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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 282: Sweet sweet booty! Choosing a good time

School district 7, Tokiwadai dormitory.

Tokiwadai dormitory can house two people per room, it’s like the arrangement Mikoto and Kuruko had, when they used to live together.

Now that Mikoto had moved into Wu Yan’s house, Kuruko who was devastated by this could not deal with reality. She would mumble lines like “Onee-sama will never abandon Kuroko” and “Onee-sama will return one day’, she adamantly defended the ownership of the other half of the room.

Well, she tried very hard anyway, hard enough that the dorm supervisor had to intervene and another student boarded Kuroko’s room.

Not even a lv5 like Mikoto would have a special privilege like this, this is a testament to how powerful the dorm supervisor is in enforcing her rules.

Only one room in this dormitory had only 1 person in 1 room, the strict rules notwithstanding.

Without any special privilege, Shokuhou Misaki still can use her ability to turn the table around so that she gets a room all to herself.

At this moment, Shokuhou Misaki is about to enjoy a bath. She undressed herself and her magnificent hooters appeared in full view. She removed the enchanting white leggings she had on. The way she bent down to remove the leggings would be enough to induce significant nosebleed in males or those who admire Shokuhou Misaki.

Tossing her clothes in the basket at the side, she slid her finger across her smooth body before she showed a confident smile. Then, she started bathing.

Hot water rained down from above onto her porcelain smooth skin. The water splashed against her skin before moving down her body in an alluring manner.

She stretched her legs and looked like a supermodel while doing it, perhaps, she might have outperformed then with those movements of hers. Also, them racks.

If Wu Yan were here, he would have said that’s cheating.

She shook her blonde hair side to side and she managed to rid her hair of some of the water. She turned off the showerhead and sat in the bathtub. Closing her eyes with a satisfied expression, she let herself go, bath time is one of her most favorite moments of the day.

After a while, she opened her eyes and she lifted her huge breasts. Even though she didn’t use too much strength, a strange jolt still hit her, making her blush slightly.

Sighing, Shokuhou Misaki didn’t understand something. Even if she had seen people with larger breasts than her, why has it got to be her that has sensitive breasts.

It’s the reason why she rarely touches her breasts.

Still in the bathtub, Shokuhou Misaki recalled the day that evil bastard had his way with her most sensitive part, massaging her hooters into various shapes like he’s playing with bread dough. The thought of it infuriated her.

Slapping the water surface, she roared.

“That asshole, having enjoyed himself so much, I hadn’t even heard a peep from him since then, what a prick!”

After getting that out of her chest, Shokuhou Misaki laid back against the bathtub before sighing in curiosity.

“What is that guy up to now?…”

Shokuhou Misaki huffed right after.

“Probably being all flirty with that Misaka Mikoto! What does he see in that flat-as-an-airport-field middle school student?!”

Her starry eyes locked onto her breasts and she mumbled to herself.

“I wonder which pair of hands will you girls fall into…”

“How about mine?!”

The sudden tease shocked her. She reflexively lowered her body down into the hot water for cover, She looked at the source of the sound and yelled.

“Who goes there!”

“Oh? You were wondering what I was doing, now you’re going to ask me who I am?”

She heard the familiar voice and she instantly recognized the figure standing at the door to her bathroom.

Black haired with a pair of deep red eyes, the charming pair of eyes made his ordinary look a lot more handsome.

The guy is currently looking at her with ana mused grin. Not even bothered by her naked body, he let his eyes partake in the feast in front of it.


She’s a bit happy to see him again, but she is angry that the guy is not even hiding the fact that he’s enjoying the sight of her in her birthday suit. She also wanted to yell at him for not contacting her for so long. That’s probably why she had a weird tone when she called him out.

It’s her shame that took over and she yelled at him with a very red face.

“Get out, now!”

Wu Yan turned his other way in a disappointed manner, he clicked his tongue and continued.

“Oh jeez, you were grumbling about me not looking for you, now that I am you want me to get out?”

Shokuhou Misaki yelled at him with a mix of shame and fury.

“Can you at least try looking for an appropriate time and place?”

Wu Yan snickered as he scanned her body all over.

“Isn’t now a very good time? I was thanking myself for choosing this time to visit you, ya know?”


Shokuhou Misaki didn’t know what expression to adopt against this shameless guy. She could guess that she had a very funny expression on and that’s why she’s mad with herself for not doing better.

As the queen of Tokiwadai, she’s supposed to be composed and confident. She’s frustrated that the mere appearance of Wu Yan would throw her off her game like this.

Sensing that she’s upset, he shrugged and continued.

“Ma, Joou-sama, don’t sweat the small stuff. I already had a ton of fun playing with them, what’s the harm with looking at your giant muffins?…”

Her amusing face became even more amusing after what Wu Yan said. Shokuhou Misaki who didn’t know what to say merely sighed and hid her body as much as possible, all for a few modica of the feeling of security.

She might think of herself as poised but it’s cute that she’s bothered by a fact that the opposite gender had a full view of her naked body.

Her starry eyes met his deep red eyes, she can’t help but feel attracted to that abnormal pair of eyes, Shokuhou Misaki felt a sense of satisfaction whenever she saw his eyes.

It was only for a moment though as she quickly averted her eyes and she replied in an annoyed tone.

“Fine, since you have found such a good time to meet me, what is the matter?”

Wu Yan responded with a matter-of-fact tone.

“Why to see you,, of course!”

Shokuhou Misaki stared at him with her starry eyes while Wu Yan tried to maintain his stern expression. She didn’t say anything and as time slowly moved on, Wu Yan’s façade melted away and he admitted defeat.

“Alright, I have something to discuss with you…”

Shokuhou Misaki snorted and turned the other way in a huff. She knew the guy had an ulterior motive.

“Well? Speak up!”

Rubbing his cheek, he glanced at her pristine body and continued.

“Well, let’s slowly proceed to that matter as we discuss some rather earthly matters if you know what I mean…”


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