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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 292: Starting it with purity in mind until…

Shokuhou Misaki, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou watched dumbfounded as Kinuhata Saiai got dragged into Wu Yan’s room. The door slammed before the girls returned to their senses.

Given their mental acuity, it’s easy for them to piece together what happened, more specifically, they knew what he is going to do to her…

Dragging a girl into his room like that, nobody would believe him even if he insists that he’s not going to do anything.

Shokuhou Misaki gnashed her teeth and she uttered a cold hmph. But, she didn’t say something even though Wu Yan brought another girl into his room right in front of her. She could guess that he needed to do what he is about to do so they can move on from this world.

What kind of mission requires one to get naughty in the sheets?…

Rather, this means that they…

She glanced at Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou with her starry eyes. Something clicked and a grin appeared on her face.

Chills climbed up Takitsubou Rikou and Frenda’s spines. They stopped looking at Wu Yan’s room as they looked around, trying to locate the source of their chills.

The source, Shokuhou Misaki sneered as she glanced at both Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou. She looked at Mikoto’s room and she took out her remote control. She then pointed it at Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou…

Meanwhile, inside Wu Yan’s room.

“Get back! I am telling you this now, I am super strong!”

Kinuhata Saiai retreated towards the headboard of the bed. Wu Yan got closer and with each encroachment, Kinuhata Saiai’s heart raced and she panicked. She put on the meanest look she can muster, intending to intimidate Wu Yan with unconvincing results.

Wu Yan felt more amused than intimidated, he laughed and shook his head at Kinuhata Saiai who tried to defend herself with stuff she could find on the bed. Crossing his arms, he revealed a delighted grin.

Kinuhata Saiai also stopped, she’s confused why he would pause when her threats were useless against him in the past.

Could it be that he found the kindness in his heart…?

About the same time she thought about this, Wu Yan laughed out loud and he pounced on her like a hungry wolf on a helpless lamb.

Kinuhata Saiai uttered a surprised yelp as she hurriedly made her retreat. It was too late as Wu Yan had predicted her movements and he pinned her down on the bed with ridiculous precision.

A strong masculine musk invaded her nose and she felt him weighing down her. Somehow, her small frame could withstand his weight, a fact Kinuhata Saiai didn’t want to know.

“Super let go of me now!”

Kinuhata Saiai squirmed to get out of his grasp but the other person held her two hands in place above her head.

“Help! Somebody super help! Frenda! Takitsubou! Get your asses here and super rescue me!!!”

Completely restrained, the panic inside her grew and she yelled like her life depended on it, true to her instincts as a girl whose purity is in jeopardy.

Normally, this would have been effective since Hinagiku and Mikoto wouldn’t ignore someone calling for help in their own home.

Mikoto is too embarrassed to come out of her room while Hinagiku, Astrea, and Ikaros were in Mikoto’s room as well. There’s a big chance they would miss her.

But, if she kept screaming and yelling like this, the other girls are going to hear her soon enough. That is, if Wu Yan would let her…

He licked his lips and he lowered his upper torso and plugged her gaping mouth with his mouth along with any words that might have escaped that mouth of hers.

Kinuhata Saiai’s eyes widened and she cried inside. This is the second time this dirty savage brute of a werewolf forcefully kissed her.

God, why did you have to bless me with my cute appearance and body, lo and behold, this wolf is about to take me…

She started thinking about weird things due to being in a fluster. Meanwhile, Wu Yan’s tongue had found its way past her tightly clenched teeth. Like a demon lord of the bed  night, he made her small tongue his captive and he coiled his tongue around hers in an erotic manner.

The pleasure started taking seeping into her mind. her heart that had seen way too many B-rated films for her own age started throbbing hard.

Her eyes began taking on a misty look. She almost lost control of herself in the make-out session. Sensing that her body is starting to heat up, she steeled her resolve and she decided to bite his tongue.

When she was about to chomp, Kinuhata Saiai wavered as she lost her strength. A hand had found its way onto her modest lump of flesh and said hand started wreaking havoc upon that modest mound.

He still had her hands pinned down with one of his hand but with the other hand, he raised hell on her body.

“Mwuu… uuu.. nhgu…”

She can feel the hand fondling her and with each dexterous movement, her eyes would widen and her eyes would become even moister. Her face started taking on a tinge of red. She let out moans in sync with the hand on her chest.

Although he had opened the gates of Mordor with a loli before he still can’t help but enjoy this experience. Frenda had her own charms as a moe blob with almost all the attributes of a loli, she had a cute appearance and the tendency to act cute.

Meanwhile, Kinuhata Saiai had a different allure to her than Frenda who liked to act cute. His lewd heart started racing at the thought of this fresh experience.

On the subject, Kinuhata Saiai and them thighs…

He violated the prime directives with what he did to Shokuhou Misaki this morning. He felt that he might have gone a bit over the moral horizon by choosing to whittle the love branch of a loli. Of course, he quickly threw that thought aside.

He had no qualms about what he did today, not even the fact that he is about to waka-waka a loli. Wetting the willy is his favorite game, so he’s feeling like today’s his lucky day.

He let go of the tiny rabbit he had in his hand, a bit fed up with only doing that. Kinuhata Saiai let out a sigh of relief but this relief didn’t last long. She found herself gasping pretty soon.

Just because he let go didn’t mean he was done with her. He had a very simple logic if one hand isn’t doing the trick then plus one to the equation.

He unleashed his lecherous kung fu on her two petite hills. He’s like the Bob Ross of hooters with the way he kneaded her lumps of flesh into various shapes.

It’s like her bones melted away with the sensual pleasures storming her mind. She had to admit it despite her strong reluctance. The guy had skills and he knew how to apply them with destructive effects.

Her body heated up even further and her eyes started rolling up. At the same time, her resistance weakened, what little strength she had escaped her as moans.

Wu Yan removed his hands from inside her clothes and he quickly did away with her clothes…

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