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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 299: A round of railgun for Academy City…

The people come and go, the cars stop and go, with nothing changing except the weather, it’s hard for people of Academy City to conceive the idea that normality is a luxury in this city.

Those that lived a different life than most were unaware of the fact that due to a certain individual’s influence, the abnormality of this world had only deepened.

They were also unaware that this individual is about to leave this world and with his departure, he would return a bit of normalcy to this world.

Standing atop a tall building, he looked over the city with complex feelings. Ignoring its dark side, the Academy City looked peaceful.

Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki had already returned to their dormitory. Mikoto is planning is planning on meeting up with Kuroko, Uiharu, and Ruiko because she didn’t know when is the next time she would back here…

Shokuhou Misaki probably just wanted to check out the dormitory for the last time before she leaves this world.

He looked at the familiar city in front of him again and he inhaled deeply. It’s about time he said goodbye to this city that he had lived in for quite some time.

He wondered what the people he knew are doing right now.

Kuroko, Uiharu, and Ruiko is probably window shopping with Mikoto. What about the girl who the System decided to be the victim of harassment by Wu Yan? What is she doing? Konori Mii who he had only met once is probably still going through a mountain of paperwork at her office.

Mugino Shizuri probably didn’t know he is about to take her 3 ex-subordinates away from this world. Maybe the next time they are back here, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou would have grown much stronger than her.

Heck, Mugino Shizuri might really go cuckoo after seeing that.

The Ojou-sans who chased me through every street in Academy City probably don’t know I am about to take their two of their most admired Onee-sama.

I wonder what Tsuchimikado is doing? Is Musujime Awaki still terrified of me? How about Ezali who had a crush on Mikoto?

What is Kanzaki doing after they teamed up on that archangel?

Aleister, Aiwass, Accelerator, and Last order…

The people he had only seen on TV are now people he actually knew.

Everything seemed like a dream.

He looked at the city in a daze as a slight voice told him to stay. There are still many people he had not met yet, there are many he would like to see in person than just see on screen.

If there’s a next time, he’s going to make sure to go see these people.

Wu Yan laughed when he saw the blimp flying overhead, the very same blimp that never seemed to descent or anything. He had a spontaneous idea.

The people kept going about their way and the cars went wherever it is they were headed. Suddenly, the blimps in the sky stopped and they started ringing.

While it rang, everyone stopped and looked at the blimps. Normally, the news would be announced in a mechanical voice but what greeted their ears was clearly the voice of a human being.

“Greetings, everyone in Academy City!”

A lot of people were surprised by the voice, among them, Mikoto, Kuroko, Uiharu, Ruiko, Shokuhou Misaki, and the other girls at home.

The voice belonged to Wu Yan.

“I am so sorry for bothering you guys while you’re all busy doing whatever it is you’re doing. Also, I am sorry because I am about to take away your Misaka Mikoto, your Electric princess…”

They were all startled but Wu Yan didn’t wait for them to recover before he continued.

“As they say, Academy City is no fun without Railgun in it so yeah, sorry for taking her away from you guys. Also, while I am at it, I would like to offer up a song for Academy City, the Railgun!”‘

“Letting dreams soar, the future be damned!

I don’t give a fuck about what world says I can do!

This power that turns those distant thoughts into radiant rays!

If the past follows me this far down the road!

It would be better to just destroy everything!

Those that walk in the dark path will go in any direction!

The pain and anguish only make me more vigorous in protecting those I care about!


The lightning that circles the world looking for an exit!

Only my railgun can scatter it!


Let the feelings in my heart come forth at the speed of light!

If this is what you wish for then grab it with your hand!

I always believed in the promise we made that day!

Even the tears we weep will strengthen us one day!

Once I stop I feel the sadness creeping up on me!

I was not under the illusion that this is all but a lie!

The coins dancing in the air draws the trajectories that decide fate!

Being on the verge of an answer makes me really excited!


Let the radiant light awaken the desire within!

Only my railgun can destroy it!

And I will!

Pierce it without holding back!

Even if I get all torn up I will continue running forward!

A true aim that will render the darkness asunder!

Perplexity should be blown away with one shot!

If this heart spurs me on then no one can stop me!

Countless dreams dancing in their own unique manner!

Slowly filling up my palms!

Gleaning from the scatter darkness!

The sad heavy memories of a time gone by!

Staggering in despair in this reality!

I will not give in!

I will bet everything I have!

Puff up my chest! And seize the glory!


The lightning that circles the world looking for an exit!

Only my railgun can scatter it!


Let the feelings in my heart come forth at the speed of light!

Letting dreams soar, the future be damned!

I don’t give a fuck about what world says I can do!

This power that turns those distant thoughts into radiant rays!”


“What is that idiot doing!!!”

Mikoto is blushing like mad, one could almost see steam coming out of her head. She’s so embarrassed that she could die!

Uiharu and Ruiko covered their mouths with their hands as they listened to the thinly veiled love song. Meanwhile, Kuroko’s mouth opened and closed while she is too stunned for words. She started slowly turning to dust.

Listening to that song, Kuroko mumbled.

“I lost… completely…”

Her eyes started watering up and she turned towards Mikoto while sobbing.

“Uwa! Onee-sama! Uuu… Onee-sama got snatched away by someone, this can’t be real, uuu…”

“Gah!!! Kuroko! What are you doing?! Let go of me!”

“Onee-sama! Dont leave me! Uuu…”

“Let go of me!”

“Onee-sama, my Onee-sama!”

At the same time, Shokuhou Misaki snorted and turned her head the other way just like Kinuhata Saiai and Hinagiku who are at home.

In the windowless building, Aleister looked at the projected screen in front of him. Noticing that Academy City is in a rowdy mood, he closed his eyes.

“Take her away… huh…”


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