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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 278: Sight-seeing trip around Academy City with Flandre-chan

Academy City, School district 7…

Everywhere a certain young man walked, people would be stunned when they saw him.

More specifically, the people aren’t looking at the young but rather the cute girl giggling happily in his arms.

Women who walked by and saw the girl would show signs of adoration with starry eyes. Hell, some women with a bit more specialized taste would straight up squirt blood from their nostrils and collapse on the walkway.

Males who walked by would unleash their feral beast within, judging by the glow in their eyes. Generally speaking, they were all way too old for her.

And those who were in her age range who caught a glimpse of her would start treading on a dangerous path known as the path of a Lolicon.

Of course, people saw the youngster holding the girl as well. They were all either jealous, hateful, wishing they could be him or a mix of the aforementioned. Some of them tried piercing the youngster with their arctic leers.

Having adapted to this kind of leers before, the youngster didn’t seem too bothered by them. He just walked his merry little way along the street, stick and stones might break his bone but haters can go suck a furry big one.

These posers can’t hurt him even if he stood there doing nothing.

The youngster or rather the Ossan (Wu Yan’s retort: You’re the Ossan, your whole family is made up of Ossans) 1 is none other than Wu Yan, and the girl, Flandre-chan.

With her arms around his neck, Wu Yan carried her in his arms. Flandre-chan kept gasping in admiration or awe whenever she saw the shops and buildings along the way.

Gensokyo had humans as well but they were living a life that is rather traditional not unlike when Japan is still governed by a feudal system. Flandre-chan had not even visited the human world in her own world, of course she’s going to be surprised by a lot of the stuff in Academy City, which is arguably the most advanced city in this world.

Having never witnessed sceneries as interesting as this before, Flandre-chan had glee and joy written all over her face, she looked like a kid who was told she could go wander the streets and play games, giggling all the way.

Her laughter, so graceful and innocent that it seemed able to pacify the harsh heat of the streets in the summer time. At least, the smiling pedestrians certainly didn’t think it was hot given their smiling face.

Her charms drew more than laughter from the pedestrians…

There is a currently a lewd Ossan standing in front of Wu Yan and Flandre-chan with flaring nostrils and hot breath coming out of it.

One could almost see the outlines of a heart in those vulgar eyes that stayed fixed on Flandre-chan’s body. The lewd Ossan hugged his own body and wriggled like a snake while groaning in an annoying manner.

Is this asshole asking for an ass whooping?

Gulping, the lewd ossan grabbed a comb from his pocket and started combing his hair before clearing his throat. He continued in a straight tone as if people didn’t see his disgusting movements before.

“Young man…”

The lewd ossan eyed Flandre-chan and shouted at Wu Yan with authority not expected of a mere mortal.

“Please entrust the loli…er, I mean that girl to me. I own 2 retail chains, 5 companies, dozens of houses, I am what you would call a stinking rich man. If I am the one who raised that girl then she can live a very stimulating life. How about it? Tempted? I don’t blame you, now hand her over!”

He spoke as if he was on the moral high ground but his lewd intentions were all but apparent to anyone there, his nostrils started flaring, his face flushed and he started panting like a dog.

What a disgusting fellow…


Veins started popping on Wu Yan’s temple. He looked at this mofo who had the guts to stop him, spouting BS like raising Flandre-chan and giving her a Stimulating life. Wu Yan laughed but a dark aura started coming out of him.

The lewd ossan felt a chill climbing up his spine and before he could react, a fist started making its way into his face. A fist smashed his glasses, sent him flying away like a cannonball.

The ossan flew until he hit a guy coming out of a corner of the street. He landed on the guy and destroyed the groceries he held like they were precious treasures…

“Ohhhh! My precious… food materials! The discount groceries I bought with what remained of my allowance!!!”

The person isn’t concerned that his head is currently bleeding. he only cared about his groceries, apparently more than ignoring the bleeding, he seemed blase to it.

“Why the hell is a guy falling from the sky?! And, why me?! Fukou-da!!!”

Wu Yan’s lip twitched when he heard the term “Fukou-da!” That unlucky fellow had spiky hair, now that he looked closer.

The spectators ignored the spiky-haired guy and the lewd ossan after a glance.

An individual was about to apprehend him when the person saw him hurting another person. But, after learning of the situation, the person went over to the lewd ossan who had a severe bruise on his face and promptly cuffed the guy.

“I am from Judgment! I hereby arrest you on the charges of attempting to assault a minor! You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be used to determine the severity of your punishment!”

The person claiming to be a judgment member gave him a good job finger gesture as if complimenting him for that punch.

Hey wait, wasn’t it supposed to be anything you say will be used against you in the court of law? Did they skip the process and went straight to mete out the punishment? Oof.

It was heroic of him to beat the mofo trying to pull a move on Flandre-chan. But, he felt like he should revise his views towards the Academy City.

He watched with a 囧 expression as the lewd Ossan got dragged away (Author note: Yeap, dragged away). If he wasn’t a True Ancestor, his heart might have failed at this point with all the turn of events.

Flandre-chan clapped and laughed as if she wasn’t the main cause for this issue. She chirped.

“Onii-chan! Those people are so interesting, this is so fun!!!”

Wu Yan rubbed her head, although a lot of the pedestrians didn’t agree. He grinned at her.

“Yeap, you having fun?”


Flandre-chan replied in an instant. She hurrahed and continued in an excited tone.

“Flandre-chan’s very happy! There are so many weird houses, I am having the time of my life!”

Flandre-chan looked at the pedestrians, killing a bunch of them with her cuteness. She then looked back at Wu Yan with a confused expression.

“Also, there is a lot of people here…”

Wu Yan flinched.

“A lot of people?”

Flandre-chan nodded and she continued in a low tone.

“Flan had never seen so many people in her whole life. Except for the toys sent to play with Flan, Onee-chan, Sakuya, Meiling, Patchouli and a weird person in black and white clothing, I had never seen so many people at once…”

Sighing, he pinched her cheeks, eliciting a yelp from her. He smiled and continued.

“What do you say I bring you around and see a lot more people than this as well as more fun places huh?”

Flandre-chan beamed up and hurrahed again.

“Oh yes! Yeah! Onii-chan is the best!”


  1.  “ossan” (おっさん) is somewhat of a rude word for middle aged-dudes

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