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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 25: Suspicion, unending attacks!

Headless giant: (level 20)

Failing to land a strike the giant retrieved its axe. Brandishing its axe and then leaning forward with its arms wide and flailing, it looks like it’s trying to roar.

“Yan… Wha-… What is that?…”

Looking at the headless giant with pale face, Hinagiku hugged Wu Yan’s arm while trembling.

He almost forgot the fact that Kaichou-sama is very afraid of supernatural stuff.

Bitterly laughing and hugging the trembling body, he tightened his hold on her waist and tried comforting her.

“It’s nothing, just a mere bug, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Raising her head to look at him, her trembling body managed to calm down. Although she is still pale the terror she felt has reduced a lot, her hands were holding onto him tighter than ever lest he lets go of herself.

Seeing that she’s much better he smiled at her.

“You wait here, I am going to go settle this bitch first then we’re going home.” (Tl: author used she instead of it so I took some liberty)

She was worried for his safety when she understood what he’s going to do.

“Is it alright? Why don’t we just run…”

“No problem, have faith in me.”

Kissing her forehead he assured her once more.

His action tinged her cheeks in a bit of red before he resolutely let her go, not before she muttered worryingly.

“The… then be careful now…”

Nodding he enoyed his contact with her waist before letting go and turning towards the headless giant. His smile turned into a cold look and this failed to mask the flames in his eyes which rekindled. He began his stride of tranquil fury towards the headless giant.

Reaching his arm out, Kusanagi Sword appeared in his hand, grabbing the sheathe of the sword his smile turned into a cruel arc.


I am going to teach you just how bad a consequence is when you meddle with someone else’s shoujo pick up moment.

Unsheathing Kusanagi Sword by his waist, he grabbed the sheathe with one hand and the hilt with another before letting out a malevolent grin. Dashing forward, he disappeared and reappeared within a blink of an eye in front of the headless giant.

A cold light flashed and the arm that held onto the axe flew to the sky landing on a nearby surface.


The headless giant silently roared but instead of sound the surrounding air had ripples in them informing that this strike has landed effectively.

The headless giant shooked its body and swung its axe viciously at him.

“Watch out!”

Watching as the axe approached him she can’t help but cry out of concern. Completely on different tier to him, she can still see the movements of a level 20 tier 3 headless giant since it’s not that wide a gap yet. (Tl: the tier gap gets wider on higher tiers but they’re still basically beginners at this stage)

If not for hear apprehension of enemies the the likes of the giant, this competitive girl wouldn’t have sat there and watched as Wu Yan fought on the front lines.

Certainly this is under the pretext where Hinagiku does not have the system identification and probing and she can’t detect presences. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even be worried since the two parties are completely different in terms of quality of fighting power, completely different in terms of tier.

He calmly looked at the approaching axe, without even moving his sword wielding right hand his left was raised to intercept the trajectory of said axe and with a ‘chiang’ it blocked the giant axe.

Giving it an indifferent gaze his right hand moved and it drew a line the air before the giant released another howl, rest in peace, other arm.

Spinning his body around, he gave the disarmed (Tl:heh) headless giant a roundhouse kick sending it flying into a few trees before it slammed onto the ground completely immobile.

Stunned, she recovered and ran to his side.

“You alright?”

“Do I look like I’m hurt?”

He can’t help but chuckle at her. Looking at her face and then her lips, he silently weeped.

Do you think I have it easy on my route to conquering shoujos? Isn’t it unbearable if this trend continues? Two times I have tried to proceed to next base, but each and everytime I got denied, isn’t it reminiscent of the unlucky someone. Damn you god, I hate you!!!”

Noticing his eyes, she quickly figured out what was going through that mind of him and she blushed while leering at him unamusedly.

“It has already been so long and you’re still thinking stuff like this!”


Sighing dejectedly he decided to put it behind him with an unsatisfied face.

“I guess we have to wait until next time.”

“Who.. who would do that with you again next time…”

“You said it before, promises have to be kept.”

Reminding her gently so, he won’t drop a tear until he sees the coffin (Tl: refusing to give up until the very end.)

Clenching her teeth she glared at him before shouting athim.

“The sky is getting dark, why don’t you quickly finish off the monster so we can go home. I’m hungry!”

He went hehehe when he saw her changing the subject. He then nodded before making his way toward the armless giant.

Since there’s a first time, there’s gonna be a next time as well, the first time he’s a stranger, the second time he would be familiar. He believed in this principle firmly.(Tl: referring to the chance to move onto next base, that there would be a second chance and he would definitely nail it)

Ma… in this case there’s no first time to speak of but at least there’s a zing. The gal clearly didn’t reject him so that means she likes him.

Thus, he only need to take it slow from now on, he knows this is so and he’s quite pleased at it.

Finally Kaichou-sama has been half conquered.

Even this sappy excuse of an otaku understands this, how could Kaichou-sama not catch on.

So, I… like Wu Yan….

Holding both her hands in front of her chest her eyes when looking at his back became a bit out of focus. (Tl: raws says so, just read as enamored)

Thinking about the animosity when they first met, thinking about the joyous days they spent being with each other, thinking about the birthday suit event, thinking about the warmth she received from him and thinking about the kiss that almost happened….

She smiled, she’s intoxicated….

Looking at the suit of armor that’s struggling on the ground like a tortoise but can’t get up no matter how it twisted its body, he just cut it in half with a slice of Kusanagi Sword.

It was quite fortuitous that this thing didn’t have any blood otherwise he would have to find another way to execute it since gore is out of the question. This is in consideration of Hinagiku who’s born normal in this world and can’t take bloody stuff.

After it died it began to turn into ashes. this lightened his burden a lot actually because even though this place is the woods, it is still not far from the city. Given the fact that Hinagiku walked here unknowingly, other people could presumably walk pass here and see this strange fucker, and it would be all over the news the next morning. (Tl: huh, wouldn’t it be just a weird suit of armor in the forest? Not headline material though.)

He thought for sure he would have to liquify it or something….

After the headless giant disappeared completely he sighed in wonder.

Just when had he had such an easy battle since transport 3 months ago, his past opponents were all either same or higher in terms of level , every time he fought like crazy and had to put effort into thinking how to deal witht he threat.

Despite fighting the horde of level 10 mobs in the underground hall before, facing that army how can he let his guard down against such a number.

He felt like he has somehow grown stronger.

He is certainly also cognizant that strong as he is, he’s still far from being a super.

“What’s wrong?”

The sweet voice summoned him from his thoughts, quickly he stowed away his feelings before smiling at Hinagiku who was walking by his side from god knows when.

“Nothing much, aren’t you hungry? Let’s go, back to home, I will be cooking up a storm.”

Hinagiku revealed a stunning smile and it took him by surprise.

“Nn, let’s head back…”

Nodding, he scratched his head before bringing her out of the forest, inside his heart however he’s still feeling weird.

It feels like, she has something for him now, no matter how one observes it, from her tone, her gaze and her gem like eyes…

Maa, nevermind, as long as she’s happy…

“Ne, how will we deal with the promise?”

Storing his Kusanagi Sword away under the curious eyes of Hinagiku he jested.

It’s not yet time for the reveal yet, but even if he didn’t want to he wouldn’t be able to sweep this under the mat for a lifetime. Hence, some minor things can be done in front of her without hiding it, he will just have to explain it properly the next time.

When she heard him, she was going to ask him where did the sword disappear to but she blushed instead. With a ‘hmph she turned her head away while grumbling.

“hmm.. the promise is it? Didn’t you say it before that you would tell me all about it when the time is right?

He felt astonished at her, this lassie, she still can act dumb….

“You know I’m not referring to this one…”

“How am I not referring to this one…?”

“You pretending it never happened?…”

“Who… says who, and you when will you fulfill your promise?”

“Didn’t I sa it before? When the time is right, I will keep the promise!”

“Well, then I guess I would keep mine as well, when the time is right!”



“Hinagiku, you have turned into a bad apple…”


Come night time, because of the growth of his relationship with Kaichou-sama, he didn’t pull punches and made a full course of dishes much to the protest by Hinagiku and her mom’s bulging stomach. Even the dad who rarely came home and just got back couldn’t help but devouring the leftovers.

“Milady, you should go take a bath…”

Picking up the plates, he advised her who’s still sitting at the dining table.

“Nn, understood.”

She nodded and then looked at him with a never before seen strictness.

“Yan, never call me milady or young miss from now on, you understand me?”

The lines were the same as the last hundred of times but he has never seen her so serious before when saying this to him, quite frankly he’s feeling very surprised. What happened?

Urgh, that’s why Wu Yan you are still wet behind the ears, to become a king of conquest you still need to work harder.

He dismissed his trolling urge and just smiled at her.

“Alright, hurry up and go shower!”

Pleased with his reply she got up from the chair and bounced her way to the bathroom like a little kid.

He shook his head in amusement before putting down the dishes in his hand and jumped out the window to the outside. Landing on the ground, he immediately took out Kusanagi Sword.

The moment it materialized he reversed his grip on it and brought it down in a straight stab at the ground.

“Ya!!!!” (Tl: ya as in the ya of yaya from unbreakable machine doll)

A baby like cry resounded, and on the patch of ground where Kusanagi Sword pierced, bloodstain began to spread out.

Sheathing the sword his brows furrowed.

This, from the time he dealt with that headless giant has been the fourth wave of attacker!

What’s going on, why are monsters popping up all over to converge here? This clearly hasn’t happened before…

Thinking something’s amiss, he begun to puzzle over this riddle…

What could be going on?

This situation only started to happen from today, maybe I did something today that attracted the monsters?

Or perhaps… Hinagiku’s family did something?

Shaking his head to dismiss his thoughts he stored away Kusanagi Sword and walked back inside his house.

Screw it, he will just wait until his visit to Saginomiya family tomorrow to pose this question….

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