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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 252: A one sided match! Madness and hate…

Seeing as Mugino Shizuri is stupefied by it all, Kakine Teitoku stopped his laughing and changed to a helpless smile while shaking his head. He continued in a disappointed manner.

“It seems you have too much confidence in your own ability. That should be the reason why you can’t deal with seeing your ability being rendered ineffective. Without your little lasers, you’re nothing…”

Kakine Teitoku looked down on Mugino Shizuri.

“With nothing to use against me. It seems that your defeat in this battle is a foregone conclusion…”

Kakine Teitoku grinned and looked at Mugino Shizuri as if she is a walking corpse.

Mugino Shizuri finally regained a bit of her senses. Being talked down to by Kakine Teitoku made her furious, she roared.

“Oh I see how it is! Fine! Since you want to die a bit quicker, I am going to oblige you!”

Mugino Shizuri took out a crystalline object, Diffusion Aid Semiconductor.

She hit the Diffusion Aid Semiconductor with her Meltdowner and a bullet rain was born from the resulting collision, practically carpet bombing Kakine Teitoku with the reflected lasers.

Kakine Teitoku had the same smug grin he had, he saw the bullet rain of laser and he spread his arm wide open as if welcoming a customer. He closed his eyes in a relaxed manner as he leaned against the wall of the warehouse. He ignored the bullet rain of lasers that would make anyone very terrified.

Dark Matter gas appeared and shielded Kakine Teitoku from the bombardment.

Loud booms ensued and the fireworks covered Kakine Teitoku’s figure. The warehouse wasn’t so lucky, it had been pierced by a lot of lasers since the beginning of the salvo.

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou already found their exit when Mugino Shizuri took out the Diffusion Aid Semiconductor. They looked at the center of all the action and they thanked God that they weren’t anywhere close to it. It’s not the first time they had seen this scene but each and every time they see it, they would be afraid of it.

They talked longer than the duration of this fight. From the start, they had no place in this fight, it was not a place they could intervene.

Mugino Shizuri was pleased when she saw Kakine Teitoku being engulfed by the sheer salvo of lasers. Very soon, however, her smile froze.

The lasers hit Kakine Teitoku and stopped in mid-air before being disintegrated by the dark matter that shrouded Kakine Teitoku.

None of them hit Kakine Teitoku.


Mugino Shizuri was overwhelmed by it all. Kakine Teitoku knew what she is thinking because he still had the same grin he had. She just couldn’t believe her ability’s utter uselessness against Dark Matter…

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou exchanged glances of disbelief as well. Mugino Shizuri is someone whose name is synonymous with invincible.

After joining ITEM with Mugino Shizuri, they had never seen any enemy who could survive more than 10 moves from Mugino Shizuri.

Since that day, everything changed. The invincible Mugino Shizuri had lost to an experiment item stealing thief. She had lost completely at the hands of Wu Yan.

Mugino Shizuri’s image had fallen in their heart by more than half since that day.

Since the joint operation with Hound Dog, Mugino Shizuri had once again found herself defeated at the hands of an unknown woman.

She couldn’t even fight back at all.

Mugino Shizuri’s image fell once more.

Is Mugino Shizuri going to lose again?…

This thought appeared in Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou. They felt an immense fear of this happening.

Looking at Kakine Teitoku who is sniggering, Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou felt that as the leader of the black operations organization as SCHOOL, he probably won’t let them go without killing them.

If Mugino Shizuri lost this time, there is a good chance that they will die as well.

Kakine Teitoku walked towards Mugino Shizuri with the leisure of one who is taking a stroll in the park. His sheer disdain is a stark contrast to the shock in Mugino Shizuri.

Mugino Shizuri’s expression froze and she stepped back almost reflexively. Kakine Teitoku ignored her action and kept walking towards her, every step he took, Mugino Shizuri would take a step back.

It is clear how terrified Mugino Shizuri is with Kakine Teitoku.

He frowned and told her off.

“Why are you backing off? I thought you were here to trouble me? Waste no time and be done with it, come on, bring out your full power!”

Kakine Teitoku is a bit annoyed that he has to spend time fighting against low-quality opponents. This is also typical of his personality to look down on people below his ranking.


Mugino Shizuri stopped and she had a very angry expression while staring at Kakine Teitoku. She is still a bit afraid and she didn’t want to admit it but Kakine Teitoku is right.

Because of her confidence in her own ability, she relied on it to the extent that without it, she is basically harmless.

Because the warehouse is on fire, the temperate around them steadily rose until she felt like her throat is starting to dry up as well.

Mugino Shizuri noted her own emotions and clenched her fists. Thinking back on her recent failure got her very close to manic frenzy. Is she going to lose another time here and now?

Thinking about this, she hysterically yelled.

“Fucckkk! You’re just one ranking above me!”

Kakine Teitoku stopped, his smile began receding and his expression dimmed. Because he lowered his head, his bangs covered his eyes from view.

When he went silent, the air became heavy with killing intention, Mugino Shizuri shuddered when she sensed it, she adopted a dreadful expression.

A low sound came from Kakine Teitoku and it sounded as if it came from hell.

“Mugino Shizuri, you done fucked up…”

Kakine Teitoku might have hated Accelerator to the bones but right now, he’s most pissed off by Misaka Mikoto.

He didn’t stand a chance against Mikoto and his Dark Matter got torn apart just like his pride by Mikoto’s railgun.

When he remembered how cocksure he was that day, how confident he was that he arrived at the scene with six wings, so sure he was that he could easily obtain anything he wanted.

Kakine Teitoku never thought that he would wrong, so very wrong in his estimations.

He thought he would be taking candy from a baby but he got bitchslapped back into his rightful place like the little cheeky ass monkey that he is. So much for having an invincible power that he got done in by a souped-up electric generator.

Moreover, he got demoted to No.3 after that. Mugino Shizuri’s mention about him being ranked just above her brought out the hate within him.

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