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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 234: Godly plot development! Surely we aren’t going to THAT here?…


Shokuhou Misaki’s twin peaks molded into different shape by Wu Yan, electric signals kept jolting her, threatening to bust her heart’s door open. Her body tensed up like never before, her skin a very alluring pink blush, sweat started flowing down her exquisite countenance as moans leaked out from her despite her best attempts to hold it in. Heaving ever so slightly, another moan escaped her ruby lips.

Listening to her whimpers and moans which seemed to indicate that she is about to climax soon, Wu Yan licked the sweat off her face and he felt a bit surprised.

Could it be that Joou-sama is more sensitive to breasts attacks?

Deciding to test it out, he added more strength to his grip and gave them hooters a mighty squeeze. Instantly, Joou-sama felt like she was hit by something heavy as she moaned really loud. Her skin which blushed pink started to turn red.

Wu Yan laughed as he whispered something into her ears with a sadistic tone.

“Joou-sama, who would have thought your sensitive spot is here…”

Shokuhou Misaki looked back at Wu Yan’s grinning mug with her wet eyes, she wanted to say something but the jolts of pleasure threatened to dominate her rational process, she had no spare capacity to reply as any words she wanted to say came out only as whimpers and moans.

Wu Yan’s grin turned into a more sinister one when he saw how Joou-sama couldn’t say anything. He whispered something into her ears again, this guy, it seems he wouldn’t stop until he made Joou-sama say something.

“Joou-sama, if you don’t say anything then I will take your silence as an affirmation. But it is understandable, volume and softness, your breasts have got them both in spades, it is only to be expected that they would be your sensitive spots. But you know, this weakness of yours got found out by me…”

Shokuhou Misaki bit down on her scarlet lips, she is as embarrassed as she is peeved. The reason being as Wu Yan said, her weakness got found out by him and utilized so effectively against her by him.

Noticing her fleeting expression of both bashfulness and anger, Wu Yan grinned. This girl had caused a bunch of troubles for him due to her petty squabbles with Mikoto.

Today, she’s at his mercy.

Slightly smiling, he moved one of his hands down to her waist and adjusted Shokuhou Misaki’s Tokiwadai uniform. Under the shocked eyes of Joou-sama, his hand entered her shirt.

Her heartbeat instantly sped up a few hundred percentage points, his big warm hands rubbing her belly elicited another moan from her.


Wu Yan ignored her and bit down on her earlobe. Trembling, she felt his hand slowly making its way up…

Her heart throbbed hard and she quickly pressed her hand on the creeping hand within her shirt before she bashfully told him off.

“You… don’t tell me you’re unsatisfied after rubbing from the outside for so long?…”

“Well, why would I be…”

Wu Yan replied without any shame whatsoever.

“Your body is so smoking hot, no matter how much I rub them I wouldn’t be satisfied…”

Shokuhou Misaki felt a bit of pride and happiness hearing what he said. She is very confident in her body, she also knows how much impact her body had on the opposite sex.

It’s just that, when she hears it personally from Wu Yan’s mouth about how attractive she is, Shokuhou Misaki can’t help feeling proud. girls do what they can for those who appreciate them, this applies to Shokuhou Misaki who is proud of her own body as well.

That and this is a different matter, she still wants to stop him from “going too far”. Her modicum of modesty did not allow her to watch her own treasures fall into Wu Yan’s control, her titties being massaged through her shirt notwithstanding.

“I…I think you should spare me from that…”

Shokuhou Misaki said while panting. Wu Yan’s other hand never stopped rubbing her jug by the way.

“Can we stop with just doing it from the outside?…”

Saying something like that made Joou-sama blush despite her strong personality. Of course, a part of the blush is from the foreplay they had.


Wu Yan said with a snicker that would earn him a punch under normal circumstances.

“We should go all the way, don’t forget, you started this yourself…”

Wu Yan didn’t give Shokuhou Misaki any chance to react, his hand that was rubbing her belly swiftly moved up and deftly dived into her bra before subjugating her soft round mass.

Smooth! Soft! Voluptuous!

These 3 adjectives appeared in his head the moment he touched her boob. Shokuhou Misaki yelped in surprise followed by her distinctive moan.


Joou-sama shut her eyes as if resigning herself to her fate. Her mouth opened and closed as she moaned and panted, the person herself caught in a web of pleasure.

Wu Yan took the opportunity to sneak his other hand into her shirt as well.

“Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!!!”

In a corner far away, the Ojou-samas watching this unfold from the beginning until now could only watch in frustration as a man who is building his own harem did something so vile towards the target of their affection and admiration. They were all very close to rampaging.

Those with handkerchiefs took them out and pulled on them with their gnashed teeth as hard as they could. Now, a moment of silence for the handkerchiefs that died in a blaze of glory.

And those without handkerchiefs all took to biting their uniforms. If not for the fact that their Tokiwadai uniforms were of quality make, they would all be revealing their booties as well.

If Mikoto had moved, they would have surely made their moves as well. They would have chopped Wu Yan up. As a result, they can only stay in this corner and mumble as if they are the ones being assaulted.

“At this rate, Shokuhou-sama will be in grave peril!’

“Shokuhou-sama, hurry up and get away from that human scum!”

“That abominable homo erectus, how dare he use his fat disgusting tongue on Shokuhou-sama’s beautiful face!”

“The way he is rubbing her rump!”

“Ah, how dare he place his burly hands on Shokuhou-sama’s precious breasts!”

“Heavens, he just… he just reached his hand into Shokuhou-sama’s shirt!”

“Off with that hand!”

“No! We must grind it up into meat chunk!”

“Ladies, please, whichever part he uses to touch Shokuhou-sama must be cut off with utter prejudice!”

“Fuck it, we should just cut that human scum up!”

“No! We should tie him up and then give him a hiding so bad and mighty in force he will beg for death himself!”

“Shokuhou-sama, uuu, my Shokuhou-sama defiled by that wretched scum…”


Listening to her younger colleagues gnashing their teeth and grumbling made Mikoto’s expression very dark. She planned on letting this one slide and just ignore them, but, after listening to their live report-esque comments, her mood took a most sour turn.

Kuroko noticed her Onee-sama’s change of expression as she silently sniggered. Her eyes were those of a hungry wolf, she could almost see her Onee-sama dumping that fuckboi’s ass and jumping into her arms.

Mikoto who kept telling herself to remain calm quickly became ruffled by the development that happened next.


Shokuhou Misaki who endured Wu Yan’s foreplay suddenly shrieked in surprise. Her slightly turned on expression changed into one of panic.

One of Wu Yan’s hand had departed from her shirt and started rubbing her thigh, inching ever so slowly up and into her skirt.


Don’t know where she got her strength from but with a swift pia, she grabbed Wu Yan’s hand before it can make its foray into her inner thighs. Heaving, she said.

“This area is absolutely off limits!”

Wu Yan grinned as if he couldn’t be bothered to answer her. He shook off her weak defense and reached into her skirt in front of Shokuhou Misaki’s stunned eyes.


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