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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 287: My Joou-sama can’t be this obedient!

Shokuhou Misaki felt very stressed.

She wants to be the queen that dominates other people. That’s a fine dream but the reality is very cruel.

She could easily make any other girl super aggressive in bed with her Mental Out, even if she could change her personality to become super aggressive as well, that still wouldn’t solve the issue at hand…

Joou-sama is really really terrible at anything that is physically demanding.

She barely has any stamina at all…

She’s what one would call a 3-minute god of war, after her time is up, she would fall from super dominant to basically the most passive one in a duel of the bedsheets.

She felt a bit relieved that she’s not a man who can’t last long in bed…

After another rough session of crashing the custard truck…

The two laid back onto the bed while heaving slightly, they closed their eyes and basked in the sweet sensation after their act of darkness.

Their bedsheet is about as wet as it can get. Anyone lying on the bed would feel terribly uncomfortable but Wu Yan found it to be as soothing as a warm spring.

Meanwhile, Joou-sama thinks that the bedsheet can’t possibly beat a meat cushion in terms of satisfaction. By the way, Wu Yan’s the meat cushion she is laying on top of.

He caressed her smooth back and he can’t help but admit that Joou-sama’ body is really too smoking hot. Even after one discounted her bountiful mountains, her curvy figure is already charming enough on its own.

Shokuhou Misaki didn’t know what Wu Yan is thinking about but the meat pole still inside her revived itself with renewed vigor and that much is enough a clue for her to know what’s coming next.

Shokuhou Misaki begged him.

“Please, no more, I can’t do it anymore…”

Wu Yan’s hand stopped helplessly. With Joou-sama’s physical aptitude, it’s a miracle she’s able to last this long with him.

Shokuhou Misaki released a sigh of relief, she then felt a sense of frustration and she released another sigh.

It seems like she’s been begging him for mercy, this time as well…

It’s so stressful to be the dominant queen.

Shokuhou Misaki can’t forgive herself for begging mercy from a guy like him. She directed her anger towards this asshole who pretty much forced her onto the bed.

With displeasure written in her starry eyes, she curled her lips at him.

“Now that you have had your fun, more like, had your way with me, it’s about time you tell me what you’re here to do right?”

Wu Yan laughed. He had another agenda aside from mission 3.

Given how smart she is, he can’t possibly fool her with his childish plans, if he said something like he’s here to see her, she probably wouldn’t buy it.

With that in mind, he continued with a righteous tone.

“Of course, I am here to see how you’re doing!”

So, so fake. Let’s not consider whether or not Shokuhou Misaki believes him, even he’s not sure he’s convinced himself.

He just pounded the living daylights out of her, if he really said he had some business coming here, it would spoil the mood so he had to lie.

Shokuhou Misaki’s starry eyes stayed fixed on him as though she saw through his act, she examined his face and she probably knew what Wu Yan is thinking about because she snorted and turned her face the other way with a hmph. Judging from her reaction, she’s still somewhat satisfied with his answer.

Shokuhou Misaki can’t bring herself to admit that she’s a bit pissed that she can’t subjugate Wu Yan in the bed.

“Don’t beat around the bush and just spit it out. Since you’re here to see me, I am guessing you need my help with something?”

Wu Yan rubbed his nose and admitted it with a shrug.

“Fine, I have something I need you to help me with…”


Shokuhou Misaki agreed without listening to the details, surprising Wu Yan in the process.

Wu Yan hadn’t forgotten the fact he had to do a lot of persuading to get her to help him sneak into the facility holding the sisters.

He had to promise to go on a date with her and subsequent to that get wrecked very hard…

This time, she actually agreed without saying much? Could it be that doing the devil’s polka with her entailed with it this kind of perk?

Wu Yan shook his head, Joou-sama isn’t that kind of woman, she probably wouldn’t listen to her hubby even if they slept together.

He used his deep red eyes and stared into her eyes, he narrowed his eyes as if trying to glean whatever little modicum of information he could from her.

“I say, Joou-sama, when are you so easy to talk to?”

“Care to explain yourself?”

Shokuhou Misaki put a hand on her cheek as she prepared to cry.

“You already did that and this to me, what more can I do but do as you say?”

Shokuhou Misaki would be better off if she didn’t say anything. Her expression and actions right now scream of bad acting.

As if she didn’t see his vigilant eyes, she smiled at him with a devilish grin. Wu Yan’s lips twitched and he wanted to retort back at her.

Weren’t you about to cry just now? Where did that go?

The old adage that women can change their moods as fast as one could turn the pages of a book seems valid in her case. She was about to cry, then she smiled at him, now, she showed an impatient expression…

“Are you gonna say it or not? If you are not, I won’t help!”

Unable to see what is up to, he turned his face the other way and shrugged in a helpless manner. She’s practically family at this point, might as well…

He turned on his serious look and continued.

“I need you to help me with a child!”

“A child?”

Shokuhou Misaki showed a rather confused expression. Her eyes beamed up and she asked him in a curious tone.

“We just had coitus, surely you are not requesting that I bear your child?”

Wu Yan almost sprayed his saliva out in surprise.

“What on earth are you talking about? I am asking you to help me look into a child’s psychological state!”

“Psychological state?”

Shokuhou Misaki didn’t retort, instead, she raised an eyebrow and continued in a slightly intrigued tone.

“Are you suspecting the kid might have some kind of psychological defect?”


Wu Yan helplessly voiced his thoughts.

“Her mental condition is a bit unstable, she would rampage from time to time but I managed to get that under control for now. What I did only served to stop the symptom, not the underlying problem, I still need help solving whatever ill that is plaguing her…”

Wu Yan looked at Shokuhou Misaki and he continued.

“Please, I need your help, see if you can find any abnormality in her psychological state and solve it if at all possible…”


Shokuhou Misaki didn’t find it interesting that he managed to stop her through some kind of mean, she’s more interested in the wording of his request. Specifically, what kind of kid could go on a rampage enough for the No.3 to find troubling.

Looking at a person’s psychological state, much less a child’s is a walk in the park for her so she didn’t mind it that much.

Wu Yan visited her because he knew she’s one of the very few who could pull something like this off.

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