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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 280: Ikaros’ admiration

With Flandre-chan in his arms, he arrived at his home. He stared at the door with unsteady breath, he didn’t have the guts to push the door open.

A lot happened within the span of a day, but Wu Yan still remembered every last detail that transpired because of his Impeccable Memory, even if he really wanted to forget about the task he had on hand.

If he is not wrong, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea went out to shop and did assign him to clean up the house…

If he is not wrong, he made Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou wear maid uniforms to clean up the house.

And, if he is not wrong, maybe, probably, it seemed like Frenda, Kinuhata Saiai, and Takitsubou Rikou wrecked the house they were supposed to clean…

Moreover, if he is not wrong, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea shouldn’t be out shopping late?…

Furthermore, if he is not wrong, he left Frenda and Kinuhata Saiai on their own, the two who hates his gut.

They had no vested interest to clean up the house.

By logical deduction, Hinagiku and Mikoto would have seen the living room which looked like it got hit by a typhoon.

It’s his home but he stood at the door for a full 15 minutes, trying to make up his mind to push the door open. It’s kinda like an old geezer who had been out enjoying the company of girls, who is now afraid of premature death due to domestic reason.

Well, the example had a similarity to his present situation.

He didn’t go and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh but he did bring home a loli.

It’s not yet deep in the night but the sun had been down for hours now.

Flandre-chan looked at the house in front of her in curiosity. She looked at Wu Yan, there’s no sign of fatigue on her despite playing the whole day.

Noticing that Wu Yan is looking at the house in a dazed manner, she tugged at Wu Yan’s sleeve.

“Onii-chan, what’s wrong? Do you hate that door? Do you need Flan to break it?”

Flan flinched before she stuck her tongue out.

“Flan forgot that she can’t break objects anymore…”

Flandre-chan managed to return Wu Yan to his senses. He rubbed her head with an awkward smile.

“I don’t hate the door, it’s Onii-chan’s home, how can Onii-chan hate it?…”


Flandre-chan nodded before she frowned and yelled out in surprise.

“It’s your home so you’re bringing Flan home?”

Wu Yan’s heart jumped for a moment. He looked at Flan’s expression and after confirming that there’s no weird signs, he continued with a bitter smile.

“You’re right but somehow it sounds like I am doing something illegal?…”

“Why’s that?…”

Flan didn’t understand the full nuance but she did understand one thing, that Wu Yan is bringing her home with him. She pouted in dissatisfaction.

“Flan can still keep playing, why must I go home!”

Wu Yan’s heart started racing, he felt his vessels constricting, he wanted to flip tables when he saw that Flandre-chan still had tons of energy.

Play? If we keep playing, we won’t be back by midnight!

“Ne, Onii-chan, let’s ditch home and go play some more!”

Flandre-chan used her puppy eyes on Wu Yan while grabbing his shirt. Her cuteness almost made blood come out of his nostrils, he trembled.

Wu Yan wanted to go in the house but Flandre-chan seemed to have another idea. It’s her first time seeing the outside world, with so many fun stuff out there, returning home seemed like a frightening prospect.

If she returned home, it meant that she can’t play anymore.

Flan decided to lobby for Wu Yan to change his decision with her inherent cuteness. From experimenting throughout the day, if she used this expression on him, Onii-chan would do anything she asks.

Flandre-chan had a knack for grabbing him by his weak point. She managed to stagger Wu Yan with her subtle manipulations.

But, if he didn’t go in now, it would probably be the last time he would be able to go play with Flandre-chan. Fearing for his metaphorical or maybe literal ass, he punched himself inside.

With a shaky voice, he forced a smile, resisting her OP cuteness, he told her.

“Flandre-chan, it’s dark so we should head home. Flandre-chan’s a good girl so she must return home, get me?…”

“It’s dark and we must go home huh?”

Flandre-chan lifted her head with a confused face.

“But, Onee-chan said that the night is when we are supposed to be most active?”

Wu Yan started sweating bullets. How could he let something like that slip past him when he has Impeccable memory by his side. This girl is a loli vampire and don’t vampires usually work in the night?

Ah, goddamnit me…

He laughed with a dry voice as if to perk himself up. He made a stupid mistake, however, Wu Yan’s home had poor sound insulation.


The door opened, more like slammed open. What Wu Yan and Flandre-chan saw made one flinch in surprise while the other started raining sweat.

The two door god at his door… his two wives met him. They stood shoulder to shoulder, two pair of eyes, tea-colored and yellowish-green-colored stared at him. The warmth within the eyes carried no real warmth, it only served to make him feel deep terror.

The two pairs of eyes scanned Wu Yan and noticed he was holding onto Flandre-chan. They were shocked to see her but they didn’t voice their surprise out.

Their silence made him sweat more vigorously, enough to almost drip down onto Flandre-chan.

The silence continued…



Ikaros and Astrea walked out of the house. They cheered up when they saw Wu Yan. Ikaros softly called out to him while Astrea greeted him with her usual energetic attitude.

Ikaros was stunned when she saw Flandre-chan in Wu Yan’s arms. She focused on Flandre-chan with her emerald eyes.

Katsura Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Astrea who were staring at Flandre-chan finally regained their senses, a bright light poured forth from their eyes.

“Sho cuteeee!!”

Wu Yan and Flandre-chan jumped in surprise. Before they could react, Katsura Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Astrea had seemingly teleported in front of him as they cooed.

“So cute! So frigging cute! This child!”

“Ne ne, what’s your name? I am Astrea~~~”

“Let me hug her? Please?!”

The three pairs of eyes were brimming with a sinister red color, adding much to Wu Yan’s already pouring sweat.

Flandre-chan was stupefied by the sheer vigor of those around her, she seemed like a frightened animal. She made a grabbing gesture in front of those 3 girls.

Flandre-chan had forgotten the fact that her power was sealed, she stared at her hand in a dumbfounded state before she quickly hid her face in Wu Yan’s chest.

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Astrea finally calmed down a bit when they saw this. Wu Yan’s awkward grin was replied with by leers of utter hostility.

Ikaros looked at Flandre-chan who buried her face in Wu Yan’s chest. She then looked at Wu Yan who held tightly onto Flandre-chan. She grasped her hands in front of her chest.

How she wanted to do the same thing with him…


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