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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 295: Trio of people? Let’s try some…

A petite body that slightly loses in comparison to Kinuhata Saiai and a body that is voluptuous appeared in front of Wu Yan and Kinuhata Saiai.

They didn’t know what to make of the current situation.

It’s not the first time he had seen them in their birthday suit all at once. Heck, he had seen their bodies almost every day.

He still had the high-quality photographs he took of their naked bodies last time. He stashed the treasure away in his item ring. He would take the photos out to appreciate its aesthetic every now and then.

It’s the second time he had seen them in all their glory. This time, however, is more exciting than the last time. He had only enjoyed fondling them last time. But, this time…

Why don’t you ask Kinuhata Saiai who is still pinned down under him?

Kinuhata Saiai felt like she is surprised enough times to last her whole lifetime. Her worldview changed completely, or rather, got wrecked today. When she saw her two best friends walking towards her butt naked, she freaked out.

“H-ho-ho-hold up! Super wait right there!”

Kinuhata Saiai used the energy she saved up yesterday and she somehow bounced back to life, giving Wu Yan quite a surprise in the process, not that she cared or even had the spare capacity to do so.

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou seemed like they didn’t hear her. They kept walking closer and closer until Kinuhata Saiai caved in and went hysterical.

“What are you girls super doing?! Do you girls realize what you’re doing?! You girls must be insane!”

Kinuhata Saiai wanted to punch herself with Nitrogen Armor enhanced fist. The way Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou approached them while being naked would suggest to anyone that they wanted to participate in the ongoing pants-off dance-off.

Her brain kept telling her that her two best friends weren’t this kind of people but the reality is that they are still approaching them!

“Super stop right there, are you girls listening to me?!”

Kinuhata Saiai rampaged when the two girls ignored her rant.

She clad her fists with her Nitrogen Armor and she jumped up with renewed strength. She just wanted to wreck everything she can see to vent her frustration and pent-up anger.

However, before she could do anything, a certain wolf decided that this was not peachy and he wrapped his arms around her.

Being embraced like this, Kinuhata Saiai wanted to straight-up punch the guy into next week but her fist wavered as her strength drained away from her.


Her eyes widened as a familiar rock hard object entered her, due to the angle and force used, the spear had pierced through another layer of defense. She sobbed.

“Uuu… can you please note the time and place? How are you still up…?”

Kinuhata Saiai didn’t manage to finish her sentence. Wu Yan started mercilessly railed her with unprecedented speed and strength.

“Nn~~ Ahh~~~”

She wished she could pass out from holding too much breath in. She’s getting the business served up to her in front of her best friends. This stimulating experience is too much for her first time. She never would have imagined there would be a day when she would be subjected to this kind of play.

Wu Yan got into a frenzy. If Wu Yan was normal, he would have spotted the odd behavior of Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou. But right now, he’s too busy having the time of his life that his IQ fell drastically.

He kept pounding Kinuhata Saiai while Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou stood in front of them. He reached out and grabbed Frenda’s slim waist with one of his hand before he swiftly pulled her close to him.

“No… Uuu… You can’t…”

Kinuhata Saiai screamed and she begged for mercy.

“Uuu… Uuu… You… mustn’t….Ngah….super…uuu…do this….”

He ignored Kinuhata Saiai and while he moved her along his rhythm with one hand, he used the other hand to caress Frenda. Soon enough, Frenda’s body took on a pinkish hue.

He checked her pink fortress and placed her atop of Kinuhata Saiai, ignoring if Kinuhata Saiai might have anything to say about the situation.

“Y-you, what are you doing?…”

Her eyes started dating around, she knew what Wu Yan is going to do. Because she knew exactly what he is planning to do, she had to ask since she just can’t believe how many exciting plays they had done today, her first time by the way!

Kinuhata Saiai’s mind went blank when Frenda weighed down on her. She subconsciously hugged Frenda and although she tried to wake Frenda up, Wu Yan’s pumping hips stopped her dead in her tracks.

Face to face with Frenda, Kinuhata Saiai finally noticed that Frenda’s eyes looked like she’s not conscious.

Noticing that something is wrong, Kinuhata Saiai reached her hand out to Wu Yan, hoping he would listen to her for a change.

Alas, it was a hopeless wish.

Wu Yan pulled out and he stuck his Rhongomyniad into Frenda. Frenda who originally moved like she’s a manipulated puppet let out a long moan.

Frenda’s blue eyes started wavering after that moan. Truth be told, Frenda didn’t want to return to her senses…

All this while, Frenda had retained her consciousness, she just couldn’t move her body the way she wanted to. She could see Takitsubou Rikou and herself opening the door to this dreadful lovemaking scene and she wished someone would kill her right there and then.

Her thoughts were intensified when she saw Wu Yan hoisting her up onto the bed and laying her on top of Kinuhata Saiai.

Knowing what’s going to happen, in the last moment before the invasion into her coochie, she cursed.

“Shokuhou Misaki, I hate you so much!’

And then something hard and robust entered her. Suddenly, she can control her body again.

The two girls stared at each other with very different pairs of eyes but they both had one thing in common, utter embarrassment.

He had a wide hippopotamus-like grin. This sudden development is the reason for his wide smile. He almost laughed out loud when he saw the two lolis piled up into a layer cake in front of him.

This is too good, being a transported guy sure has its perks.

He switched between Frenda and Kinuhata Saiai. The pleasure is so great that he didn’t even want to voice it out and he did just that, he just pounded and smashed his way through the night.

Wu Yan just wanted to enjoy himself before they leave this world.  He had been enjoying his life almost every night since coming here though and tonight was no different.

His nigh endless rounds of making his love rain naturally caused the two girls who can only powerlessly look at each other to duet with groans and moans.

Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda showed each other an awkward look before they got bashful and they decided to just close their eyes. The hot breath they blew into each other’s faces told them that this was all real.

Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda started the night they will never forget.

Meanwhile, Takitsubou Rikou whos consciousness is retained within that locked body of hers saw everything unfold and she knew she’s definitely going to get some vitamin D.

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