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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 235: Divine punishment? The terrifying young girls…

Even as he reached for Shokuhou Misaki’s honeypot, she couldn’t do anything to stop him. She whimpered and resigned herself by closing her eyes. She could only wait as his burly hands…

The next instant,  when he is about to tap that booty, a  familiar reaction pinged his EM detection. He stopped his hand, incredulous at the reaction he is getting.

“Stop right there!”

Wu Yan’s yelp was quickly followed by a bolt of lightning. Clearly, whoever fired this did not want to let them off easy.

The crackling sound of the lightning bolt made Wu Yan return to his senses. Observing the incoming bolt, he focused and called forth a similar bolt as his hair levitated. He threw the bolt right at the incoming lightning bolt.

The two bolts collided and dispersed with a loud boom followed by a light show of blue sparks, it was like a firework between the two individuals.

Before he can sigh a breath of relief, a salvo of attacks started raining down on him. There were wind blades, flames, ice spear, water pillars. Hell, there were even trash bins, bench, and tables. These attacks were all aimed at Wu Yan.

His expression changed rapidly, he picked up Joou-sama and retreated a safe distance away. He barely dodged the attacks and they hit the spot where he stood just moments ago and everything there got decimated, only rocks remained.

Dripping with cold sweat, Wu Yan did not doubt that the attacks just now could have destroyed him until not a bone remained.

The perpetrators behind the attacks appeared and his cold sweat started flowing down his face like a waterfall.

Standing opposite to him and at the forefront is Mikoto. Standing behind her, the divine host of Tokiwadai Oujo-samas, he need not waste a single moment to figure out who attacked him.

Of course, if it were only so, Wu Yan wouldn’t be so anxious that he would sweat waterfalls. The most important thing is that, excluding Mikoto, everyone else was clad in a dark aura.

They had an ominous aura about them like the FFF inquisition but somehow, they differed from the FFF inquisition. Subconsciously, he gulped and let go of Joou-sama on reflex.

Losing her pillar of support, Joou-sama sagged down onto the floor, panting, her attire was a mess and she was still blushing with glassy eyes.

The FFF-esque divine host of Tokiwadai’s dark aura ascended in intensity the moment they saw how Joou-sama looked. A certain black and white yuri life form had the darkest aura of them all.

“What are you girls doing!”

Mikoto yelled at the girls behind her. She downgraded her attack and made it so her attack was easy to dodge. But the divine host of Tokiwadai decided to throw all-out attacks with lethal precision.

The divine host of Tokiwadai heard her and acted like it’s-not-my-fault-you-led-the-attack. Mikoto became very annoyed as a result.

The Oujo-samas had an air about them that told her they were not afraid of dining in hell tonight. Mikoto could only helplessly turn around and direct her attention at Wu Yan.


Wu Yan rubbed his cheek in an awkward manner. He was about to greet his wife in a nonchalant manner until he remembered that he did a lot of lewd stuff with Joou-sama and it is highly likely that they saw everything. It is at this point that he realized how he stood morally.

He was supposed to be with Railgun so the stuff he did with Joou-sama and the situation they are currently in resembled how a fuckboi who went creeping got caught by his wife.

Plus, there was that thing with the girls who had intense aura enough to intimidate a True Ancestor, the attacks that were nothing of note if in parts.

Mikoto hadn’t said anything and Kuroko immediately laughed like a banshee. She reached into her skirt and grabbed a few steel needles, she held those needles between her fingers and continued.

“Human scum! How dare you cheat in broad daylight, today is the day you die and the day I finally liberate Onee-sama from your slimy fingers!”

While Mikoto flinched in surprise, she teleported the needles towards him.

Kuroko’s attack sparked a domino effect in the other Oujo-samas, they all used their abilities and shot Wu Yan.

The bullet rain descended upon Wu Yan, so diverse was the attack that his face lit up with colors of the visible light spectrum, more specifically, his grim face.

It was like he saw his own bad end (Tl: bad end here refers to the bad end in visual novels where the MC usually dies a gruesome death or suffer ill fate, or gets NTR). He forgot his True Ancestor status and he could swear he saw Death waving at him from across the river Styx.

His imaginations were disrupted by the incoming bullet rain. He waved his hand and channeled some electricity into the ground, waves of iron sand responded to his call and formed an iron wall in front of him. The attacks were blocked and he adjusted his position to dodge the steel nails that appeared at where he used to stand.


Seeing the familiar electricity and iron sand but unaware that Wu Yan had the same ability as Mikoto. She interpreted the defense as something put in place by her Onee-sama in favor of the human scum. She cried out in protest.

The Oujo-samas thought that Mikoto had helped him. When Wu Yan threw a lightning bolt back, they had not caught up with Mikoto who threw a lightning bolt first. The next thing they know, two lightning bolts collided.

They still think that Wu Yan is a Level 0, even Kuroko who had failed during her attempts on Wu Yan’s life decided to escape reality by concluding that he is a mere Level 0.

“Everybody, shut up!”

Mikoto yelled out loud. She had no intention of killing him, she lashed out in the heat of the moment because she couldn’t watch it anymore, who knew it would…


Kuroko lowered her head in disappointment. Then, she glared at Wu Yan, unamused that somehow he survived and is still breathing.

When they saw how Misaka-sama is going to talk, the Oujo-samas held back their urge to attack and canceled their attacks on Wu Yan, they still gave him the meanest evil eye they could muster though.

Being at the center of attention of beautiful girls is supposed to be something that he would enjoy. But, the host of dark alter beautiful girls leering at him is another matter altogether…

Their piercing gazes made him very uncomfortable so he turned his head away so as to not see the FFF inquisition squad version: Tokiwadai.

Done with reining in the Oujo-samas, Mikoto looked back at Wu Yan. When she saw how he is donning a dry smile, she felt angry.

“Yan, you’re not going to give me an explanation?”

Wu Yan beamed.

“Mikoto, you know I promised a date with Shokuhou Misaki, this is what I promised…”

“Not that!”

Mikoto yelled and electricity arced around her.

“I am asking you what are you doing in this place with h-her!”

Wu Yan lifted his eyebrows and felt energy draining from him

Fuck… I got busted…


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