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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 284: My Joou-sama needs more love!

Tokiwadai dormitory, two ojou-samas talked and giggled as they went past a dorm room. But, the two girls would sneak a peek at the door as they passed, they were seemingly smitten by this door.

This room belonged to the one they practically worshipped, the queen of this dormitory, Shokuhou Misaki.

To these girls, those who are not impressed by this room are unforgivable.

However, the girls didn’t hear the subtle but strange noise coming from within the room.


Intimate sounds came from within the medium-sized room. Due to voice insulation features, although they were quite loud in the room, the sound stopped short of leaking outside at the door.

Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki had changed their battlefield from the bathroom to the bedroom. Shokuhou Misaki’s breathing became rapid, something Wu Yan knew because he is currently lying on top of her, pinning her down against the bed.


A pair of hands were busy kneading her large mountains into various shapes. Shokuhou Misaki couldn’t stop moaning and panting, her current appearance, tinged in red and heaving in pleasure is a strange state of being for Shokuhou Misaki. Yet, somehow, it’s very exciting for her. The sheer oddity of this situation had cost her the ability to think about other stuff.

This is an expected outcome due to the fact that Joou-sama had only experienced this kind of situation one time before.

While Wu Yan continued unleashing his lewd kung fu onto her maiden body, Shokuhou Misaki reciprocated with passionate noises. Rather, those voices leaked out from those sweet ruby lips of hers. How could she do anything when Wu Yan is keeping her busy with his dexterous hands, so deft that Shokuhou Misaki could barely catch a moment to breathe.

“Joou-sama, are you feeling it?”

He asked with a devilish grin while he continued massaging her twin peaks. This is one of those rare moments where Joou-sama is at her most helpless. If he didn’t give her the time of her life now, he is not going to forgive himself.

Shokuhou Misaki blushed so red it’s like she’s a flower that is opening up to him. A rare sight, though not for this lucky bastard…

But, Shokuhou Misaki is so deeply enraptured that she can’t reply. The jolts of electricity coming from her sensitive points kept her from doing so. Her body tightened and she arched her body up like a bow waiting for somebody to pull back her strings so hard it would break her.

Wu Yan caught the cue and as if guided by some divine power, his hand slowly inched down from her breast to her belly and it traveled further down into a forbidden and exotic area.


She yelped as a strange visitor appeared in the land down yonder. The mysterious stranger poked and examined in detail the topography of the forbidden area, adding much to her excitation. Shokuhou Misaki opened her starry eyes wide, her eyes were misty and it was immediately obvious that she had fallen. Wu Yan got really turned on as his heart throbbed.

He closed the distance between them and whispered by her ear.

“Joou-sama, your eyes are truly beautiful…”

Her starry eyes had complex emotions within them. But, more than anything, a sense of happiness filled her up, she became gradually convinced that what’s going to happen isn’t scary at all.

Nobody knew Shokuhou Misaki’s past, who her parents were, what kind of life did she lead, what is her background, what made her someone who stood below the powerful few and above the average millions. Even Wu Yan didn’t know about it.

But, given the dirty and dark secrets that became the foundation of Academy City, that ability of hers to manipulate people’s mind. One could guess with reasonable certainty that her past isn’t a rosy or pampered one.

Her weird insecurity about her strange eyes coupled with her strange attitude with him is enough to tell Wu Yan that her eyes were more of a burden to her than a blessing.

When Wu Yan first met her and told her almost the same thing, Joou-sama started acting strange towards him.

When he complimented her earnestly, her heart became overflowed and she closed her eyes. She perked up her breasts as if offering them up to Wu Yan for him to toy with to his satisfaction.

Wu Yan had a slight feeling that Shokuhou Misaki changed slightly but that’s not going to stop him from doing what he planned on doing.

Speaking of which, her breasts were really soft and wonderful. That tactile texture has got him hooked. Every time he his fingers moved, Shokuhou Misaki’s body would quiver.

“Ah… Ng…”

She tried to resist the pleasure invading her, the feeling of being toyed with, without at least putting up a bit of defense, she felt like she’s going to break any minute now. She raised a hand and she tried to muffle herself but the alluring moans didn’t stop coming out of her sexy lips.

‘Mwuh… Nguh…”

Muffled groans escaped between the gaps of her fingers. The feeling coming from her chest and her lower nether region had caused a flame to stir, this flame threatened to throw her calm heart off its balance.

Failing horribly to endure the sensation, she let herself go but not before she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Wu Yan is surprised, to say the least. His eyes widened as he examined her face, now infinitesimally closer than before. This is probably the first time in his life where he is the one on the receiving end of a forceful kiss.

Wu Yan almost cried, he thought he would be able to subjugate her, but he had grossly underestimated Joou-sama in distress, she’s always the one to take the lead, even now…

He didn’t care to further the thought though, that’s because when he locked tongue with her, those feelings seemed petty and irrelevant. He coiled his tongue around hers and they started dancing. He poured his heart in and french-kissed her as he has never before…

Shokuhou Misaki’s face is basically glowing red. It’s unknown whether this is due to embarrassment or the pleasure but either way she’s very cute right now, like an ostrich hiding its head in the ground.

The two joined pair of lips exchanged saliva, taking and giving, the two tongues twisted, coiled and wrapped around each other, bringing immense pleasure to both participants. Wu Yan got more turned on the more he coiled his tongue with her smooth tongue.

Shokuhou Misaki felt another texture but her feelings were mutual.

Shokuhou Misaki never expected a kiss to feel so good. She had a taste last time in the amusement park but that was her first kiss and she didn’t really put much thought into it, nor did she reflect on her sensation as deeply as she did right now…

In the past, she had never got around the idea of needing male companionship. She’s a woman but she’s also the queen, the other gender exists only as her playthings.

For someone with the ability to control people’s mind, she might be right in thinking so.

Having read the vile thoughts lurking in the minds of those of the other gender, she felt more convinced in her belief.

After exchanging a deep and passionate kiss with Wu Yan, she started understanding that having a male companion might have its own perks…

Shokuhou Misaki couldn’t read his mind but she knew that this guy is no less filthy than the other males she looked down upon!

But, she would looked down on those with dirty minds now felt that Wu Yan might just be the only exception to this generalization.

He amused himself with the sheer inscrutability of the female mind, how they can easily close one eye for something they cared about. And to these women, he felt like they needed more love…

Including Shokuhou Misaki…




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