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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 255: Railgun, the bane of Kakine Teitoku

Kakine Teitoku stood there waiting for Wu Yan and Mugino Shizuri to end their talks. He seemed like he didn’t care how the talks turned out.

Only Kakine Teitoku knows how much he wants to go wild.

Kakine Teitoku swore not once but multiple times to make Misaka Mikoto rue the day she brought him down from his ranking, he wanted her to beg for her death and then he would give her a fate worse than death.

Every time he wanted to take revenge against Mikoto, he would inevitably recall the image of an orange laser taking him out in one shot.

That orange laser had left a trauma in him. Every time he even thought about the orange laser, his hate would be dispelled by the sight or even the very thought of going up against the orange laser.

In other words, Kakine Teitoku is scared…

Before he can come up with a way to deal with that orange laser, Kakine Teitoku must not reveal himself before Mikoto.

Wu Yan’s appearance and his words had brought out the hatred he had buried, now it is all exploding out from within him.

If he can’t deal with Railgun, he can always go after her man, right? If he killed her boyfriend who knows what state that No.3 will end up in?…

It’s clear that Kakine Teitoku still can’t deal with the fact he got pulled down to No.3, the guy is trying to escape this fact in his mind.

When he settled on this decision, Kakine Teitoku already forgot what Wu Yan said, he calmly waited for Wu Yan and Mugino Shizuri to finish their conversation.

When Wu Yan turned around and looked at him, Kakine Teitoku laughed.

“Are you done with your business? If you’re not, I don’t mind it if you continue, I can wait…”

Kakine Teitoku thinks of him as the boyfriend of Mikoto and nothing more.

He personally investigated him and found that he is but a mere lv0, a delinquent with no powers to speak of.

This kind of identity, had he not been the boyfriend of Mikoto, Kakine Teitoku wouldn’t even waste a second of his time to look at his profile.

Kakine Teitoku thinks that he can end Wu Yan anytime he wanted.

It’s just that Kakine Teitoku forgot what happened the last time he thought it would as easy as taking candy from a baby.

“Oh? Is that so?”

Wu Yan saw the condescending light in his eyes and he laughed it off, he continued much to the surprise of Kakine Teitoku.

“But, I mind it very much!”

Wu Yan shook his head as he continued.

“I don’t have the time of day to waste with you, it’s getting dark and I need to get home to eat dinner with my wives…”

“He’s mad! The guy must have gone absolutely mad!”

Frenda clenched her beret and used it to cover her eyes. She didn’t have the heart to watch what is about to unfold. Why does the guy have to dig his grave like that? Even if he didn’t want to run and wanted to fight just get on it with it.

Takitsubou Rikou and Kinuhata Saiai were worried about Wu Yan. Even Mugino Shizuri felt that it’s only a matter of time before Wu Yan gets a smackdown.

Kakine Teitoku laughed but his eyes were serious, Wu Yan’s words were nothing more than wind to his ears.

“You are very confident aren’t you? Do you think that No.3… Misaka Mikoto will come and save you?”

Wu Yan merely grinned in response, the same thing Kakine Teitoku did when Mugino Shizuri, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou confronted him.

That’s the look of someone who didn’t consider the opponent worthy.

He rubbed his chin and shrugged.

“Mikoto won’t be coming, it’s only me here so you don’t need to pee your pants…”

“You think I am afraid?”

Kakine Teitoku is so insulted he expressed his anger with laughter.

“Are you actually saying that I am intimidated?”

‘That is the case.”

He took out a coin from his pocket and placed it between his fingers much to the shock of Kakine Teitoku.

“You should have brought a pair of yellow pants, don’t you think so? No.3…”

“You asshole!”

Kakine Teitoku had a grim face, he might be putting on a brave front but his real attention is on the coin in his hand. A look at his eyes and one could see terror within them.

Although the terror disappeared pretty quickly, Wu Yan still saw them and he looked at the coin in his hand. He ruminated for a bit before realizing what’s going on.

His red eyes beamed and he formulated a plan…

Crackle crackle

Wu Yan was clad in lightning as they whipped around making sounds as if someone is scratching mirrors. The bluish-white lightning suffused Wu Yan.


Kakine Teitoku couldn’t believe the sight of Wu Yan clad in lightning. He yelled out.

“This is impossible! Aren’t you a lv0? You were hiding your strength all this time?”

Wu Yan hiding his ability didn’t shock him as much as the fact that he had the same ability as that girl. Linking the pieces together made him stupefied.

Wu Yan confirmed his suspicions upon seeing the look of utter shock on Kakine Teitoku. He flipped the coin as it landed on his hand.

“No more chit-chats!”

Kakine Teitoku turned very dark, the anger in his eyes made him throw aside the surprise he had upon seeing his ability.

He uttered a cold hmph and spread his wings. He sneered at him from above.

“The same electrical power as Railgun huh? It’s not a surprise that you two got together, but…”

Kakine Teitoku grinned.

“I find it doubtful that you can use railgun…”

Wu Yan had a very odd expression, it’s like he wanted to laugh but chose to endure the urge. Instead, Wu Yan lifted his hand, still clad in lightning, he channeled the lightning towards his hand and the coin.

This familiar and nightmarish scene occurred while Kakine Teitoku’s pupil shrunk in response. He tried to tell himself that this is all merely a bluff.

The next scene made him wish he brought the brown pants instead.

The coin had heated up into a white radiant spot of light. Meanwhile, Wu Yan’s red eyes turned into golden eyes.

Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, Frenda, and Mugino Shizuri who saw his red eyes turn golden made them very perturbed when they were already confused as to why he had red eyes.

Kakine Teitoku’s heart throbbed when he saw the coin slowly gaining energy. A deep dread grasped him from within.

The next instant, a railgun was fired at nigh lightning speed towards Kakine Teitoku much to everyone’s surprise.


Kakine Teitoku deployed three layers of Dark Matter as he dodged to the side like his life depended on it.

Wu Yan laughed when he saw this scene, if Kakine Teitoku weren’t too busy being afraid, he could have observed that this railgun paled in comparison to Mikoto’s.

His railgun couldn’t even pierce through one layer of Dark Matter, what’s to say about 3 layers? He didn’t have to dodge in such a ragged manner.

This also confirmed that Kakine Teitoku is very terrified by railguns.

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