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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 240: Fuck everything.

“Found it…”

In the living room, Wu Yan, Mikoto, Hinagiku, Astrea were in front of Ikaros as she worked on her laptop. They stayed silent until Ikaros said that line.

“Hinagiku… no. Ikaros, did you find them?”

“Yes, master…”

Ikaros with Hinagiku’s appearance told him so with an expressionless face. Wu Yan couldn’t get used to this bizarre scene and it served only to reinforce everyone’s conviction to return to normal.

Hinagiku leaned in towards the screen and saw the information on the interface.

“Yan, why do we need to investigate this address?”

“Is it even related to the Angel Fall?

Mikoto frowned at Wu Yan. When she saw his face which looked the same as Shokuhou Misaki, her frown deepened so she decided to just look the other way.


Wu Yan nodded before continuing.

“To deploy Angel Fall a ritual must first be done to invoke the grand magic. Once the ritual is complete, even if the spellcaster is a normal human, the Angel Fall will happen regardless of that fact.”

“You’re saying…”

Hinagiku seemed to be getting where he’s going with this.

“That’s right!”

He pointed at the address and continued.

“Once the ritual is complete the event will trigger, conversely once the ritual place is destroyed so too will the event known as Angel Fall end!”

“And you’re saying this address is where the Angel Fall ritual resides?”

Mikoto looked at Wu Yan as she said that.


Wu Yan grinned and told her.

“If we blast the building to kingdom come, Angel Fall will be canceled!”

“Is that so? That’s great!”

Astrea jumped and celebrated first and foremost while looking like Mikoto…

Crossing her arms in front of her chest, Astrea looked at Wu Yan in admiration.

“Master is so incredible! To know so many things, as expected of my master!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto felt a bit confused for a moment there. Hinagiku rubbed her cheeks and frowned.

“Now that Astrea put it like that, Yan does seem to know stuff people don’t normally know, where do you get all these information from?”

Her question was aimed at Wu Yan and he only shrugged in response. He smiled at them without saying anything, what else was he supposed to say? That he saw them all from a screen?…

Looking at Wu Yan’s unreliable countenance made Mikoto who was already a bit peeved even more unamused. She turned away with a cold huff, a sentiment shared by Hinagiku. The two girls didn’t ask questions anymore much to Wu Yan’s relief.

Thinking for a bit, Wu Yan said to the four girls.

“Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea, you four are in charge of destroying the ritual!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto instantly asked him.

“What about you?”


Wu Yan grinned, a hint of red light shined through her golden eyes.

“Me, I am going to meet that unlucky angel!”

If Wu Yan didn’t recall incorrectly, Gabriel tried using an apocalyptic spell to return to heaven.

Even if in the original work, Tsuchimikado Motoharu destroyed the ritual in time and returned the archangel to heaven, thereby preventing an end of the world scenario but Wu Yan didn’t want to rely on the original story.

He who was never meant to exist in this world had arrived at this world along with Hinagiku, Ikaros, and Astrea. The world changed the moment they had descended onto this world.

To prevent the unlikely case of screwing an entire world over, he feels it is his obligation to do this.


Ikaros immediately stood up and came to Wu Yan’s side. Her intentions were clear, against an angel, Ikaros didn’t want Wu Yan to go there by himself.

“Ikaros, I need you to go with Hinagiku and Mikoto to destroy the ritual!”

Ikaros’s expressionless and pithy face made Wu Yan felt very odd. But, he still patted her head.


There was worry in her eyes. It’s her basic duty to protect her master but she can’t remember the last time she had joined her master in battle.

Looking at the slight sadness in her eyes, Wu Yan felt a sudden pang. This girl who treasures him like he’s the center of the universe made him feel very indebted to her no matter how much he tries to make her stay out of harm’s way.

He rubbed her head and kissed Ikaros in front of Mikoto, Hinagiku, and Astrea’s shocked eyes. He then smiled at Ikaros who is stupefied by his action.

“Listen to me now…”

Ikaros stared dumbfoundedly at the beautiful and warm-natured girl who kissed her. Although she felt weird, her feelings finally condensed into one sentence.

“Yes, master…”

Ikaros didn’t know that the feeling she felt was the realization of being played.

Hinagiku and Mikoto’s lips twitched as the two entered their own pink world. They didn’t know what to make of the situation at hand.

Yes, they do know they are in love with each other but to the observers there, it looked awfully like a scene right out of a yuri film.

Hinagiku especially felt awkward at the sight of her own appearance kissing another beautiful woman. her heart screamed stahp and she voiced her protest.

“Don’t do something like that with other people’s body like that!!!”

♦ ♦ ♦

Walking on the streets of Academy City, Wu Yan had to stop. Even if the body he has at the moment is Joou-sama’s, he felt a bit of pain coming from his non-existent balls.

As expected of someone who is bad at sport, he had to stop and rest for 5 minutes every 10 minutes he walked. Just what kind of environment did this body grow up in.

Realizing that at this rate, the Sweep might happen before he reached the destination. He gave up on running there, instead, he closed down his EM barrier and picked up his phone, he didn’t dial anyone, he just talked straight into the phone.

“Aleister, I know you can hear me.”

It was only a brief moment of silence before a voice responded to him

“What do you need?…”

Terse and to the point, just like Aleister. Wu Yan felt something off, he wanted to laugh so hard but he endured it, flushing red as a result.

That’s because the voice that came from the other side is characteristic of Aleister but it was no longer the artificial mechanical voice but one very cute and tender voice like that of a typical loli.

He didn’t know what Aleister looked like but for some reason, he imagined a very cute loli dangling upside down inside a culture tank.

At this point, it is clear to him that even someone who is like a Magic God cannot stave off the effects of Angel Fall.

It is understandable though, strong as he is, he is still a human. Even Wu Yan who had the System couldn’t withstand the effect. Even a power of God, an archangel was affected by this distortion so it can’t be helped that Aleister would be affected as well.

What he wants to know right now is whether or not annoying ass Aiwass had been affected as well. If he is, it would be so damn amusing.

Enduring the urge to laugh, he coughed and continued down to brass tacks.

“Help me make some arrangements, you should know by now what my plan is!”

Aleister replied after a bit of silence.

“There will be a helicopter sent to your location to carry you over to your destination!”

Wu Yan nodded as he listened to Aleister’s loli voice, his starry eyes narrowed into a crescent moon shape from thinking about the scene.

Maybe because he knew what Wu Yan is probably thinking about, Aleister continued.

“Good luck, number 5!”

His smile instantly froze up.


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