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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 264: To pick one of the cherries, who shall it be?…

Just when Wu Yan thought that he had somehow managed to pull one over their eyes, the truth of the matter is that it wasn’t that simple. He is going to get karma served up to him on a plate.

The karma came in the form of a crystal blade and an iron sand sword. The moment he saw the sword, he knew how truly foolish he was thinking that this would be a perfect heist. He might have fooled the girls if they didn’t know him long enough. But, how is going to cheat his way out of this with Kaichou-sama and Railgun who had shared the same bed with him almost on a daily basis.

To quote a certain demon hunter, he was not prepared.

Luckily for him, Kaichou-sama and Railgun went easy on him. After he fell down to the floor with bruises all over his body and especially on his head, the girls let him go. Obviously, they were just a bit jealous over him bringing a few girls home.

Thus, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou entered the wolf’s den. Moreover, they weren’t too sure whether or not Kaichou-sama and Railgun knew about his tendency to morph into a lecherous beast. Maybe the girls looked the other way but this is how the 3 girls entered into residency at his house as maids.

Now then, what is he going to do with a room all to himself, courtesy of the girls. They even dragged Ikaros away for a “long talk”.

When Ikaros got dragged away, her expression said that she wasn’t all too willing to part with him. After she is gone, Wu Yan cried and then he grinned.

He cried because woe be him, he has three cute wives but he is getting the one person deluxe room suite treatment. It’s hard being bigger than life sometimes.

He grinned because he can disappoint the wives through another outlet.

He might not be able to dip his crane in the oil well with his 3 wives, that didn’t mean he can’t do his squat thrusts in a new cucumber patch.

What about a certain abyssal stomach pit, you say?

Well, he is man enough to admit that he has no resistance towards blonde but when he looked at Astrea with puppy eyes. She yelled at him with a loud and clear “Baka!” before flying into her room. He is clearly not going to get any from her.

Given her personality, if he forced his way into her room, she would probably throw up a fuss huge enough to attract the attention of every girl there. Thus, he gave up on her.

Which leaves him with Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou…

Kinuhata Saiai, he is not going to do the forbidden polka with this loli for sure. She’s probably the most eager of the trio to watch him get mercilessly slaughtered in front of Hinagiku and Mikoto. Heck, she would probably scream at the top of her lungs the first chance she gets. No doubt him abducting her here had much to do with her odious attitude with him. She’s the type who would watch him get wasted while munching on popcorns so he’s going to pass on her for now.

Regarding Takitsubou Rikou, she has a slamming hot figure, probably among the top 3 in this house and definitely the best when compared to Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda. He is holding himself back from making her peel his banana. But, after thinking for a bit, he decided to pass on her.

He actually didn’t have the heart to get down and dirty with the girl who had the highest rating of him among the trio who just joined his harem. Plus, she’s actually here on her own volition. Who is he kidding? He’s just saving the best for last.

By the process of elimination, that leaves a certain blonde moe blob as the “lucky” one.

This guy is obviously making a ton of excuses so he can get in on some loli gland to gland combat.


Deep in the night… I was looking for some fun

After darkness had enveloped every corner of this house, when faint breathing sound ryhthmically came out of each room. The door of a certain wolf’s room opened.

He stuck his head out and suspiciously glanced over in the direction of Hinagiku and Mikoto’s room. He sneered and looked towards Frenda’s room.

Tip-toeing his way over to her room, it was like he’s a thief, in his own house.

His heart started racing. You know him, he’s obviously not getting cold feet because he’s going to get some stank on. It’s because he’s excited.

He’s basically no different than a low life scum of a bandit. Yet, he’s feeling all kinds of excitement, one really has to question as to how low will he stoop, to think the guy had the audacity to think that he still has a pure heart after doing so many dirty deeds.

Wu Yan used the ability identical to Mikoto’s and he can’t help but marvel at its utility from hacking to opening doors for less-than-legal purposes. Without it, he would have to spend quite a bit of effort to pull this off.

After opening the door, he saw a sleeping blonde moe blob, his eyes beamed up and his smile turned into a sinister grin.

Maybe it’s because Wu Yan didn’t hide his presence, the moment he entered, Frenda detected him, a trait courtesy of years dealing in the dark side of the academy.

Opening her eyes, Frenda wondered just who would have the balls to step foot in such a terrifying guy’s home. Moreover, into her room no less.

She’s not exagerrating when she said terrifying. At the very least, excluding her two friends and herself, just the fact that No.2 and No.3 lived here makes it terrifying enough.

Granted, she would never know that the real powerhouse are the two girls that had been in front of her all this time: Ikaros who seemed out of it and Astrea who seemed like a clutz.

When she saw the person himself, she figured out that the guy who had huge cajones isn’t some random dude. The reason he’s not afraid to die is that this is his home in the first place.


She said while pointing at Wu Yan who is grinning at her at the door. She is too flabbergasted to say anything else with her small mouth wide opened.

He’s the guy who had basically abducted here, with ill intentions. Now that he is here when everyone else is sleeping, Frenda need only think about it a bit to understand the guy’s objective.

Frenda is not happy even if she knew his intentions. Before she could recover from her shock, the figure standing at the door turned blurry as the door locked.

A pair of deep red eyes locked gaze with her, giving her a jump in surprise. She backed off subconsciously but a pair of big hands stopped her.

“Hey there, Frenda-chan…”

He grinned while lifting her chin. She could see the lewdness in his deep red eyes, the passion within his eyes made Frenda’s heart race. It seemed her heart throbbed so hard she could faintly hear it in this quiet room.

Taking her cute expression, Wu Yan licked her on the face and continued like a low-class villain.

“Are you prepared?”

With no rhyme and reason, Wu Yan asked her if she’s prepared or not. The implication is clear to her and she trembled. She cried and yelled inside.

Why me…


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