at the top there, I thought ‘How rude’ and I got curious is all…”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Wu Yan grinned and pulled her hand.

“Well then, I hope Joou-sama who has all the graces in the world would keep her calm when we go on it…”

“Of course!”

She would come to regret her words very soon.

They arrived at the ride and her face started losing its composure more and more as time passed. She’s someone who’s not very good with anything physically taxing so when she saw how tall that thing goes, she started going back on her words.

“Ne, Little Yan, why don’t we go try the other attractions…”

Before the doors opened, she finally couldn’t hold herself back anymore as she told Wu Yan that with a forced smile.

“Ara ara…”

Wu Yan elegantly snickered with his hand covering his mouth. Shokuhou Misaki blushed and told him off furiously.

“Don’t mimic me!”

As she went reeeee, the ride started moving and climbed in height. Surprised by the movement, Joou-sama hurriedly stood up but Wu Yan held her back by hugging her.

Wu Yan grinned and continued.

“Joou-sama, the real show begins now…”

“You! Nuohhhh!!!!”

Twas the same Joou-sama who referred to those screaming at the top of their lungs as being rude. Right now, she’s too busy screaming to remember what she said a few moments ago.

When the ride ended, Joou-sama who was hugged by Wu Yan before is now hanging onto Wu Yan for dear life. Strangely enough, she escaped the safety restraints and she is basically clinging to Wu Yan at this point.

Her face was pale and her starry eyes appeared to be tearing up. Looking at her cutely sad expression, Wu Yan decided not to console her but to tease her instead by snickering hard. Joou-sama almost choked up at his reaction.

“Get the fuck down!”

Joou-sama wanted to move away as soon as possible from this ride that made her lose all the dignity she had. But, other people had different plans for her.

Mikoto, Kuroko and a bunch of Tokiwadai girls stood on a fake mountain within the amusement park. They were insidiously laughing at Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki who rode the roller coaster.

“Leaving so soon? Well, why don’t you stay longer…”

Mikoto lifted her hand crackling with electricity and she pressed it against the floor. Instantly, the lightning surged forth and expanded in spiderweb-like patterns towards the controller for the roller coaster.

The stationary roller coaster shook, Shokuhou Misaki and Wu Yan who wanted to get down sat back down from the momentum of the ride before the roller coaster slowly reversed…

“Wait… what’s going on? What is this roller coaster doing?!”

Shokuhou Misaki had a really bad feeling in her heart as the alarm went off inside her, something told her she’s in for a wild ride. However, before she could do anything, the roller coaster sped up and returned from whence it came, at three times the speed.


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