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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 251: Dark Matter v Meltdowner

While Wu Yan is busy pulling his moves on a young girl, in a street some distance away…

“Takitsubou, how is it? Did you locate that guy?”

Mugino Shizuri said in an irritated manner while crossing her arms.

Because the commercial complex they are in is densely populated, AIM fields merge and collapse rapidly so Takitsubou Rikou has to up her game to locate the person she is looking for. Her pale face and the torrent of sweat coming down her face spoke volumes of the fatigue she is experiencing, her gait also suggests that she might fall any moment now.

Takitsubou Rikou swallowed a body crystal for this express purpose.

Frenda tightened her fists. She might a bit timid and afraid of dying but she still cares for her comrades. In the original work, she wouldn’t have snitched on her friends had Kakine Teitoku not threatened her with death.

Looking at Takitsubou Rikou’s anguished face, she decided to stay silent because Mugino Shizuri looked dead serious in going through with this.

She can see that Takitsubou Rikou is obviously straining her body and computational power to locate Kakine Teitoku. But, she didn’t want her to stop, she kept pushing her on and on.

At one point, Takitsubou Rikou’s eyes froze and she immediately turned back towards Mugino Shizuri, with a shaky voice she reported her findings.

“I located him! He’s not far away from here, he doesn’t seem to be moving and is remaining stationary.”

Takitsubou Rikou stopped using her ability the moment she found her target. She looked very exhausted by this ordeal as she couldn’t stop panting. If one were to examine her closer, one could see that she is barely standing at all.

“Good! Takitsubou, let’s get moving and catch him before he runs off!”

Mugino Shizuri revealed a smile, completely ignorant to her utter inability to defeat Kakine Teitoku. In her mind, if that middle school student can do something like that, surely she must be able to do the same as well!

When she heard Mugino Shizuri, Takitsubou Rikou smiled but that forced smile didn’t last long. She didn’t even have the strength to fake a smile.

Mugino Shizuri began moving towards Kakine Teitoku after declaring something like that. She didn’t even stop to ask Takitsubou Rikou if she is okay. She just did her own stuff and the other two girls tried following her. It’s just that, Takitsubou Rikou fell down on her knees after just a few steps.


Frenda cried out as she hurried to Takitsubou Rikou’s side and gave her a helping hand.

“Are you alright?! Takitsubou!”

Mugino Shizuri stopped moving and she turned back, she frowned when she saw how Takitsubou Rikou looked like she couldn’t move another inch. In her usual annoyed tone, she asked her.

“What’s wrong now?”

“I am okay…”

It’s unknown if the reason is extreme exhaustion but she replied with a sickly pale face, this greatly troubled Frenda.

“Takitsubou, try resting for a few minutes?”

Frenda said in a hesitating manner. She cast her glance Mugino Shizuri’s way as if seeking her opinion.

Mugino Shizuri looked at Takitsubou Rikou with eyebrows raised to the max. Takitsubou Rikou is nigh useless in battle but she is instrumental in tracking operations. If Kakine Teitoku ran away, how would she know which direction to give chase?

Mugino Shizuri is silent so Frenda chose to remain silent as well. Takitsubou Rikou heaved and stood up.

“I am okay, let’s continue…”

Mugino Shizuri smiled.

“Oh is that so? Good, if that’s the case, let’s keep moving!”

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou can only nod.

They weaved through the crowd and was guided through various alleys by Takitsubou Rikou. Finally, the 3 ITEM members reached an enormous warehouse.

They stopped when they reached here, they turned grim when they saw what they are up against, their bodies also didn’t move.

It’s a teenager with an evil aura around him, he leaned against the wall of the warehouse with a sinister grin. It’s not hard to see that this guy is going to conjure up a shitstorm.

He had a vicious air around him, his tea-colored eyes were trained on Mugino Shizuri, Takitsubou Rikou, and Frenda. He didn’t seem too surprised at the appearance of these three girls, it is as though he is waiting for them to appear.

This guy is none other than Kakine Teitoku.

“Finally found me huh? Well then, ITEM, what is your business with me?”

Kakine Teitoku sardonically laughed at the 3 individuals in front of him. His words came as a surprise to Mugino Shizuri and her entourage.

“Since when did you know we are after you?”

Mugino Shizuri lifted an eyebrow but her elegant action couldn’t hide the anger from seeing Kakine Teitoku’s mocking attitude.

Kakine Teitoku pursed his lips and answered her.

“When that lassie over there used her ability, I immediately knew what’s up.”

Mugino turned grave and she narrowed her eyes. Kakine Teitoku didn’t bother giving Mugino Shizuri a second look as he kept his attention on Takitsubou Rikou.

“I was going to create special particles that would disperse the exact same AIM as me and divert you girls to another place. But, because I wanted to know why you girls are chasing me, I decided to wait here for you all.”

“The reason?”

Mugino Shizuri laughed as green light started shining. Green orbs of light appeared beside her.

“Do I have to explain myself?”

She lifted one of the light orbs and grinned towards Kakine Teitoku as if mocking Kakine Teitoku.

Kakine Teitoku grinned back but his grin also contained tremendous fury.

“You? Someone who couldn’t even handle [Hunter] when he appeared even going all out with no results to show for yourself? You pathetic No.4! Hahahaha!”

Kakine Teitoku laughed out loud like he found the most amusing story of them all.

“You bastard…”

After the crushing defeat with against Wu Yan, Mugino Shizuri couldn’t get over it. Kakine Teitoku brought up the painful memory and along with it, the wrath of having lost to Wu Yan, the fury had consumed her rational thought in only a second.

A laser shot out from Mugino Shizuri until it hit Kakine Teitoku.

She frowned knowing that Kakine Teitoku won’t get done in so easily.

“That’s your Meltdowner?”

Kakine Teitoku’s cocky voice came just as she thought about him. Mugino Shizuri had a grim expression as she looked at the site of impact.

Kakine Teitoku had a dark gas-like matter covering his chest and he was unharmed through it all.


Mugino Shizuri couldn’t believe the sight of an unharmed Kakine Teitoku. She looked like someone had changed her worldview.

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou had the same expression, they had never seen anyone mock Meltdowner and Mugino Shizuri while getting away with it with nary a scratch on them.

Kakine Teitoku patted his chest and the dark gas rippled. Kakine Teitoku pursed his lips and told her off.

“This is so elementary, I will let you in on something, these Dark Matter you see here will disintegrate anything foreign that it touches into the most elementary particles, energy, and velocity, all will be nigh lost in the resulting collision.”

Kakine Teitoku sneered at Mugino Shizuri.

“If I remember correctly, your Meltdowner is made up of electrons right?!”

Mugino Shizuri was stunned, she didn’t imagine her Meltdowner would get unraveled so easily.

A deep sense of dread filled her and she had a faint thought that told her she might have been a bit too naive.

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