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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 294: Actually, I wasn’t planning on having a foursome…

He embraced her soft body and enjoyed her tender moans. He could smell her sweat as he explored every inch of her skin. Completely immersing himself in the experience, he continued shagging her.

There are two noises that are most pleasing to his ears. The first would be the groans and moans of girls and the second, the wet, sloppy slapping noises of two meat sacks hitting each other. No matter how many times he listens to it, it never gets old.

Wu Yan’s feeling is different from Kinuhata Saiai’s, she felt bashful about the noises coming out of her mouth and she gnashed her teeth every time she heard the sound of wet slapping noises.

Kinuhata Saiai didn’t have the thick hide Wu Yan calls a face. As a girl, even if she’s a bit on the masculine side, she still felt embarrassment. She couldn’t believe the noises she’s making at the moment.

Kinuhata Saiai wanted to stop her own voice from coming out but Wu Yan railed her so hard it’s like she’s being electrocuted. She can’t keep her mouth shut and moans leaked out from her.

This is her first time and she already feels like her soul is going to be taken from her. The last of her rationality bid her farewell and it’s like her body is not hers anymore.

What she can’t deny though, is that this felt very good…

Kinuhata Saiai didn’t hide her own embarrassment, her blushing face is half because she is turned on and the other half is because she is bashful.

Today, she had experienced a lot of new things. She hated her own powerlessness, she can deal with getting forcefully abducted, she can deal with getting forcefully pounded on the bed but did they really have to go about their nasty business in such an embarrassing position?!

With her face lowered so close she could kiss the sheet and her butt up, she subconsciously grabbed the sheets as if she’s trying to hold onto her soul. She looked at the sheet in front of her as a repetitive impact kept hitting her from behind. Kinuhata Saiai cried inside.

Can we super re-negotiate, let’s switch to another position…

Kinuhata Saiai wanted to say this but she is too busy groaning and moaning to say something. She had to endure the humiliation of being fucked in this position for close to half an hour which is also the same duration she is both furious and bashful.

There might not be a lot of room left in her mind for stuff like rationality but there is an ample amount of shame and bashfulness. After being subjected to this lewd treatment, Kinuhata Saiai finally snapped.

After letting out a drawn-out whimper, she can’t go on anymore. Her skin was red all over and she lost the strength to support herself. She fell onto the bed out of exhaustion.

Wu Yan frowned and sighed with a helpless expression. He is disappointed with her stamina.

He pressed down on her from above, using his body to tell her that he is far from satisfied.

She had only recovered a bit of her senses, just enough to feel him embracing her once more. She instantly became flustered but she before she could say anything, Wu Yan smashed her with a mighty thrust, making her sing once more…

In the room, aside from the wet slapping noises and Kinuhata Saiai’ moans, there is now an additional noise; the massive creaking noise of the bed.

The creaking noise excited Wu Yan even more, he thrust his Gungnir with even more vigor into her.  Kinuhata Saiai felt irrational angry at the weak integrity of the bed.

Kinuhata Saiai started cracking just like the bed. She let out another drawn-out moan and her body tensed up as she welcomed the second time she cummed today.

Just like before, Wu Yan didn’t give her any room to breathe, he began working her cucumber patch again.

Kinuhata Saiai panicked as her eyes became misty. She used her puppy-eyed expression on Wu Yan as she bleated.

“Yo-you are at it?!”

Wu Yan answered her, with his hips.

Oh god, somebody super save me, please…

Kinuhata Saiai cried inside for the nth time today. She had a healthy amount of confidence in her own stamina. She had to, her nitrogen armor required her to train her body to keep up with the ability.

The horse smacking away at her from behind destroyed any confidence she might have in her own stamina.

No matter how hard she trained her stamina, it would amount to nothing compared to a True Ancestor.

While she protested and begged for mercy in her tiny voice, he initiated another round of the dirty polka.

Kinuhata Saiai gave in to her fate and she shut her eyes.

Dear defiled body, I hope you’re able to endure what comes next…

A sound disrupted them, it was brief in duration but just enough to catch the attention of the two on the bed.

It’s the sound of the door opening.

He stopped on reflex, Kinuhata Saiai who is panting heavily and Wu Yan both looked at the door. The two of them were surprised by the visitors.

“Frenda! Takitsubou!”

Kinuhata Saiai yelled out. The two visitors had stunned the two who were locked in an intimate embrace.

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou stood at the door with glassy eyes fixed on the bed. Their blank expression is as though they are looking at a chess game rather than a steamy sex scene.

Still in a daze, the two didn’t notice that the two girls looked like they were in a stupor.

Kinuhata Saiai responded first, she blushed very hard when she realized her two best friends are looking at her while they are in the act. Her shame exploded from inside.


She yelled out loud. Kinuhata Saiai covered her face with her two hands and she started struggling to free herself from Wu Yan’s grasp. An ashamed voice came from between the space of her fingers…

“Uuu… Frenda, Takitsubou, don’t super look at me…”

Her voice didn’t reach Frenda or Takitsubou Rikou, it did, however, reach Wu Yan. He noticed that Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou were looking at him while his junior is still exploring the inner labyrinth of Kinuhata Saiai. Suddenly, he got really excited.

He embraced the dark side and gave in to his carnal desires.

He started moving his hips like a heavy duty engine. Pummeled, Kinuhata Saiai cried out in both shame and pleasure. She cried inside while letting her body enjoy the series of movements.

As expected, this guy is super perverted.!

Kinuhata Saiai didn’t even want to imagine what she looked like at the moment given her constant groaning and moaning. She only knew one thing, she’s too ashamed to see anyone after this.

Kinuhata Saiai didn’t know that the ones who would be too shamed to see anyone isn’t her. It’s the two girls who opened the door to their love nest.

After the door closed, Wu Yan stopped and Kinuhata Saiai took the chance to glance over at the direction of the door.

What they saw surprised the two in the heat of the moment.

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou didn’t close the door and move on. Instead, they closed the door and entered the room.

The two girls looked at Wu Yan and Kinuhata Saiai before they began undressing right in front of Wu Yan and Kinuhata Saiai.

This time, both of them were taken by surprise.

Is he finally going to break his personal record? Is he going to have a foursome?…


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