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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 270: The arrival of second young lady, the search for a solution.

What’s the wing like, you say?

To describe it as a wing would be a tad bit inaccurate, it looked more like a gigantic necklace or bracelet.

Based on the general appearance of the thing, it resembles a wing but it didn’t have the feathers or webbing one would expect of a wing. The thing looked so flimsy it probably couldn’t hold up much weight.

Instead of feathers, crystals of various colors hanged from the wing-like protrusions, the light reflected off of the crystals were pretty but it made her wings look odd.


flandre character screen


Level 82, a tier 9!

Wu Yan couldn’t stop his heart from throbbing rapidly. This is the second time had seen a tier 9 other than the giant spider queen from way back then. Based on pure levels alone, Flandre already outclassed the spider queen.

Who would think, based on the first impression, that this delicate young lady sleeping in front of his eyes would be a tier 9?

But, Wu Yan isn’t too surprised that Flandre is a tier 9.

Flandre’s ability to destroy almost anything is a terrifying ability. Her ability of Eye is a bit similar to the Mystic eyes of death perception, in that she can see the points of death in the form of eyes.

These eyes, or vital points can be moved into her hands and by destroying these eyes, the subject would be destroyed with a squeeze of her hands.

Once she lifts her hand, it means that the target’s eyes had already been grasped and as such would be destroyed with one minor squeeze from her hand.

What a scary ability.

It is a bit different from the Mystic eyes of death perception but it is definitely more terrifying than those eyes. To kill something, a Mystic eyes of death perception would have to actually muster up the ability to come and touch those lines. Flandre can skip this part altogether, she just needs a visual on the target and it is game over for the victim.

Furthermore, Flandre is a vampire. She’s not a True Ancestor but she is still a mighty vampire in her own rights.

The extraordinary regenerative powers of a vampire made for a fearsome combination with her destructive capabilities. She is basically a walking demon lord of destruction while looking like a loli.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call her a demon lord. Probably due to her lack of control over her immense power, Flandre seemed to be suffering from a psychological illness of some kind. She is not too stable and as a result, she could not control her ability to its full extent.

It would be similar to how a user of mystic eyes of death perception couldn’t just turn off their ability without proper measures.

Flandre wants to play with anything that would move and by play, she means shooting a barrage of lasers at them.

Anytime she played with something, she would subconsciously grab the target’s Eyes. In her own words, these victims would be referred to as broken after she was done with them.

Her power over Eyes made her a terrible foe to cross paths with. That and her unstable psychological state caused her own sister, Remilia Scarlet to confine her to the basement despite the anguish it must have caused her to do so.

As such, Flandre had basically grown up in a basement. It is also the reason why Wu Yan is a bit anxious about Flandre being chosen as the random summon.

A girl that would “play” with things that moved is without a doubt, a veritable threat in a city with a population of 2.3 million.

According to his understanding of Flandre, if she was to run off somewhere into the main street. She is probably going to forge a sea of blood. Worst case scenario, she might just reduce the whole city into a ghost town.

Nobody can stop her, including Aleister and Aiwass. At least, Wu Yan didn’t think they would stand a chance against Flandre’s level of 82.

Without an immediate alternative, Wu Yan decided to move here before anything happens. Reflected in his eyes is the slender body of Flandre. He looked at her cute little face and he felt a bit bad for the girl.

Ignoring her real age and looking at her appearance and mental age, she would be just another girl who would snuggle herself into her mother’s embrace, a girl who should be jumping around and playing to her heart’s content.

However, due to her fearsome power and unstable mind, he had to bring her here on reflex, intending to separate her from the masses. It’s also not a wonder that Remilia had to confine her in the basement.

He wondered how nice it would be to just hang out with Flandre.

Wu Yan is torn between two points of fact: That Flandre had been summoned and that she is a dangerous entity.

Is he really going to lock Flandre up like Remilia did with her?

Wu Yan shuddered and slapped himself on the cheek, leaving his own palm print on his face.

Due to True Ancestor’s incredible regeneration, the mark disappeared the next instant, but the pain jolted his mind back into the present.

No, he will not repeat what Remilia did. Never!

He clenched his fist and quickly scrolled through the menus on his System.


He saw his stat and he hurriedly conjured up a bunch of plans, going through them, he wanted to find a method that would allow Flandre to continue living like a kid.

He ran through pages of equipment, items, abilities and even the summons page, crossing out plans and making new ones at the same time.

He is not worried that there might not be a solution in the System. The system had not failed him before, anytime he needed something, he would be able to find what he needed within the System.

He is only concerned about the fact that he had to operate within the means of his points.

Lucky for him, the System pulled through once more and saved his metaphorical ass.

Sealing Bracelet: Comes with a red bracelet and a white bracelet. The user wearing the red bracelet will have all her/his abilities and power sealed. Only the user wearing the white bracelet can issue the command to unseal the red bracelet. Once worn, it cannot be taken down or destroyed. Please note that the users must wear the bracelets in unqualified consent, failing which the bracelet cannot be worn.)

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