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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 283: Might as well go all the way after coming this far

Shokuhou Misaki blushed at the thought of her mumblings being heard by Wu Yan.

“You were listening?…”

She pursed her lips and she asked Wu Yan while her face shone bright red.

If he heard her, that means he listened to her making a fuss like a little girl.

Where will she find the dignity to maintain her air of a queen around him?

Wu Yan grinned at her, indirectly telling her that he did amuse himself with her rambling. If her face was red before, her face right now would be described as a bright red like that of an apple.

Shokuhou Misaki lowered her head, trying to bury it between her magnificent mountains. The thought of drowning herself tempted her for a moment but she decided against it.

Wu Yan put a palm to his forehead as if he had been thunderstruck by her cute expressions. He did have to fix that weird laughter of his though…

Not that he cared, he’s too busy teasing Joou-sama at the moment…

How she wanted to mind control him and make him go run laps around the city completely naked. At least that would alleviate some of her embarrassment. However, due to his electromaster ability, she couldn’t do that so she can only imagine herself doing it.

Minding the chance that she might go on a rampage if he kept teasing her about this. He stopped after rubbing it in her face a few more times. Clearing his throat, he walked on over to Shokuhou Misaki’s side.

She was surprised to see him approaching him and she panicked because she’s still in her birthday suit.

Feeling an ominous feeling, Shokuhou Misaki lowered her body into the bathtub but because the bathtub is not that big, she couldn’t retreat any more than this. Suddenly, she had the distinct feeling that she was out of escape routes.

“Yo-you… what are you going to do…”

Shokuhou Misaki put on a brave front as she stared at Wu Yan. She could hide the panic in her starry eyes, not escaping Wu Yan’s keen observation, he sneered at her with a lewd undertone.

Shokuhou Misaki wanted to tell him off in a loud manner. However, out of fear that other occupants would come to check out the situation, she could only watch as he approached her, curling up like a helpless kitten.

Wu Yan sniggered and he teased her.

“What’s the matter, Joou-sama? Scared?”

“Wh-who’s scared of who?”

Shokuhou Misaki wanted to stick out her chest in her usual confident tone but she can’t do that or this evil bastard would win.

Shokuhou Misaki who had her hands around everything suddenly becoming so helpless is interesting to Wu Yan. He secretly noted this weakness of hers.

He’s going to need it if he’s going to complete his mission 3 with Shokuhou Misaki as one of the objectives.

Right now, he had a perfect opportunity to pull some moves on her.

Wu Yan started getting turned on by this situation, his carnal lust practically beaming out of his eyes. Shokuhou Misaki’s heart started racing when she noticed this…

“Say, Joou-sama…”

Arriving in front of her, she looked at her trying to not look into his eyes while hiding that ridiculous body by covering her sensitive areas with her hands. He continued in a teasing manner.

“You wondered who your pair of hooters would fall to right? Let’s continue that discussion shall we?”

“You wish!”

Shokuhou Misaki yelled at him, she didn’t understand how can this guy can be so shameless? His eyes are really fascinating to look at but his personality… ugh.

Shokuhou Misaki also wanted to know why she can’t help not being able to bring herself to hate him, even though his shamelessness is at the level where capital punishment would be fitting.

She’s asking the correct questions at the wrong time, right now, she’s about to..

He brought his face to the side of her ear and whispered to her.

“I’ve got an idea, Joou-sama, why don’t you grant me custody of those bodacious jugs?”


She glared at him only to see his shining and passionate eyes. Shokuhou Misaki panicked and dodged his gaze.

Shokuhou Misaki underestimated the flames of his eyes, even after she averted her gaze, she can still feel his eyes burning away her defenses, licking away at her face, chest, and body…

Shokuhou Misaki decided to surrender, probably the first time in her life she did something like this.

“I-I am heading back out…”

She had a feeling that a lot of hanky-panky stuff is going to happen if she let that situation continued unbridled.  Making up her mind and resolve, she stood up. It’s better if he get one last good look than if she let him keep saving images of her body in his mind like this. She lifted a leg and started walking over to the door.

How can Shokuhou Misaki beat Wu Yan at speed? Of course, she can’t.

Shokuhou Misaki’s hasty retreat is a delight to him because if she had stayed in the bathtub curled up in a defensive position, it would be hard for him to get his wiener dipped. But, now…

Wu Yan grabbed her when she almost got past him and he took the opportunity and seized the most suitable time to grab at her.

The next second, he caught one of her hooters in his hand with a really firm grip.


Thinking she had escaped, she had a fleeting moment of glee when she saw that the door was mere centimeters away. Alas, her glee escaped as a moan from her mouth.

The culprit, that nasty hand that grabbed her hooter from behind.

Her breasts are very sensitive and even a slight touch would be enough to make her feel something. Meanwhile, Wu Yan just straight out grabbed her hooter.

Her strength drained away from her, she didn’t even have the energy to stand. Thus she fell back onto a broad chest.

“Noo~ Let go of me~”

She grabbed onto the pair of hands that were busy molesting her, she wanted to remove those savage hands but she couldn’t muster up the energy to do so.

Having her weakness seized made her so embarrassed she could die. She gasped and heaved, she could already see where this is heading.

Wu Yan’s hands sped up and she couldn’t maintain her thoughts. Her cognitive processes were at this point, being corrupted by the invading pleasure of having her sensitive areas rubbed.

“Nn~~ Nuoo~~”

She used the last of her rationality to spit that line out but whether or not it’s effective at stopping Wu Yan is an irrelevant question. Her plea only served to invigorate him under the present circumstances.

“Nmh~ Nghha~”

The last of her logical process fade away as she closed her eyes and let her body fall into the sweet lull of the sensation assaulting her. Her moans and gasps were like a beautiful song for the guy behind her…

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