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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 232: Spending quality time with each other! Joou-sama giving out sapnu?

When Shokuhou Misaki saw this figure, she was slightly surprised but a brief period of consternation and she immediately figured out the whole thing.

The figure seemed to be aware that she fucked up. She panicked and hurriedly hid her lightning clad leg. She was worried that her cover was blown while hiding in a corner over there. Shokuhou Misaki narrowed her eyes, with Mental Out and her quick mind she figured everything that had happened up till this point must have been her work so Shokuhou Misaki is pretty pissed at the moment.

She recalled how she screamed like a little girl on top of that roller coaster and how embarrassed she was her fury grew even bigger. It was always her who trolled other people when had she ever had the honor of being on the receiving end of a prank. (Tl: “Prank”)

The more she thought about it the more she got mad. Her exquisite face became a bit marred by black lines that appeared. It is clear that she is not a happy camper at the moment.

“Erm… Joou-sama, you’re okay?”

Wu Yan’s lips twitched. His heart started pumping faster as he rapidly browsed through his memory to see if he did anything wrong to be on her shitlist.

Turning back towards Wu Yan, her peeved expression made Wu Yan a bit intimidated but when she glanced at the corner where the figure had disappeared to, an idea came to her mind.

She erased her furious face and revealed a very charming smile as radiant as that of a blooming flower. Her smile could induce diabetes in anyone.

“I am alright, Little Yan!”

Wu Yan was very shocked to see her smile like that. His CPU went into overdrive trying to figure out how she can change her expressions so fast.

Shokuhou Misaki kept smiling and skipped her merry little way over to Wu Yan before hugging his arm and rubbing her face all over his shoulder.

“Little Yan! Let’s continue having fun!”

She pulled Wu Yan towards a certain direction. As she did so, she would peer back from time to time and grin at a certain corner.

Mikoto didn’t see her grin otherwise she would be in for a big surprise. This grin of hers is the same grin she would use every time she messed with her.

Normally, Mikoto would be screwed over the moment Shokuhou Misaki used this grin.

Being led by the nose with Joou-sama’s sudden display of affection, he became even more bewildered the moment Shokuhou Misaki brought him to a corner of the park where not many people were around.

“I say, Joou-sama, aren’t we going to continue touring the park? Why does it feeling like we are getting further and further away? Is there some kind of attraction here that I didn’t know about?”

Shokuhou Misaki replied with a mysterious smile.

“Maa, Little Yan, don’t be so hasty, you will find out in due time…”

Not only was his confusion not unraveled, he came even more bewildered. He figured it wouldn’t be productive to guess what a girl is planning on doing, especially so when she’s the one who can easily manipulate people like chess pieces. He decided to just follow her game and see where she’s going with this.

“What is that woman planning on doing?”

Wu Yan is not the only one who is curious, Mikoto and her entourage of Oujo-samas all wanted to know Shokuhou Misaki’s plan is by bringing Wu Yan to somewhere where there are not many people.

Of course, given their intellect, they probably wouldn’t be able to figure out what she had planned so they decided to follow her and see what happens.

Meanwhile, Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki already found themselves a cozy little corner where they are currently staring at each other.

“Joou-sama, are you planning on doing something clandestine?”

Wu Yan said as he leaned against a wall. Sighing, he could tell that Joou-sama is going to do something out of his prediction again.

And what happened next proved him correct.

Shokuhou Misaki glanced behind her and saw that familiar figure which had been tailing her and Wu Yan. The figure stopped when she was discovered and hurriedly hid. Shokuhou Misaki grinned before looking back at Wu Yan.

“Ne, Little Yan…”

Under Wu Yan’s shocked expression, Joou-sama lifted her finger and bit on it in an erotic manner before she lifted her hands to hug his neck. Her action made those huge cans on her body push against Wu Yan’s chest.

Wu Yan was stunned, feeling this heavenly sense of softness against his chest made his mind go blank. He didn’t understand why she suddenly wanted to get freaky, maybe she’s feeling horny?

The other girls hiding in another corner dropped their jaws and they all freaked out. If not for the distance between them, their location would have been compromised.

They all bit their lips in frustration, Mikoto stared at Shokuhou Misaki while the other girls focused their attention on Wu Yan. Their eyes were of the malicious kind. They instantly knew why she brought Wu Yan into a quiet corner.

They just wanted to make out!

They bit down on their lips but held back the urge to call them out as they decided to watch how it turns out.


Wu Yan looked at Shokuhou Misaki’s charming eyes as he unconsciously swallowed his saliva in a stunned manner.

“Wh-what are you playing at? If I did something wrong, I can apologize…”

Wu Yan uttered in an awkward manner. For a moment there, he thought Joou-sama is planning on pulling a prank on him.

“Ara, Little Yan doesn’t like this?”

Shokuhou Misaki gave a sweet smile before drawing closer to his face and blowing a hot breath onto his face. Her actions were really getting to him at this point.

Her fragrance assaulted his face and his body froze up. Looking at her lips just centimeters away, the flames of lust slowly dominated him.

He didn’t know what she had in mind but with her seducing him like this in a place where nobody (Author note: ?) can see what they did, if he really could endure this then he would be Liu Xia Hui.
(Tl: Liu Xia Hui, a guy who managed to resist pulling any moves on a girl sitting, more lick sticking to his chest for a whole night)

Well, is Wu Yan Liu Xia Hui? The answer came out pretty damn quick.

He exhaled slowly and then grabbed Joou-sama by her body, embracing her while enjoying her soft body. He then leaned forward!

The next instant, he took her supple lips!


Shokuhou Misaki widened her starry eyes, her seductive gaze from before was gone, it was replaced with a profound disbelief.

My first kiss…

Shokuhou Misaki only wanted to act like they were getting it on to get back at Mikoto. She wanted to let Mikoto know what it means to go for wool and come back shorn. It seems poetic that she is the one who had a taste of her own medicine.

Clever as she is, she forgot that Wu Yan is not some toy she can just play with without any consequence, he is someone who can get turned on as well.

Lost in the sense of having been deprived of her first kiss, Joou-sama’s mind went blank. Even as Wu Yan French kissed her and made chu chu sounds, she didn’t respond.

Wu Yan is glad that she didn’t put up any resistance. This way, he can do whatever he pleases with her, isn’t it?…

While kissing her, e pried upon her little mouth with his own mouth and then slid his tongue into her mouth. Shokuhou Misaki felt something big invading her oral cavity and that foreign invader managed to subjugate her little tongue as it coiled around her tongue.

Shokuhou Misaki’s eyes widened and she regained her senses. However, her eyes began to mellow out as they tongued each other. Her eyes started getting misty as well, giving her starry eyes a watery glow.

Pretty soon, Shokuhou Misaki got wrapped out in the feeling of kissing as she closed her eyes. She let Wu Yan take the lead as she followed, what started out as pretty slow turned into a hot make out session in a rapid fashion…


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