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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 233: The shady dealing going on in that little corner…

Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki were really caught up in their little make-out session. Lost in the passionate exchange of saliva, Shokuhou Misaki started losing track of how she got her first kiss taken from her, she even forgot the fact that she can still be seen by people.

“Kuroko! Let me go! I am going to end that despicable woman!”

Mikoto struggled while clad in lightning, her dark aura and murderous expression made her intention pretty damn clear. If Kuroko and the other Ojou-samas didn’t stop her together then perhaps Mikoto might have straight up murdered Shokuhou Misaki.

Kuroko and the other girls knew Mikoto wasn’t fucking around, she is really pissed off at the moment, they struggled to keep Mikoto at bay so that Joou-sama won’t be electrocuted.

“Onee-sama! Calm down! You can’t go out there right now!”

Kuroko hugged Mikoto as she pleaded for her to listen. Of course, she pleaded while drooling and rubbing her face all over Mikoto’s growing breasts which were diligently developed by Wu Yan.

‘Onee-sama, if you go out now, Shokuhou Misaki would seize the opportunity to screw you over. What has happened already happened so even if you go out now, it doesn’t change the fact that they were getting their freak on!

Kuroko pretended like her argument had actual substance, it was merely a ploy to keep Mikoto from rushing out there. Her real intention, much to her glee of being undiscovered, is to let her see just how much of a fuckboi Wu Yan is.

According to her plans, Onee-sama would be too disappointed with how nonchalantly he cheated on her that she would break up with him and erase any lingering affections she might have for him. At last, Onee-sama will voluntarily break away from the demonic claws of that human scum.

If she rides into the scene on a shining horse while Onee-sama is sad and depressed, offering her a warm embrace and a shoulder to cry on would slowly knock on the door to her heart until…

Kuroko dreamt about what would be after that and she revealed a delusional grin. Lucky for her, Mikoto is too busy rampaging to notice this change in expression. Otherwise, it’s another session of Onee-sama’s lightning whip of love.

It’s rational for Kuroko to think in that manner, it’s just that she forgot that being “a playboy” isn’t a big enough reason that would come between what Wu Yan and Mikoto had with each other. She’s already a member of his harem.

Furthermore, suppose that Mikoto is really depressed and sad, she probably won’t be into Yuri just because she gave her words of solace.

As for the other Ojou-samas, some of them had the same motives as this black and white creature known as Kuroko, the sweet words of solace and enticement into yuri territory and whatnot. Others had the sole intention of preventing their Joou-sama from being outright slaughtered.

Mikoto held back her urge to release lightning fury on the two who are still making out. She couldn’t calm down her flames of anger no matter what. It’s not because he’s kissing other girls, she had seen him doing this to Hinagiku and Ikaros for example. Heck, Wu Yan would sometimes drag Mikoto into the fray by making them sleep in the same bed.

Normally, Mikoto would be slightly peeved or angry when he is getting it on with the other girls. She wouldn’t be so royally pissed, normally anyway.

But, when the opponent is Shokuhou Misaki, it’s another story.

Shokuhou Misaki is someone who she loathed to the bones.

Mikoto had been screwed over by Shokuhou Misaki so many times. In the past, Shokuhou Misaki would use her Mental Out on innocent people to get to Mikoto just so she could protect her territory in Tokiwadai.

Mikoto managed to resolve all the issues but Joou-sama got onto the top of Mikoto’s shit list as a result.

The love of her life making out with her sworn enemy. It’s a feeling that made her pretty pissed off just thinking about it, other people’s feeling about similar situation irrelevant to her consideration.

After listening to Kuroko, Mikoto felt that she had a point. She can’t change the fact that the woman had laid her dirty paws on her man. Plus, with Shokuhou Misaki’s personality, it is highly likely that she could turn the situation around and use it to throw snide remarks at her. At that point, she would really be so mad that her blood pressure would shoot through the roof.

Mikoto turned her head around and decided to let this slip for now. However, she can’t stop herself from looking around and glancing from time to time while blushing.

Although she had graduated from her status as a maiden and had entered the ranks of young wife, she still couldn’t help feeling embarrassed when she saw them kissing. What an innocent lady.

Kuroko and the other Ojou-samas released a sigh of relief when they pacified Mikoto. Lucky for them this didn’t end in a homicide case.

When they saw how Joou-sama is being taken advantage of, their faces turned grim. A lot of them came here with the intention to protect their Joou-sama from being defiled by Wu Yan.

Granted, their thoughts wouldn’t come into the considerations of the two who were still making out.

Feeling Joou-sama’s smooth torso, majestic twin peaks, delicate lips and cute tongue, Wu Yan got really turned on.

Her blonde hair and aura like that of a natural queen charmed him very much so. Her charm is on par with Astrea who had the same golden locks as her and even stood on the same level as Ikaros had natural air-headedness as her attribute.

Turned on, Wu Yan is not satisfied with his current situation. His hand that was on Joou-sama’s slim waist started moving down.


When her booty was grabbed by Wu Yan, her eyes shot open. With her starry eyes, she stared at Wu Yan who looked smug as her cheeks turned into a deeper red.

This is the second time her body parts that were off limits to others got handled by another person, the very same person who took her lips for the first time for that matter.

Her ass got savagely massaged by Wu Yan. As she blushed harder, her strength started leaving her with Wu Yan’s skillful touch. Her body, now at the mercy of Wu Yan, was supported only by Wu Yan’s embrace.

Her mouth invaded and effectively gagged, she could only utter muffled cries to voice the anxiety in her. She also started squirming her supple figure almost subconsciously.

The moment she started twisting her body is the moment she really fucked up. Her movements triggered the beast within Wu Yan who was already in a very intimate embrace with her.

Losing all restraints, he released her lips and like a brute, he turned her back towards her and captured her in a bear hug.

Putting his hands into action, he grabbed her breasts!


Barely able to regain a bit of her breathing, she yelped when Wu Yan grabbed her hooters. Her yelp and her amateur attempt to suppress it caused the yelp to turn into a very enchanting whimper.

She had never experienced anything like this and her heart throbbed really hard, the intensity of her heartbeat seemed as though her heart would pop out of her chest.

She wanted to turn his advances down but her lethargic body wouldn’t move no matter how much she wanted them to. Being really weak at sports also meant that she wouldn’t have been able to wrestle her way out of Wu Yan’s embrace.

Instead, she mewled a muffled “No.” and attempted what appears to be a failed attempt to remove Wu Yan’s hands from her breasts. The result was her hands only touched Wu Yan’s hands, it looked like she was merely putting on a weak protest.

Massaging her cans and savoring the look of Shokuhou Misaki resisting the pleasure, he licked his lips in excitement and then proceeded to lick her cheeks like a puppy, except not as cute.


Shokuhou Misaki passively received every bit of love Wu Yan threw her way. Normally, she would hate anyone who did something like this to her without her consent.

Yet, for some reason, when it’s Wu Yan, Shokuhou Misaki found it shocking that there is no hate, no detest, and no revulsion…

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